100 Questions to Ask a Girl Before an Arranged Marriage

Questions to Ask a Girl Before Marriage

Before making a commitment in the complex world of arranged weddings, one must get to know someone very well. Compatibility is just one factor; another is knowing each other’s personalities, goals, and principles. One may remove layers of ideas and feelings via deep talk, which prepares the ground for a solid foundation.

When two people are starting a trip together, the correct questions might help to close the distance. Beyond first impressions, these questions probe beliefs, dreams, anxieties, and wants. They provide the conditions for respect, understanding, and the possibility of a fruitful collaboration based on sincere communication. In this blog, we explore what questions to ask a girl in arranged marriage.

Things to ask a girl in the first meeting before getting married

Q. 1. Are you ready for marriage, or are you secretly being forced into it?

First things first, it is important to know that the girl is ready for the marriage and not forced by anyone. Mostly in India, a girl is pressurized for marriage as soon as she becomes 24–25 years. Sometimes girls want to pursue higher studies, or they might be involved in a relationship or haven’t yet got-over-her-ex phase or anything for that matter which could make her unsure about marriage. The answer to this question will help you understand whether she is ready for marriage or nor. Make sure you have a detailed discussion on it.

Q. 2. How would you like your partner-to-be like?

Another most important question that you should ask is this. It is a fundamental question that will allow you to have an idea about the qualities that she foresees in her partner. This question will enable you to know whether the girl has some reasonable expectations from a partner or not. Girls who have unreal expectations from their future husbands can create unwanted situations tomorrow. Also, through this, you can get a glimpse of all the qualities that you possess and the one that you don’t. That is why it is essential to ask this question.

Q. 3. What are your views about arranged marriage?

Some girls actually don’t believe in arranged marriages; they are however, forced for that. Hence, it is important that you know the girl’s view on it. She may probably be interested in love marriage, which can cause disputes later. There is no point in that.

Q. 4. Do you prefer us to stay with the family or separately?

For the guys who stay with their parents, this question is extensively important. Especially the guys who live and love their parents and do not want to abandon them should ask this question to the girl beforehand. Asking this question will help you avoid any clashes in the future.

Q. 5. Are you vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or eggetarian?

Knowing each other’s eating choices is important. You may be non-vegetarian, but the girl you are meeting is pure veg, and she may have difficulty handling your eating choices. Asking this question will allow you to understand whether the girl is okay with all choices or not. Or there is a possibility that the girl is non-vegetarian and you belong to a pure vegetarian family. Not asking beforehand can create chaos later, so it’s better to ask this before getting hitched.

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Q. 6. How is your relationship with your parents?

Know that the girls who know the importance of family build a beautiful family. If the relationship with the girl and her parents are not so good, then it may affect your married life as well. Knowing this will help you have a better understanding of the girl.

Q. 7. What are your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

This is another basic question that will help you know what kind of person she is. Also, you will know the similarities and dissimilarities you both possess. Of course, not all your character traits, interests, hobbies will match, but it is essential to have a few things in common to bond well. So this question will help you to know that.

Q. 8. What do you think about religion and faith?

This is something that varies from person to person. However, you must know about the girl’s understanding of religion and faith so that there are no conflicts tomorrow.

Q. 9. Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Extreme of everything is bad; hence, it is essential that you know whether the girl is an extrovert or introvert. You may probably want to marry an extrovert girl as the circle you live in is such. Or you may be very social and would want to marry a person who is also social. It is said that opposites attract, but having only opposites can create disputes in the future.

Q. 10. Do you have any physical disability, ailment, or medical condition?

This is one of the most important questions that you should ask your would-be-wife. Ask this question very politely so that you are not hurting the girl. Also, if by chance you have any medical condition, make sure you tell her beforehand. Both of you can even undergo a medical examination before marriage to avoid any doubts.

Q. 11. Your future plans with respect to your job?

If you are one of those who prefer working women, then you should definitely ask her future plans for her job. This will help you have insight into her confidence levels.

