Why You Should Plan Your Destination Wedding in Spain! Find out

Find out top reasons why you should plan your destination wedding in Spain

Are you planning to get hitched in a romantic location?? That’s really great!!! A destination wedding in Spain is going to be breathtakingly romantic, and exotic. You and your wedding guests will enjoy everything from the delicious Spanish cuisine to the charming Spanish traditions. Destination wedding in Spain will let your create a lifetime of memories for you and your guests.

Spain has everything from rocky beach coves and distinctive culture to Mediterranean warm weather and delicious food. And that’s the reason the place is gaining popularity as a destination wedding locations. Spain has always been one of the sought after honeymoon destinations. But now it’s becoming a popular wedding destination as well, even the celebrities are jumping on the dernier cri. Spain is home to various beautiful wedding locations, such as Gothic cathedrals, a romantic church on a rock. If you have always dreamt of a breathtakingly romantic wedding accompanied by the soft Mediterranean climate, along with the sea in the background with great food and wine, then Spain is the place for you!

The moment you have your place in mind, the next question is – Where to start?

Stress is an inevitable part of a wedding. Organizing a wedding can be overwhelming, as a wedding needs a lot of planning and preparation, there is a lot to be taken care of, and couples mostly experience huge stress as the date gets closer. Couples should start planning their wedding well in advance, especially when it is a destination wedding. Remember that planning in advance is key to a successful wedding – your fairy-tale wedding!!

Reason No. 1. Spain is amazingly beautiful!

Spain is amazingly beautiful!

Spain is breathtakingly beautiful! It has an exceptional blend of the loveliness of nature. The country is known for its breathtaking views and magnificent setting. Spain offers you a myriad of wedding venues, including; grand castle, luxurious villa, charming farm, high-end hotels, apartments etc. Besides, Spain offers you with the most incredible backdrops for your wedding and pre-wedding photoshoot.

Reason No. 2. Venues with breathtaking views

Spain offers venues with an exceptional and superb panoramas, making it a perfect destination for your wedding. Whether you plan to host your wedding in an outdoor set up or in an indoor one, Spain has it all. You can host a beach wedding or a wedding in a romantic church on a rock, or in the garden of a hotel, or amidst lush vegetation in the forest. Wherever you wish to get hitched, Spain offers endless options. And believe you me, choose any location it’s going to be an extraordinary experience for you and your wedding guests.

Reason No. 3. The country is full of wedding planners and vendors

The country is full of wedding planners and vendors

Ever since couples have shown more and more interest in destination weddings, Spain has also become a popular wedding destination, which gave rise to many wedding planners, wedding vendors, and wedding sources here. There are many agencies and professional planners in the country who can help you plan your wedding in any set-up whether outdoor or indoor. You can find amazing caterers, florists, and stylists for any taste level and budget. Also, you can get a customized wedding package. These professional planners can help you find the perfect wedding location in your budget, book your reception venue, arrange hotel accommodation for your guests etc.

Reason No. 4. Spain is gourmet’s paradise!

Weddings in Spain are also famous because of the food, glorious food. Here is Spain you get an amazing menu to go with your wedding party. The sensational foods in Spain includes the olive-filled dishes, freshest seafood, tapas, gazpacho, paella, and the incredible “Jamón Ibérico”. And yeah, not to forget the gorgeous drinks to go with the food, such as sweet sangria, fresh fruit juices, Spanish wine, and summer cocktails galore. It’s a gourmet’s paradise! Perfect option for your foodie and wine buffs.

Reason No. 5. Spain offers something for every budget

Spain offer something for every budget

Planning a wedding can be stressful and expensive. Fortunately, Spain offers wedding options for every budget. And that’s the reason destination weddings in Spain are becoming popular. Whether you are looking for a low-key celebration or for a big fat wedding, Spain has it all. The cost of a destination wedding in Spain will depend on several factors such as wedding location, décor, days of event, food and formality.

However, for a destination wedding in Spain with 50 – 100 guests, the average cost can range between 15,000 and 40,000 EUR. This cost will include the ceremony, paper work, reception, decorations, wedding planning, hotel, meals and a honeymoon. For customized packages you can work with your wedding planner and create your fairy-tale wedding. You can pick a showstopper venue for an unforgettable event in your budget.

Reason No. 6. You’ll get stunningly beautiful wedding photographs in Spain

Location, location, location! Your location is crucial to gorgeous wedding photo shoots. With a destination wedding in Spain, your wedding photographer will have a lot to make your wedding album a perfect keepsake. Spain is one of the best locations in the world to have the amazing wedding pictures. The country is just full of scenes, offering a truly breathtaking, and extraordinary panorama. Here you will have everything from valleys to hills, mountains to seas, and forests, and not to forget the picturesque and magnificent cities, towns and villages working as perfect backdrop for your wedding photos!

