15 Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding

Romantic Wedding Couple

Having a stress-free wedding is every couple’s dream. But still, so many brides walk up the aisle feeling burned out. We understand it’s tough to maintain calm while juggling the finances and dealing with complex family relationships. But we believe your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, no matter what. And if you think the same, then this post is for you. Here are our top fifteen tips for a stress-free wedding.

Here we go……

1. Get organized!

Easier said than done. However, it is crucial to get organized to obtain a stress-free wedding. The best way is to either make a folder on your system or get a plastic concertina file and keep all your wedding-related documents together. Also, have a notebook to write everything down so that you can remember all the information that comes your way. Doing so will help you have everything related to your wedding in one place, such as vendors contract, venue contract, payment details, etc. You will need this folder even after your wedding is over to make your vendors’ final payment.

2. Set your wedding budget.

Juggling finances can create too much distress, which is not good for you. Your budget is the most important determining factor, so it’s best to set your budget in advance and stick to it religiously.

3. Hire a professional.

Believe it or not, wedding professionals can be really helpful. They can take off more than half of your burden. Moreover, they are experienced and skillful people who can help you create your day exactly how you want it.

4. Avoid dealing with unreliable wedding vendors.

This is really crucial. You will need to deal with a lot of wedding suppliers for bringing your dream wedding to reality. Vendor management is no easy task. You really need to deal with all sorts of people; some will be good, and others chaotic. So, it is important to do enough research before finalizing your wedding vendors. Also, interview them personally and if you find them struggling to answer your questions, or if they don’t seem to be on top of the situation – leave the vendor! Also, do not rely on the supplier who does not bother to return your phone calls.

5. Book the same venue for your wedding and guests’ accommodation.

If you plan a destination wedding or expect many out-of-the-town guests, then book their accommodation in the same venue where your wedding is to be held. It will save you from a lot of stress on the day of your wedding; otherwise, you will end up getting exhausted.

6. Get makeup and hairstyle trial beforehand.

It’s better to go for a makeup and hairstyle trial before your wedding day. Of course, you would not want to have surprises at your wedding. Deciding your bridal looks in advance can immensely help you; mainly, it lessens the final look’s stress.

7. Set realistic expectations.

Brides these days set unrealistic expectations that make them stressed on the final day. It should be avoided completely. Celebrity weddings might entice you, but know that those weddings are a pricey affair. Unless you are very rich or marrying a celebrity, you must accept that this will not happen for you. The best is to create a wedding in your budget that reflects your personality. Your wedding should be a happy occasion, not an expensive one!

8. Ask for help.

Know that you are not a superwoman; you cannot do everything related to your wedding. If you are not hiring a professional for your wedding, then it’s better to accommodate people in the family. You can accommodate your siblings, friend, or cousins. However, make sure you accommodate the right person who is sensible and responsible as well. Depending on an unreliable person for help can turn out to be a bigger disaster. So, choose the person wisely!


9. Take breaks in between.

A wedding is a very demanding task if you are going for a full-fledged one. To get stressed in the act is very common; hence it is essential to take breaks in between. You can consider taking a spa break; it will help you rejuvenate and de-stress. Or you can consider going for a short trip with your significant other; it will help you create a strong bond. Or you can go on a trip with your bridesmaid to have some fun time. Anything or any kind of break will help you revive and get de-stressed!

10. Choose your Bridesmaids wisely.

Not necessarily you have to have too many bridesmaids for your wedding. Of course, I know bridesmaids are there to help and support you, but often they turn out to be a major cause of stress. Be wise while choosing your bridesmaid. Choose the one who you feel close to and who understands you better. The obvious candidates could be your sisters or best friends or anybody who you trust more than anyone else and who knows you inside out!

11. Perfection is an illusion – don’t expect it.

If you’re one of those peoples who look for perfection in everything, then forget about a stress-free wedding. Expecting perfection and stress go hand in hand because there will be something or other that will cause dissatisfaction. Maybe your photographer ends up having some issue due to which he send somebody else, or it may rain at your outdoor wedding, or possibly your decorator won’t be able to arrange for your favorite flowers, etc. Uncertainties are normal; any situation can arise on the day of your wedding. So, there is no need to stress yourself about something that is beyond your control; instead, accept the situation and find out the solution.

12. Practice pranayama and meditation.

Pranayama and meditation are very effective ways to have a peaceful mind and stay stress-free. And a peaceful mind is the primary requirement to deal with any kind of stress without getting hurt. Moreover, the regular practice of pranayama and meditation, leading to your wedding will help you get a natural glow as well. So, learn pranayama and meditation, you can also join yoga classes, there they teach these two with yoga.

13. Chuck unnecessary rituals.

Some religion follows too many wedding rituals that make the couple feel frazzled. If you don’t like some of the wedding rituals, it’s better to chuck them to have a stress free wedding. You can choose the major ones for your wedding, and the rest that you think is not important should be left.

14. Keep it low.

A wedding is not about having a pompous celebration; it is about making the happiest occasion. If you feel a big fat celebration is not your cup of tea, then keep it low. It is your wedding, and you have all the right to decide the size and type of your wedding.

15. Learn the art of ignoring unnecessary stuff.

You may feel that your wedding is yours only, but there will be many who won’t let you that way. Shits happen! There will be people at your wedding who will come up with unnecessary ideas and stuff; avoid them. For instance, you arranged for a nice accommodation for your guests, but your aunt is complaining about that. Let her complain; you don’t need to pay too much heed to everything that can be managed otherwise. Know that these things are common at a wedding. Learning the art of ignoring unnecessary stuff can help you have a stress free wedding.

Final thought

Follow these 15 tips for a stress-free wedding. Not only will these tips allow you to have a stress-free wedding, but also you can make your wedding a happy occasion, unique and perfect reflection of your personality.

The idea is simple whatever you feel is trudging you down, chuck it! Your wedding should be your way that is all!!

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