7 Self-Care Tips For Grooms To-Be Before The Big Day

Self Care Tips For Grooms

There are plenty of wedding articles that provide some tips to help prepare brides for their big day, like what type of hair to wear and the trendiest wedding dress every year. In general, weddings may also tend to put the spotlight on the bride. This may be because the bride has dreamed of their wedding day to be flawless, even when they were just a little girl. But it’s important to remember that a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without the bride’s partner—the groom.

Relatively, there are only a few articles that provide some tips on grooms-to-be. This is because what the groom usually does in preparation for their big day is to wear a good-looking suit and have a proper haircut. However, if you really want to impress your bride-to-be, it’s important to stand above tradition by going beyond.

With that in mind, here are some tips for grooms like you to follow before the big day:

1. Have a workout routine and stick with it

When it comes to self-care, working out will always be on top of the list. Hence, the first thing on your to-do list is to create a workout routine. But planning it won’t amaze your bride. You must also do your best to stick with it. The reason for this is simple—sticking to a workout routine will allow you to look physically great. Add to the fact that you’ll be wearing a nice tuxedo, then, surely, every attendee would compliment your looks.

Ideally, you should have a regular exercise routine six months before your wedding. And if you really want to look great, you can even start way before that suggestion. Also, having a regular routine doesn’t mean hiring a personal trainer or rigorously lifting weights at the gym. In fact, walking or jogging every other day for months will already benefit your body.

Who knows, if you constantly follow this routine, you may completely adapt to it. You’ll be making a positive impact on your physical health.

2. Give your groomsmen some gifts

Having a workout routine may be difficult if you’re doing it alone. This is why most people often work out with a buddy, which can be your future groomsmen. Also, you should assign a groomsman to remind you to eat healthy foods from now on or even warn you about the need to look good during your wedding day.

Because of this, among other reasons, it’s best if you also show them a token of appreciation. You can accomplish this by giving them gifts.

Fortunately, there are plenty of shops solely intended for groomsmen. Specialty shops like groomsshop.com have over a thousand gift ideas, so you’ll never run out of options. As a tip, to make your wedding truly memorable, try giving each of your groomsmen personalized items. These items can range from something that they can wear or use every day to a set of five bottles of whiskey.

3. Make sure your groomsmen are ready

Speaking of groomsmen and whiskey, you should also ensure that your boys are in line. This means you have to make certain that they have the right clothes to wear and they already know their roles at the wedding. Also, make sure that no one is hungover right before the big day. Thus, as a self-care tip, don’t drink too much the night before your wedding too.

Doing all of these things will assure you that there won’t be any embarrassing things happening on your wedding day. If there are, then your in-laws and future wife won’t be too happy about it.

4. Sleep well before your wedding

Even though you’re nervous to the point that you’re turning and twisting in bed, it’s important to get a decent amount of sleep the night before your wedding. This way, you’ll avoid looking too tired during the big day. Thus, also ask one of your groomsmen to be in charge of halting any activities that’ll make everyone lose some sleep.

5. Eat breakfast

After your deep slumber, it’s best if you eat a breakfast meal full of protein, carbs, and the necessary vitamins and minerals. Doing so will help you avoid a grumbling stomach during the ceremony. Additionally, having a hearty breakfast will provide you the energy you need during your big day. If you don’t want to feel too bloated or afraid you might get constipated, then eat only a little amount of food or have a couple of energy bars.

6. Trim your facial hair

One way for you to look well-groomed is to simply trim your facial hair. Even if you look good with a mustache or clean-shaven, it’s in your best interest to have a well-maintained look. This means you need to avoid looking too scruffy due to your facial hair. And keep in mind that facial hair isn’t limited to your beard. You might also benefit from taming your eyebrows or nose hair.

That being said, make sure that you do your best to tame your facial hair before the actual ceremony begins.

7. Go to a dentist

Weddings and photographs always go hand in hand. This means your picture will be taken numerous times. These pictures will be admired by future generations, and they can even be a wonderful tool for nostalgia. Thus, it’s best if you go to the dentist so you’ll have the confidence needed to showcase your beautiful smile.

In the dentist’s office, talk about different processes that’ll whiten your teeth. They may give you suggestions based on your wedding plans. For instance, if you go to the dentist months before your wedding, they may give you a whitening toothpaste that’ll brighten your teeth just in time for the big day.


Even though weddings are usually associated with the bride, there’s no one stopping you from being an eye catcher too! In fact, one of the ways to make a wedding memorable is for the groom to also look good. That way, attendees will definitely have the impression that both the bride and the groom are made perfect for one another.

Fortunately, with the tips mentioned above, you’re now fully ready to look amazing during your big day.

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