Reason No. 7. Your guests will never forget your wedding

Your guests will never forget your wedding

Your wedding guests will never forget your truly special wedding in Spain. Destination wedding in Spain will give your wedding guests and loved ones the opportunity to escape their everyday lives and enjoy the celebration. Whether your wedding is a two-day event or a week, your wedding gives them something to look forward to. Your wedding in Spain will be a reason to holiday for your wedding guests. They will plan everything from their clothes to their itinerary, while you handle the logistics and bookings. They will have all the fun of a vacation at your wedding that will include food, drink, parties, and friends—without having to worry about anything else in the world.

Reason No. 8. Easily accessible

Spain is amongst easily accessible countries in the world. As, it offers some of the best connections within Europe, whether by air, rail, or road. The easy connectivity in the country not only make life far easier for your guests to attend, but also the availability and affordability of transport makes scheduling meetings and visiting venue prior to the wedding far easier. Madrid Barajas airport in Madrid is the main travel hub for the country, with flights coming in from all over the world. You can also hire private shuttles for smaller wedding parties, or coaches and minibuses.

Reason No. 9. Spain offers you great venue choices.

Spain offers you great venue choices

Spain is a home to many climates and cultural atmospheres. Whether you wish to marry on a beach, in a castle, or in a small village in the countryside, you have countless venue options in Spain, you name it and you have it. The country can accommodate any type of wedding and any style of wedding in your budget. Most importantly, the place has it all to make your wedding a unique experience for one and all. Few of very famous wedding destinations in Spain include:

Son Marroig, Deià (Mallorca) – a historical setting by the sea, Monasterio de Piedra (Zaragoza) – An old monastery in a quiet landscape, Duna Arrocería (Valencia) – A famous gastronomic destination in the city, Almiral de la Font (Sitges) – A boutique villa near Barcelona, La Baronia (Barcelona) – A French-inspired farmhouse built by Gaudi disciple, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (Basque Country) – A historically strategic battle outpost on a rocky island with dramatic sea views, Villa Magna (Madrid) – An urban hotel in Spain’s capital, Hotel Mandarin (Barcelona) – An upscale luxury hotel in Barca, La Chumbera (Granada) – A hotel in the famous hillside neighbourhood of Sacromonte, Hacienda de San Rafael (Seville) – A restored olive estate now converted into a luxury hotel.

Reason No. 10. Great excuse to spend quality time with your besties.

Spending quality time with your favorite people before your wedding is a great way to stay happy and cheerful. And your wedding in Spain is the perfect reason for you to spend some quality time with your favorite people. Plan your travel a few days before your wedding and spend some quality time with your friends and loved ones. You can enjoy evening cocktails, plan a rehearsal dinner, a farewell brunch, and many other activities like excursions, adventure activities, water sports, tours, wine tastings, etc. All these will enable you to create incredible memories of your celebration, which you will cherish all your life.

Reason No. 11. Perfect excuse to enjoy Spanish traditions and customs

Perfect excuse to enjoy Spanish traditions and customs

Your destination wedding in Spain will give you an opportunity to enjoy Spanish traditions and customs. You can add some local flare to your wedding by simply including Spanish traditions in your ceremony. Some of the most common Spanish wedding traditions are:

  • Orange blossoms: this is a traditional flower that is used by Spanish brides as it symbolizes happiness and fulfillment. You can also try this out!!
  • Mantilla: a formal headdress worn by the bride, if you want to add a Spanish flare to your wedding then you too can wear Mantilla.
  • Coins: Another very famous Spanish tradition is – the groom presents his bride with 13 gold coins. These coins simply represent Jesus and his 12 apostles and symbolize his promise to provide for the family.
  • Wedding favors: it’s customary in Spain that the bride and groom circulate around the room and hand out small wedding favors to their guests during the reception.
  • The groom’s tie: Another wonderful and fun tradition is this. As a symbol of good luck, the groom’s closest friends cut his tie into pieces and then auction it off to wedding guests.

Reason No. 12. Choice to get hitched in unique style Wedding styles in France

  • You can host any style of wedding in Spain from a beach side wedding to a wedding in a castle, Spain has it all.
    Beach Weddings: Spain is famous for its beach wedding and for obvious reasons, as Spain’s got almost 5,000 kilometers of coastline. Beach wedding is one of the most popular options for a destination wedding in Spain, because of the tropical image it provides. If you also want to make your big event special with your feet in the golden sand. But know that some of the beaches here in Spain are prohibited. Before you plan your beach wedding in Spain, make sure to do good research to find the perfect beach for your day and avoid any disappointment.
  • Forest Weddings: Have you ever thought of getting hitched in an amazing set-up with birds chirping and sunlight peeping through the trees while you looking into your partner’s eyes and tie the knot…!! If this really attracts you, then a forest wedding in Spain is perfect for you! It’s going to be a fairy tale wedding that will make the event memorable not for you two but also for your wedding guests too. And the best part is that – you don’t need a lot of decoration; as the lush vegetation and the sunlight will be enough to add a lot of enchantment to the setting.
  • Church Wedding: Though traditional but amazingly beautiful that’s a wedding in a church. If you are looking to get hitched in a Catholic background then Spain is for you. Spain offers you wonderful church wedding. Here you can find mesmerizing churches to make your wedding an extraordinarily amazing event for the lifetime. Make sure that all documentation are officially translated into the language of the country where the ceremony is taking place.