Q. 12. How had the process been for you so far?

You will get to know how she is taking the whole process. Also, it is a great question to start the conversation and take it further.

Q. 13. How would you want your wedding to be like?

This is one of the most critical questions. You may probably be planning to have a simple wedding, while the girl would want to host a grand celebration. Asking her this will give you clarity about her plans regarding her wedding celebration.

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Q. 14. What kind of person are you traditional or modern or a mix of both?

It is always good to ask this question so that you can understand the kind of lifestyle she likes. Also, living with like-minded people makes things easier and better.

Q. 15. What are your interests?

Ask her interests; you may find some commonalities, which will make your life worth it. Of course, if both of you are avid readers, reading will become a fun activity for you. Also, you would be able to talk on some common subjects.

Q. 16. Describe your perfect day.

Another basic yet most important question is this. It will help you know her as a person well.

Q. 17. Would you like to continue working after marriage? What are your career goals?

Whether you are a person who wants a working partner or vice versa, this question is essential. Answer to this question will eliminate any kind of doubts that may arise in the future. You may want a working wife, and the girl you’re meeting may want to be a housewife, not knowing each other’s preference before marriage can create trouble later.

Q. 18. What are your educational goals?

Ask this if you are meeting a girl who is still pursuing her higher studies. It will give you an insight into her future plans.

Q. 19. What qualities do you value about yourself the most?

Each person has some exceptional qualities; you must ask this question. The answer to this question will let you know whether the girl is positive about herself or not. The one who is cynical about her own self will never be able to think positively about others.

Q. 20. How many kids would you want to have?

Most girls these days do not want to have kids. They want to grow and become successful in their career. If you want to have kids and the girl you are meeting do not like kids, then there is no point in taking things further. Clarity is essential, no matter what.

Q. 21. How do you tackle conflict or fights when they come up?

Answer to this question will help you know whether the girl has temperamental issues or not. Of course, this life is full of problems; conflicts can arise at any time. One who knows how to handle disputes knows how to lead life peacefully.

Q. 22. How is your relationship with your siblings?

If the girl has siblings, then asking this question is worth it. The kind of relationship she shares with her family, the same sort of relationship she is going to have with your family in the future.

Q. 23. What qualities do you value most in other people?

Ask this question to know whether you possess all or some of these qualities or not.

Q. 24. Tell me about the most memorable experience that you’ve had in your life.

Ask this so that you can know about her life. Also, it will help you know how she cherishes all those experiences in life.

Q. 25. Who do you miss the most in your life?

Another important question that will enable you to understand the mindset of the girl.

Q. 26. What kind of music do you like?

Questions like such should definitely be asked. Firstly, they keep the conversation light. Also, you will know if you, too, have the same likings.

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Q. 27. What was the most painful event in your life that you’ve had to deal with?

It will help you know if she still has some scars of that past event or she is strong enough to move on. Of course, if a person is always whining about the bad past can never be happy in any situation.

Q. 28. The greatest struggle that you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it?

By asking this question, you will know how strong the girl is. The answer to this question will show you the kind of person she is.

Q. 29. Your favorite cuisine?

It is essential to know each other’s likings and disliking.

Q. 30. Do you like cooking?

If you are a foodie, and you love food more than anything, then do ask this question. A foodie person would always want to have a wife who can cook well.

Q. 31. Who inspires you the most?

Know if she gets inspired by anyone or not.

Q. 32. Do you love pets? Which pet you love the most, a dog or cat?

If you love pets and have one or more pets at home, then do not miss to ask this question. Some girls do not gel up really well with pets. If the girl also doesn’t like pets, then it can create a problem for you later.

Q. 33. Where would you want to travel to?

Deciding your honeymoon location will become more comfortable for you. So do ask this question.

Q. 34. What do you do to chill out?

Asking this question will give you an idea about her favorite activities. You never know you may have one or two in common.

Q. 35. What do you do to deal with setbacks and disappointments in your life?

You will know whether she takes unwanted events of life positively or negatively.

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Q. 36. How would you want us to divide household responsibilities?

