Find out The Best 25 Tips To a Fun Wedding

Find out the best 25 tips to a Fun wedding

Wedding is once-in-a-lifetime event

Wedding in one’s life is an occasion which everyone would want to celebrate with pompous. Couples today leave no stone unturned to make their wedding a wonderful and unforgettable event for the lifetime. Couples are now descending from a “traditional” wedding which are limited to only dancing, eating and drinking to fun wedding, which has glamour, fun, music, pizzazz and what not. They are now going beyond these traditional setups and considering to add more flavor to their wedding. And why not??? It’s their wedding after all!

Luckily, we are in today, meaning in the era where everything including weddings have evolved. Of course, they’re still about the sacred union between the two, but they’re also about having a real good time with your loved ones. Today, for a good time one needs something more and unique than the old set up.

If you also want everyone to have nothing but fun at your special event this season, then this article is meant for you. Here in this article I am sharing with you the 25 fun wedding ideas, to keep your guests from ducking out early, or snoozing in the corner. Do fill your wedding with these fun ideas so as to let one and all enjoy fully. Whether your wedding is going to be an outdoor wedding in winters or an indoor celebration in summers. All these ideas are workable for any kind of wedding. Here we go…

1. Wedding Invitation card

Your wedding invitation is one of the first and the most important part of your wedding that your guests will get to see. Your wedding invitation design, color scheme, wordings, and overall tone will help your guests know the details of your wedding along with your emotions and feelings attached to it. But who asked you to go plain and same as others have gone. JUST BE CREATIVE, while you create your wedding invite. Fun should begin from the start, create a wedding invite which your guests will not only like, but also they get tempted to attend your wedding.

Here are some ideas:

A) Try using funny wordings, like Tell your story,
B) Use funny symbols, like a handcuffs,
C) You can use your fun images along with your story

Just anything will do, as long as it is funny. All you need to do is to be creative and just amuse your guests with your wedding card.

2. Add fun to your wedding décor

Chuck the same old décor ideas and be creative while you decorate your wedding venue. There are so many things which you can do to make your wedding a fun wedding. Chalkboard signage is a wonderful way to decorate an entrance of the wedding venue. You can even customize and personalize it, simply take an old frame and spray-painting it with the theme of the wedding!

3. Add fun with family photos

You can have a family photo wall at the display. The family photo wall not only looks enchanting, but also it is a great conversation starter. Also, it will become easier for your guests to know who is who at the event. All you need to do is create a wall of family wedding photos. Add your partner’s family pictures as well. Be creative while you plant this!!

4. Hunt the treasure and the scavenger

Games are the easiest way to add fun to any wedding. Games can make anybody laugh, enjoy, and participate irrespective of their age. If your wedding is an intimate day event, you can always plan to add the Scavenger game at the event. You will be able to make each one enjoy completely. All you have to do is get a bunch of scavenger hunt or treasure hunt clues or riddles prepared. Hide them in various places at your wedding venue/location. Divide your guests in a group of two, three or four, use some funny names for the teams. The first clue card will be handed over by you, and rest they have to find out. Add the game at your wedding a make your wedding a thrilling event!

5.Passing the parcel

Another game for an intimate wedding celebrations is passing the parcel. Though the game is not new, but still it will add all the fun to your wedding, trust! It is not only a great way to involve all the guests, but also make them do or act something. I am sure you know the rules. Simply arrange for the music system well in advance, make everyone (from bride’s and groom’s family) sit in a circle on the floor, have a music keeper, take a pillow and start the game!

6. Get a nice suit for your four-legged

It’s your wedding and it is sort of compulsory for your puppy too to be the part of your special occasion. Let him also have a new suit. Let everyone present out there see how much you love your dog, and how close he is to you. Treat him like a family, and get him new attire for your wedding. It will not only add fun to your wedding, but also will look cute.

7. Who wins the bride’s side or the groom’s side?

You must have surely played tug of war. If not? Then your outdoor wedding at the lawn in that beautiful sunny day, is a great reason to play it now. Believe it or not, this is one such game which will let people have adrenaline rush the moment game will start. All you have to do is gather everyone around from bride and groom’s side and play the game. This game is a perfect remedy to sway away all the boredom of your guests. It will keep everyone engaged at the event, and will allow them unleash their power!

8. Replace the centerpieces

Another way to add fun to your wedding is simply have some enchanting and out of the box decoration. If you are bore of all those centerpieces, which are usually arranged on the tables, then chuck them. Have something unusual for your tables which your guests will be mesmerized to see. Like you can put empty beer bottles on the tables to make it look unique. And if your beer bottle has light in it, it will be more captivating.

9. Have fun with the table labels

When it is about adding fun, there is no limitation! You can be more creative and have some fun with the table labels and add to the fun element and uniqueness in your wedding. You can use different items such as flags of different countries to display your table numbers or names. Or you can simply use wine bottles for the same, or the fairy tale characters on the tables. I am sure your guests will love the idea and the uniqueness.

10. Wedding cum picnic

Oh, don’t be confused with this. I actually mean, when it is about fun, you can be creative in anyways. If yours is an intimate outdoor wedding in the winters, then it’s a great idea to organize a picnic instead of traditional lunches. Add some flavor to your wedding and let your guests enjoy the wedding picnic instead of typical lunch on table. All you need to do is arrange for the mats, food, games, music etc. and have unlimited fun in your wedding cum picnic.

11. Customize your wedding dress

Your wedding attire is special and you can always customize it. Like Priyanka Chopra did at her wedding by getting some words embroidered on her wedding gown. Likewise, if you also want to add some fun to your wedding dress, you can go for that. All that it needs is your creativity.