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Reason No. 13. Every type of ceremonies are recognized in Spain

Whether you are looking for a civil ceremony or a religious wedding, both are legally recognized in Spain. Also, same sex marriage are legal in Spain since 2005. For a civil ceremonies in Spain application must be made directly to the Spanish Civil Registry or district court where the marriage will be held. A civil wedding can be held at the Civil Registry office or in the local town hall. Civil ceremonies are only possible if even one of the marrying couples is a Spanish citizen, or even if one of the two meets the 2 year residency requirement.

For Jewish, Catholic, Islamic and Protestant legally recognized religious wedding ceremonies in Spain. A civil marriage is not required prior to these religious marriages. However, a couple must obtain a certificate to marry before the service. And the marriage must be registered with the authorities in order to be legally recognized. The application process for Islamic, Protestant, and Jewish weddings is the same as for civil weddings. These marriages must be registered with civil authorities and must be performed by a licensed marriage officer.

Reason No. 14. Legal formalities to host a wedding in Spain

Under the principles in the Spanish Civil Code, both parties must be over 18 years old and be consenting individuals. Both civil and religious weddings are considered legal in Spain, but to qualify for a civil ceremony at least one of you must be Spanish or you must meet the two-year residency requirements.

Necessary paperwork and documentation: For a civil wedding in Spain, you need to contact your local Civil Registrar office ahead of time and apply directly to them. You will need the following documents are needed to be presented:

  • Valid passports for both parties
  • Original birth certificates (Proof that both parties are free to marry, which you may need to obtain from your home country’s Embassy or Consulate)
  • Divorce/Annulment/Death Certificates (if applicable)
  • Certificate of residence (at least one of the parties must be a resident in Spain for at least 2 years, or be a Spanish citizen to qualify for a civil marriage in Spain)

For a Catholic wedding, the following documents are needed to be presented:

  • Pre-nuptial inquiry
  • Baptismal, Communion, and Confirmation Certificates issued by your parish church within the last 6 months
  • Letter of Freedom to Marry from your parish priest, indicating you have fulfilled your premarital course requirements
  • Bishop’s special permission sent by your local priest of Archbishop
  • Any other applicable documentation, such as a Death Certificate, Decree of Nullity, or dispensation letter (Talk to your local priest or Archbishop for full details)

Reason No. 15 Language is no barrier

Spain being a popular wedding destination, most of the suppliers you’ll come across here speak and understand English well.

Reason No. 16. Reason to party hard

Reason to party hard

Getting hitched in Spain usually means to have a big party with some amazing entertainment. Spain makes for a perfect place to host your pre-wedding celebrations or rituals. If you want you can plan your pre-wedding celebrations here in Spain and enjoy traditional dances. And try out some Saucy bachata dance moves and traditional Spanish costumes that will give your pre-wedding celebration a unique twist. Spain can be a perfect excuse to extend to draw out the pre-wedding celebrations. You can plan your bachelorette on the beach side or a rehearsal dinner at a Spanish restaurant. Whatever you want to, Spain has it all.

Reason No. 17. Combine your destination wedding with your honeymoon

Last but not the least, besides wedding, you have an opportunity to plan an impeccable honeymoon here in Spain. By doing so you will not only save on money, but also on time. You don’t need to take another long flight or adapt to a different time zone for your honeymoon. You can enjoy each other’s company and your precious time together in Spain. There is a lot to explore in France Spain its vibrant culture to shopping, food and wine to beaches and mountains, you only need to plan it in advance! What you need to do is – bid adieu to your friends and family and start your honeymoon the day after your wedding. And you will be able to save on your logistical stress also.

While considering Spain for your destination wedding, you can double your wedding with your honeymoon. Remember that the place is amongst the most sought after honeymoon destination also. Spain has many romantic locations to start your honeymoon with. For instance, if you get hitched in Madrid – the urban chic, then honeymooning amidst rustic charms of Toledo will be a great idea. You can choose to stay in a private cozy and romantic chalets. Your honeymoon in Spain will allow you have a very personal, very intimate experience. Or you can go for a beach side destination for honeymooning in Spain. However you wish to enjoy your honeymoon, Spain is the perfect place for that. The country will melt your heart with its breathtaking beauty.

To Pan Out…

With these reasons to choose Spain for your destination wedding, you would be able to make your wedding a perfect fairy-tale wedding in Spain. Absolutely the way you have always dreamt of it. The place is perfect to host the most romantic and luscious wedding of the season!!

There’s so much to do in Spain, be it a spring destination wedding, summer destination wedding, or a winter destination wedding. You can enjoy water sports, or take a walk in the beautiful mountains, or enjoy the scenic views while holding your partner’s hand. Spain offers you with everything to make your wedding a memorable day of your life.

And yeah, make sure you book your accommodation, venue, vendors etc. beforehand and avoid any kind of disappointment later and create a wonderful wedding of the season.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺

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