Ask this in advance so that you do not end up having surprises in life.

Q. 37. Do you do any kind of financial investment?

If you are meeting a working woman, then this question is a must ask. The answer to this question will tell you how she deals with her money. Also, you will know whether she is smart and knows ways on how to increase wealth. Whether she invests in Fixed Deposits or Mutual Funds or Real Estate or in any other scheme, it is a plus for you. Besides, you will know that the girl can create wealth. Also, don’t miss to tell her about the investments that you do. And if you don’t invest, then start investing now.

Q. 38. What are your goals in life?

Know her perspective on life with the help of this question. You may be looking for a person with big goals, and not necessarily the girl has any. Asking this will help you have clarity.

Q. 39. Do you like reading? If yes, who is your favorite author, or what kind of books you love to read?

If you love reading and you want to have a partner with a similar kind of interest, then ask this question. The kind of stuff one reads determines the mindset of a person. You will also know the same.

Q. 40. How do you describe your life?

Another critical question is this. You will know her outlook towards her life.

Q. 41. What is the idea of the perfect date for you?

You will get the idea of her perfect date, and accordingly, you can plan a date with her in the future. A win-win situation for both of you ☺ ☺

Q. 42. What led you to choose the profession you’ve chosen?

If the girl is in some bizarre profession, according to you, then ask her this question. However, this question can be asked otherwise also, even in the usual professions.

Q. 43. Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

This only question will tell you her future plans and how does she want to lead her life.

Q. 44. Is separation or divorce normal for you?

You may want to know if she has genuine logic to supports her stand on this. You will know whether you have the same thinking about the divorce or you think differently.

Q. 45. Do you drink alcohol or like smoking?

If you don’t drink and don’t like girls drinking, then ask this beforehand. Things like that create troubles later, there is no point in having a troublesome life together. Also, if you drink alcohol or smoke, then tell her about it before marriage.

Q. 46. Lastly, is there anything else that I need to know before we get wed-locked?

Ask this so that if there is something that you should know, the girl will tell you for sure. Also, this will help you eliminate unwanted surprises in the future. And if you have any such thing that the girl should know before marriage, you should also tell her that!

Q 47. What are your expectations regarding family planning and having children?

Knowing her timetable and ideas about establishing a family is essential. While some couples may choose to wait, others may desire children right once after marriage. You can make sure there are no misunderstandings later on and match your future goals by knowing her position. Talking about her ideal number of children and their upbringing is another aspect of family planning. As far as this important part of life goes, make sure you two agree.

Q. 48. How do you handle stress and pressure?

Though the way they manage it differs, everyone feels stress and pressure in their life. Knowing her coping strategies can help you to comprehend her tenacity and how she handles difficult circumstances. Knowing how she likes to decompress—talk it out, exercise, or do something else entirely—will enable you to assist her more effectively when things become rough.

Q. 49. What are your thoughts on household chores and their division?

If domestic duties are not previously addressed, they might become a significant cause of disagreement. A healthy relationship depends on clear expectations about domestic labor sharing. Knowing her preferences—traditional work division or a more contemporary, shared approach—can assist in avoiding future conflicts and promote a cooperative living environment. These are the types of questions to ask a girl on first-meeting for arranged-marriage

Q. 50. What does financial independence mean to you?

Talking about financial independence is crucial as it addresses personal financial control, contribution, and autonomy. It would enable you to connect your financial habits and objectives to know her opinions on this. A healthy financial relationship also requires a discussion about spending, saving, and budgeting practices.

Q. 51. How important is personal space and alone time for you?

A strong partnership depends on both parties respecting one other’s demand for privacy. While some could not need more alone time to rejuvenate, others do. You may assist to establish a balanced atmosphere where you both feel appreciated and at ease by knowing her choice.

Q. 52. What are your travel aspirations and favorite destinations?

Gaining knowledge of her travel preferences will enable you to arrange her next trips and comprehend her spirit of adventure. Aligning your travel interests may result in common experiences and memories that deepen your relationship, whether she enjoys beach holidays, cultural travels, or seeing new places.

