Planning Wedding Ceremony at Home? Keep This Do’s and Don’ts in Mind

Planning wedding ceremony at home? Keep this Do's and Don'ts in mind

Planning a wedding ceremony is a task in itself, whether you plan your wedding ceremony in a distant location away from home or at your home itself. The level of planning and coordination one needs to do when the wedding ceremony is hosted at home is more than a wedding arranged in a hotel or some resort. Whether your wedding is going to be an intimate affair or a big fat wedding, you will need to make sure that everything goes fine.

Wedding at residence may sound an old styled wedding, but trust that mostly couples still go for the style. Sometimes people prefer hosting wedding ceremony at home because of their tight budget, and sometimes it has to do with the sentiments attached to their home. Yeah, many brides are too attached to their home, where they are born and brought up. They just want their celebration to happen at their home so that they can have wonderful memories of their special day. But, let me be very clear, that hosting a wedding ceremony at home is not going to be a cakewalk at all. It will require a lot of planning, relatively more planning if compared to wedding hosted in a hotel or other wedding hall. As, when you plan a wedding at home, you need to see everything from planning to execution, and there is no escape, trust!!

If you’re also planning to host your wedding ceremonies at your home, then here are some Do’s and Don’ts you need to keep in mind, before you start planning for your wedding.


1. Discuss and decide with your family and partner

Since you are engaged and now it is the time to decide where should all your wedding functions should be organized. Well, to decide the wedding venue you need to speak to the other party, as they are going to come along with their family and friends, we call it BARAAT in India. It has to be a combined decision of both the families (bride’s and groom’s families). So, make sure while you plan your wedding ceremonies at home, your spouse to-be and his family is comfortable with your decision.

2. The wedding budget

When you plan to host your wedding ceremony at your abode, the most important thing you should consider is the size of the wedding. As, according to the size of the wedding only you would be able to finalize the wedding budget. And it is a primary step for any couple. As your entire wedding expenses will be taken care according to the budget set for your wedding. And while you prepare your wedding budget you need to consider all the aspects of the wedding such as the vendors, guests, food, décor, photography, outfits, ornaments, gifts, sweets, etc. Hosting a wedding at home will primarily save you the venue costs, but then you need to ideate everything else accordingly.

3. Finalizing your vendors

As, you have chosen to host your wedding at your home, I am sure you know that now you need to arrange for the wedding vendors. Finalizing wedding vendors can be a task especially when you have not hired a wedding planner. Though there are many wedding vendors available in the market but you have to make sure you hire the best, so that there is no chaos later. Your wedding vendors will include: Decorator, Caterer, Photographer, Make-up artist, Mehndi Artist, etc.

4. Proper vendor coordination is a key

Only finalizing the vendors will not be sufficient in fact vendor coordination is the key to a successful wedding ceremony. Of course, all the vendors you have booked are going to visit your home on and off to analyze everything and decide how to do things flawlessly. It does mean that you need to coordinate with all the vendors and cooperate with them to help them work impeccably.

5. Your guest list

Preparing a guest list can be a harrowing task, especially when yours is an intimate wedding with only few closed people. Well, while you prepare your wedding guest list make sure you make it with your family, spouse to-be and his family. You will have to see who all to invite at your wedding considering your wedding budget, space. Well, make sure you keep the essentials of planning your guest list in mind.

6. Availability of space

When you plan your wedding at your home, you need to consider the space available according to the size of your wedding. If your house is a small property and you are planning to throw a big wedding party for your guests then for sure managing guests will be a difficult task later. So, plan your wedding at home only when you have enough space especially open for hosting the wedding ceremony at home.

7. Accommodation of guests

Another very important aspect to consider while you plan to host your wedding at home is to look after the accommodation of guests’ who will be coming from out station. Of course they should not feel any kind of discomfort at your wedding, otherwise you know how relatives and guests are. They will have enough reasons to complaint all their lives. So please see this point specifically.

8. Parking arrangements at your wedding

The availability of parking is undoubtedly a serious issue even if you have enough space for that at your home. Of course when your guests will make for your wedding, they will surely come by their own vehicles and safe parking of their vehicles is a mandate. Also, when your Baraatis will come, some of them will surely come by their own vehicles, then this becomes kind of your responsibility to arrange for a proper space. Make sure you have parking arrangements checked or else you can consider hiring valet services for your ease and comfort.