12. Customized dresses for the bridesmaid

Your besties are a big part of your wedding from the moment you get engaged. So, on your wedding you can have them all wearing something which can bring uniqueness to your wedding. And what else can be better than wearing customized attire or just a hand painted customized jacket over their dresses. You can get customized jackets for your besties and add fun to your wedding.

13. Customized accessories for groomsmen

Why to leave groomsmen, in fact they can also add fun element to your wedding. Just imagine all the groomsmen besides being in same dress color, wearing a bow with the ‘Y’ suspenders. It will not only look gorgeous, but will also add to the fun element at your wedding. Try to customize the Y suspenders.

14. A Funfair

You can go out of the box for your wedding and can organize it in the form of funfair. All you will need to do is to arrange for games (like dart game, ring game, dart the balloon with the pistol), music, décor like funfair, some swings (of course which can be arranged) etc. Believe you me, all your guests will me mesmerized to see your wedding, and will admire you for the setup all their lives.

15. Let the candles and lanterns do the needful

To make your wedding party or wedding reception a fun event you can always add elements such as candles and lanterns. Dim light and the beautiful ambience will make it look not only romantic, but also enticing. Your guests will love to spend more time at the event. Make sure kids are not the part of the party.

16. Welcome your guests with astonishing drink

This is another way to add some fun to your wedding. Just club new with old and welcome your guests with an astonishing drink. You can ask your caterer to be creative.

17. Let your food add some pizzazz

For adding pizzazz to your special day, you can simply do it with your food and drinks as well. By arranging the wedding food and drink in bewitching way. Just choose a menu which can be arranged creatively. Besides, you can add some big and assorted apothecary candy jars on the dessert bar, add some stunning trays and farm fresh cheeses toallow the area give an organic feel. Likewise you can do a lot and add lot of fun to your food area too.

18. Arrange for a wheel of activities

Another wonderful way to add fun to your wedding is by creating a custom wheel for the game of wheel of activities. Your guests will be absolutely busy with the wheel, which will keep spinning throughout the wedding. You can add some romantic or daring activities in the wheel of activities like “Kiss someone,” “Your signature Dance Moves,” and “Bride and Groom Kiss,” and so on so forth.

19. Show your guests’ where to sit in style

Another way to add fun to your wedding is to let them know where to sit in style. Yeah, you can chuck the old way of doing so and can go creative. Add some interesting elements to help your guests know there seats in particular. You never know how you are inspiring others in their wedding planning.

20. The Photo Booth

Photo booths are gaining popularity, earlier they were only used in some events, funfairs etc. but now they are commonly used in wedding too. Hence, you can also arrange for a photo booth at your wedding so that your guests feel encouraged and have fun out there. All you need to do is to contact a photo booth vendor as there are many vendors who can provide you a photo booth along with a man to coordinate. Props you can fill of your choice from over- sized glasses to mustache sticks, floral to ornate frames, or signs that commemorate your wedding date. Let your guests enjoy at your wedding 

21.The Giant Jenga

Jenga is commonly played in a café or in a restro-bar. It is a classic block-stacking game. You can have it arranged at your wedding event too. All you need is to upgrade it from the traditional tabletop version and create a life-size set of blocks for friends and family. You will see your guests build and destroy the game and enjoying playing it. This fun wedding game is perfect for the day time outdoor wedding ceremony. If yours is an outdoor day time wedding, go for it!!

22. The instant camera

Chuck the idea of having a guestbook, rather go for an instant camera which will help your guests to get printed memories of your wedding instantly. Which they can keep as keepsake all their lives. An instant camera can add to immediate fun in your wedding. All your guests would want to have their instant pictures and why not after all a picture is worth thousand words. Try this out!!

23. Give your wedding a casino look

Let your guests be surprised by their entry into a casino. Yeah, you can create your wedding reception venue in the theme of a casino, where you will need to give it a look of casino along with the other arrangements. Ask your wedding planner to arrange everything according to a casino only. Arrange for a poker station at your wedding, let your guests have the feel of real casino. All you need to do is rent a poker table, set up some seating and hire a dealer. Trust me, it is going to be a biggest hit at your wedding reception, people will remember your wedding reception for years!

24. Wedding reception as Karoake night

Your wedding reception should equally be filled with fun and enjoyment. You might not have seen any wedding reception without singing performances. Well, now is the time to unleash your creativity completely as your reception is the way to conclude your ceremonies wedding. Chuck the old DJ’s and go for something new and that is Karoake. You can arrange your wedding reception in a karaoke night theme. Let your guests enjoy your reception with the karaoke band. It is going to be a real-time fun! One-of-its-kind fun wedding reception idea for one and all. Reception night, combined with a bubbly drink and karaoke, what else would you ask for, to have unlimited fun! Trust me! Karaoke will make your wedding reception an unforgettable event!

25. Paper dance for couples

Paper dance is not new, but it is still fresh and charming. It can be added to make any event a wonderful event. Initially it was introduced in the defense, but gradually it became popular amongst common people. It is a game of all times, the most romantic game. Paper dance will not only add fun to your wedding, but also encourage more and more participation making your wedding reception a fun event all in all. Your wedding reception will be an appropriate occasion for this fun game. You and your guests will definitely enjoy the dance filled with romance on the piece of paper. The shorter the paper and the closer you become. Wow! Try out this cool game at your wedding to add more fun to it.

Final words….
I hope the list helps you add some fun to your wedding too. Besides, there are many games such as rapid fire round, the trivia buffs, tic-tac-toe, etc. to keep your guests engaged and make your wedding a fun event for all. Also, you can arrange games for your small guests who otherwise can get bore.

Have A Happy and Fun Wedding…