Q. 53. How do you handle disagreements and conflicts in a relationship?

Harmony cannot be maintained unless one understands her method of dispute resolution. While some individuals want to handle problems right away, others require some time to gather their thoughts. It will be easier for you to handle conflicts in a civil and beneficial manner for both of you if you are aware of her approach.

Q. 54. What role do friends play in your life?

You may get an insight into her social life and objectives from her viewpoint on friendships. She may have a large social circle or cherish close-knit connections; knowing this will enable you to encourage her friendships and respect her desire for social contact.

Q. 55. How do you feel about adopting children, if necessary?

Aligning your future family planning needs talking about the prospect of adoption. A few couples might find it difficult to have biological children and could think about adopting. It will allow you to be ready for any scenario and to make wise choices together if you know what she believes.

Q. 56. What are your thoughts on joint versus separate bank accounts?

Knowing her preferences for joint financial management is made easier with this inquiry. Some couples would rather merge all of their money, while others choose to maintain separate accounts for their own expenditures. Talking about this will enable you to create a strategy that avoids financial misunderstandings and suits both of you.

Q. 57. What are your career aspirations and professional goals?

Gaining knowledge of her professional goals will enable you to encourage her and make decisions about your future together. You can assist her in achieving her professional objectives by knowing if she wants a successful career or prefers a work-life balance.

Q. 58. How do you envision balancing work and family life?

Harmonious partnership depends on your understanding of her views on work-life balance. You may both foster a supportive atmosphere where neither part is overlooked by talking about how she intends to balance her job and family obligations.

Q. 59. What is your stance on social media usage and privacy?

Fighting later on may be avoided by talking about social media limits and expectations. You can respect one other’s privacy and digital limits if you know how she feels about sharing personal information online and how comfortable she is with social media presence.

Q. 60. How do you handle major life changes or transitions?

Her capacity to adjust will reveal to you her flexibility and resiliency. Unexpected occurrences abound in life, and you can assist one another through them if you know how she handles significant changes.

Q. 61. What are your thoughts on continuing education or pursuing new skills?

Your support of her professional and personal development will depend on your understanding of her desire for lifelong learning. Encouraging her interests may improve your relationship, whether she wants to go to college, pick up new hobbies, or acquire new abilities.

Q. 62. How important is physical fitness and health to you?

Talking about your top objectives for health and fitness might enable you to match your lifestyle. Whatever her preferred form of exercise—yoga, outdoor activities, or frequent gym visits—knowing her regimen will enable you to encourage one another to lead healthy lives.

Q. 63. What kind of relationship do you have with your extended family?

Your family dynamics going forward may be impacted by her relationships with extended relatives. Helping you get ready for a healthy family life is knowing how much time she spends with her family and what she expects from you.

Q. 64. How do you feel about religious practices and rituals?

Respecting one another’s beliefs will require you to know her opinions on religious observances. Talking about this may help you synchronize your practices and prevent disputes arising from religious expectations, whether she adheres to certain rites on a regular basis or not.

Q. 65. What is your favorite way to spend a weekend?

Arranging fun moments together might be made easier if you know what she likes to do on the weekends. Whatever her interests—be they hobbies, trips, or downtime at home—knowing them may help you plan shared experiences that deepen your relationship.

Q. 66. How do you handle financial stress or financial planning?

You cannot manage your joint funds until you understand her financial planning philosophy. Together, you can create a safe future whether she adheres to a tight budget, invests in different schemes, or just likes to save.

Q. 67. What are your thoughts on philanthropy and charitable giving?

Talking about philanthropy might enable you to organize your priorities. Whether she would rather give to certain charities or give of her time, knowing her viewpoint on giving back can enable you to support one another in your charitable endeavors.

Q. 68. How important is it for you to have alone time or personal hobbies?

A healthy relationship depends on both parties respecting the other’s demand for privacy. Fostering her interests, whether they be painting, reading, or any other kind of alone time, may make your relationship more satisfying.