9. Make sure you use the entire space available

Since you are hosting your wedding at your home only, so the most important aspect is to make sure that you utilize all the available space to the best. Of course, you will need space for your seating arrangements, your food and catering stations, your dance floor with the DJ console, and the setting up a stage for the bride and groom, everything and anything would require space for that matter. And of course, the most important thing which you need to consider is it should not look like packed. So, make sure you try using every little corner of your residence even be it a lobby, the entrance or the sidewalks anything.

10. Wedding decor

Another most important aspect of hosting a wedding at your home is to make sure the wedding décor is done smartly. You must be aware of the entire space of your house, and at the same time, you know that everything needs to be arranged in the same space. So, your wedding decoration should be in such a way that it looks spacious and not bulky. For an instance, you cannot set up a huge stage for your wedding as it will block entire space.

Your wedding decors should be in a way that moving is easier and comfortable for everyone. So the best you can do to decorate your home for your wedding is the use of lots of light and lanterns to make it look best and beautiful. Lighting all your trees and plants, using paper lanterns, drape the ceilings, and floral chandeliers which will use less space and will give appearance of big space for your wedding.

11. Availability of washrooms

Availability of washrooms is a must for your guests, and at homes we all know there are limited washrooms at every home. So, how to handle the situation, well worry not today anything is possible. So, you also have the solution for this problem. You can arrange for the portable washrooms at the venue to tackle this situation.You can get them set up in some corner of your home so that it doesn’t mess up your home inside.

12. Room access

While you host your wedding at your home you have to see how much access your guests have to your rooms at your home. Whether it is to use the washroom or for getting ready, you have to see everything in advance. As, you can’t keep watch on everybody, who so ever will be entering your home. And also you cannot keep all your rooms open and accessible to everybody. So, make sure you work that out very well in advance.

13. Safety of your jewels and other expensive items

When you host your wedding at your home, you home will obviously be packed with people all around. So, you have to make sure that you have a specific room which has a limited access. One room should always be kept for your own purpose and safety of your expensive items.

14. A room for bride to get ready

If the bride is not going to the parlor for getting ready, then a separate room at your home should be kept for the bride for her to get ready. Make sure this room is not easily accessible by anybody and everybody. Only the bride and her close friend or the bridesmaids should be allowed there. So that the bride can get ready easily and without any disturbance and stress. Brides look beautiful when they are tension free and not stressed out!

15. Arrange for the electricity backup

When you plan your wedding at some hotel or a resort or some other wedding hall, they look after all the basic arrangements. But when you plan it at your home then the electricity is the basic utility besides all the arrangements you have done for your wedding. Make sure you arrange for the electricity back up (like generators), otherwise a power cut in the middle of the celebration and pompous will spoil the mood. Which is not good!

16. Do a lot of research to make things happen properly

Whether you are getting hitched in some other destination or at your home, research is the primary step to make your wedding an unforgettable event for the lifetime. So make sure you do a lot of research online, offline, ask for referrals, and recommendations for arranging your wedding vendors like: Caterers, Wedding Invitations, Entertainment, Decor, Florists, Wedding Outfits, Mehendi Artists, Salons, and Wedding Photographers etc. Also, you can go through the weddings that took place lately, and you were totally impressed by, collect the details of the vendors or the service providers from your near and dear ones. Collect as much information as you can to reach the most suited vendors for your wedding in your budget, style, and theme of the wedding.

17. Mention your address clearly in your wedding invites

Your wedding invites are the crucial part of your wedding as that is the first thing which goes to your guests and has all the details in it. While getting your wedding invite ready make sure your address is clearly mentioned in it along with the other details. Don’t miss to mention about all the wedding functions and celebrations in the card along with the time and date. Also, you can mention a landmark in the card to help your guests reach at the venue easily and comfortably. And a route map at the back of your wedding card will be a great help for everyone and the number of somebody (maybe your friend or a cousin) who can coordinate with your guests while they will be coming for your wedding.