Q. 69. What are your views on pet ownership?

Knowing her opinion on pets is crucial whether you like them or want to have some. Whether she likes dogs, cats, or other animals, talking about this will help you be ready for a future with animal pals.

Q. 70. How do you feel about celebrating festivals and holidays?

It will be easier for you to arrange joyous events together if you know how excited she gets. Aligning your expectations will help you enjoy the holidays, whether she likes big family get-togethers or small, private ones.

Q. 71. What are your views on gender roles in a marriage?

Talking about gender roles might assist to clear up any confusion and bring your expectations into line. You may build a balanced relationship by knowing her viewpoint, whether it is conventional or more contemporary and equal.

Q. 72. How do you handle peer pressure or societal expectations?

Your understanding of her uniqueness and confidence will come from her attitude to society’s expectations. It will enable you to support her in her decisions, whether she is adamant about following social conventions or would rather forge her own route.

Q. 73. What is your dream job or career path?

Supporting her aspirations and objectives will be much easier if you know what her ideal job is. Supporting her career path may result in a rewarding collaboration, regardless of her goals—CEO, artist, or other.

Q. 74. How do you feel about public displays of affection?

You can respect her limits if you know how comfortable she is with PDA. Aligning on this will help to avoid future difficulties, whether she feels at ease holding hands in public or would rather keep affections secret.

Q. 75. What is your favorite type of cuisine or food?

You can arrange meals and eat out together better if you know what her favorite dish is. Whatever her favorite cuisine—Italian, Indian, Chinese, or anything else—sharing meals with her may make for happy times.

Q. 76. How important is cleanliness and organization to you?

Coordinating on order and cleanliness might help to avoid arguments in your shared living area. Whether she is more laid back or enjoys a well-kept house, knowing her routines will enable you to keep your living space peaceful.

Q. 77. What are your views on sustainable living and environmental consciousness?

It would be easier for you to make shared lifestyle selections if you know her sustainability position. Aligning your principles may help you both be committed to environmental awareness, whether she is enthusiastic about recycling, cutting waste, or leading a minimalist lifestyle.

Q. 78. How do you feel about cultural differences and embracing new traditions?

Her receptivity to cultural variety will enable you to negotiate any cultural difficulties. Whether she is keen to adopt new customs or would rather stick to the ones she knows, talking about this may help you build a welcoming and culturally diverse family.

Q. 79. What is your approach to dealing with failure or setbacks?

Gaining an understanding of her tenacity and attitude to failure can help you to better understand her. Whether she sees failures as depressing or as a chance for learning, helping her through them may improve your relationship.

Q. 80. How important is it for you to stay connected with childhood friends?

Her importance of enduring connections might reveal her social values and commitment. Respecting her relationships may help create a supportive atmosphere, whether she has tight connections with her childhood buddies or has a more erratic social group.

Q. 81. What are your thoughts on open communication and transparency in a relationship?

Talking about the value of communi cation will enable you to establish a solid basis of trust. Knowing her communication style may help to create a more honest and open relationship, whether she needs time to collect her thoughts or would rather deal with problems right away.

Q. 82. How do you handle jealousy or insecurity in a relationship?

Better support of one another might result from knowing how she handles her fears. Knowing this will enable you to work through emotional difficulties together, whether she is honest about her emotions or requires comfort.

Q. 83. What are your favorite movies or TV shows?

You may arrange fun activities together if you know what kind of entertainment she enjoys. Whether she likes thrillers, romantic comedies, or documentaries, connecting over common interests might result.

Q. 84. How do you feel about having a joint or separate social life?

Talking about your social life preferences might help you balance your time spent with friends and with each other. Whether she likes to spend her weekends with you or has her own social events, knowing her demands will enable you to encourage a good social balance.

Q. 85. What are your thoughts on therapy or counseling if needed?

Her readiness to work on the relationship may be shown in her openness to getting assistance. Whether she takes charge of her mental health or would rather deal with things in secret, talking about this may help you be ready for any obstacles on the road.

Q. 86. How do you envision your role in the community or society?

Aligning your ideals could be facilitated by knowing her sense of social duty. Whether she participates actively in community service or contributes in other ways to society, encouraging her efforts might result in a shared dedication to changing things.

Q. 87. What are your views on maintaining physical intimacy in marriage?

An intimate relationship cannot be healthy or satisfying unless intimacy expectations are discussed. Whether she has certain tastes or is willing to try new approaches to keep closeness, knowing her wants will enable you to build a solid physical bond.

Q. 88. How do you feel about living in different cities or countries?

Her readiness to move might affect your choices about your future work and lifestyle. Talking about her preferences for staying near to family or being open to relocating for job prospects will help you decide how to go in your relationship.

Q. 89. What is your idea of financial security?

Aligning your financial objectives will be made easier if you know what she means by financial stability. Talking about her priorities—saving for retirement, investing, or maintaining a certain lifestyle—can help you create a safe financial future.

Q. 90. How do you handle surprises or unplanned events?

Her capacity to adjust to unexpected events will reveal her spontaneity and flexibility. You can better handle unforeseen circumstances jointly if you know if she likes spontaneity or prefers to follow a plan.

Q. 91. What are your thoughts on mentoring or helping others?

Her readiness to coach others might speak to her kindness and giving. Whether she likes to tutor, volunteer, or provide advice, encouraging her endeavors might result in a more rewarding and charitable relationship.

Q. 92. How important is it for you to celebrate personal achievements?

Supporting her accomplishments will be made easier if you are aware of her desire for acknowledgment. Knowing this will enable you to recognize and support her achievements, whether she likes to celebrate milestones or wants quiet recognition.

Q. 93. What are your views on maintaining a work-life balance?

Talking about work-life balance can enable you to support one other’s careers and align your objectives. A more peaceful relationship might result from knowing her perspective, whether it is career-focused or values equal time for personal life.

Q. 94. How do you feel about integrating technology into daily life?

Aligning your lifestyle choices with her degree of comfort with technology can assist. Talking about this may help you achieve a balance that suits both of you, whether she likes using technology little or welcomes new devices and applications.

Q. 95. What are your thoughts on minimalist living versus a more lavish lifestyle?

Talking about your preferred way of life will enable you to decide jointly on living quarters and spending. You may design a house that represents your combined interests by knowing if she likes a more opulent lifestyle or a more straightforward, minimalist approach.

Q. 96. How do you feel about maintaining family traditions?

You may better negotiate family relations if you appreciate her customs. Talking about this may help you respect one other’s history and establish a feeling of shared tradition, regardless of how enthusiastic she is about keeping family traditions alive or open to developing new ones.

Q. 97. What are your views on political engagement or activism?

Talking politics may help you grasp her objectives and ideals. Knowing her position will enable you to support one another’s ideas and actions, whether she is actively interested in political issues or would rather be aware but not take part personally.

Q. 98. How important is personal development and self-improvement to you?

You can assist one person flourish if you know she is dedicated to self-improvement. Encouragement of her personal growth may result in a more fulfilling relationship, whether she likes to read self-help books, go to seminars, or take up new interests.

Q. 99. What is your approach to planning and setting goals?

You may better coordinate your future objectives if you know how she sets goals. Knowing her style will enable you to collaborate toward common goals whether she likes thorough preparation or goes more impromptu.

Q. 100. How do you envision growing old together?

This inquiry clarifies her long-term goals for your life and partnership. Talking about your future might help you develop a common plan for the years to come, whether she wants to spend time with her grandkids, tour the globe in retirement, or just relax at home.


Managing the path of an arranged marriage calls for understanding on both sides and candid communication. These one hundred questions to ask a girl before marriage provide a thorough basis for investigating each other’s goals, aspirations, and values. These discussions will guarantee that both partners have the same future vision and will assist in developing trust, respect, and a strong emotional bond.

You can build a happy and successful relationship by discussing important subjects like family planning and individual objectives. Remember that a good marriage mostly depends on ongoing communication, empathy, and a common dedication to developing together through the numerous life experiences.