18. Don’t miss to book your vendors in advance

Make sure you book your vendors very well in advance, because if you will delay the process, chances are you will loose on best vendors. And later you may end up compromising on below average vendors, which is not good for your special event. Make first payment so that they are booked and you need not to worry about them later.

19. Make a wedding folder

It is crucial that you maintain a wedding folder either on your computer or make a file that contain all the information about the wedding vendors. This step will primarily save your life from any issue later. You never know which vendor create problem later in your life. It is always good to maintain all the documents in an organized way, so that you can easily make out in case of any problem.

20. Get your things ready before your wedding

That’s okay that you are getting married at your home only and the entire place is known to you. But there are certain obligations and restrictions in some culture especially in Hindu wedding ceremonies. So make sure that you arrange for everything in advance, like your outfits, shopping, and other essentials. All these should be done in advance. Otherwise also, its good to have some free time just before the wedding.


1. Never procrastinate

Yes, we know that planning a wedding is a task, but it at the same time it is also true that it is an important event of your life, and you have to make sure that everything is perfect. Planning a wedding has its own charm along with some side effects. So better don’t procrastinate things and do whatever is required to be done. Don’t sit for the best time or ideal time start preparing, in fact you should start preparing for your wedding the moment you get the dates in your hands. Your wedding is a once in a life time event, make sure you plan it accordingly.

2. Don’t go beyond your wedding budget

Of course, your wedding is a once in a life time event, but that doesn’t at all mean that you can go beyond your budget. Make sure you don’t spend a fortune in your wedding. More often than not, couples especially brides do it in excitement. They simply buy things in the name of their wedding, and later they realize that it was not that essential to purchase. It is crucial that you stick to your budget. You don’t need to be extravagant in your wedding, go what is best not what is expensive.

3. Don’t take pressure

Planning a wedding can be a harrowing at times, but you don’t need to take all the pressure of your wedding. You can always have somebody to share your pressure maybe your close friend or the cousin you are always close to. It is crucial that you are calm and composed at your wedding. Let everyone participate in your wedding in some or other way. Trust your close people and relatives and let them share the load of your wedding. You don’t need to take everything on your head, rather take help from others. Keep yourself calm and stress free for a wonderful experience at your wedding.

4. Don’t over react if something doesn’t work out

There may be events or moments at your wedding that something will be not according to you, but you don’t need to pay heed to everything. Stay cool and learn to ignore. Understand that nothing is perfect in this world and things can even go wrong at your wedding too. Just stay calm and cool for making your wedding a memorable event for one and all.

5. Don’t assume, rather be prepared

That is absolutely fine that your wedding is happening in a fine weather. But the truth is weather is always unpredictable and you cannot say anything about it especially about the rains. It can rain anytime, especially if you live in some hilly region. So, don’t just presume things, instead make proper arrangements if in case it starts to rain. If you will ignore this factor, you may end up having a messed up ceremony finally.

6. Don’t forget to make a check list

Don’t just forget to make a check list of things to be done and things to be purchased. It is crucial to make a checklist so that you can track things accordingly. Making checklists can save your lot of time and efforts. Otherwise you will end up having something missed out later. Not a nice idea, believe you me!

7. Don’t miss to keep your vendor contact numbers handy

Just imagine your vendor has not made for the venue and you are struggling to contact him, because you just missed to make a list of vendors along with their contact numbers. Hence, make sure you make a proper list of vendors along with their contact numbers and alternative numbers, so that you can contact them in case of any crises.

8. Don’t miss to arrange for a separate cab for yourself

If you will arrange for only one or two cabs for everyone including yourself, then it is going to be a crises situation on the day of your wedding. Make sure you arrange for a separate cab for yourself, especially if you are going to the parlor for getting ready.

Final words…
Undoubtedly, your wedding is going to be the biggest and the most special day of your life! So, make sure you workout properly. No doubt that planning a wedding is a tedious task especially when you have your full time job and other things to take care. But still amidst everything it is important that you keep check on everything to make your wedding a memorable event for all.

I hope this list of Do’s and Don’ts help you in arranging things at your wedding too. And trust, no matter how overwhelming the planning and executing your wedding ceremony looks like, it is doable if you work properly and strategically using all the planning tools and with positive attitude.
Happy Wedding…