Tips on what to rent & what to buy for your wedding day

Tips on what to rent & what to buy for your wedding day

Well, it’s a human tendency that we mostly want to acquire things. That sense of acquisition gives us immense pleasure. But it is essential to understand what and when to acquire. Like for your wedding day if you are tempted to buy everything then the first question comes is – Will you use everything that you will buy for your one day event? Most of you will answer ‘NO’ because that’s the reality.

Temptation is very temporary feeling that can be curbed by being aware of the reality. Sometimes in the process, we purchase so many things which we later realize not worth putting money in. But now what can be done. And you know why it happens… Because shopping excites people. It gives adrenaline rush due to which we get tempted to buy things even when we don’t need them. And wedding day shopping is super fun, of course there you have no control. You feel out of the world, you want to have everything, and you buy also without having any discrimination.

Understand, your wedding is already a pricey affair. And purchasing everything as a keepsake might be tempting—but will you be using it ever in life again? If you also get such temptations then ask yourself one question before making any purchase: Will I really use this item later? And you will know the answer there and then. If you are getting married and wondering what you should rent for your wedding and what you should buy? Well, we are here to help! Here in this post I am sharing with you everything that you should rent for your wedding and things that you should buy for your wedding. Read till the end!

Here we go…

First things first, what to Buy:

Bridal Wedding Dress or Outfit

Wedding outfit is something that is considered the most important part of any wedding, and your emotions and feelings of your big day are attached to it. You may consider to rent outfits for your pre-wedding functions and ceremonies, but for the main wedding you must buy your wedding outfit. There is no harm in spending money on your wedding attire, after all your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. If you are really worried about never wearing it again, then consider buying a saree rather to buy Lehenga or may be light lehenga. And for western brides they can consider wearing some other color gown. Buying your wedding outfit ensures it will be tailored to your body and will look absolutely perfect as you walk down the aisle.

Bridal Wedding Jewelry

Well different cultures have different set ups. In an Indian culture bride wears lots of jewelry matching with her attire and to buy everything is not possible. Hence, it is recommended to purchase something in your budget that you can wear later even after your wedding. Wedding jewelry is treasured for generations for its sentimental value and add it to your family heirlooms.

Bridal Make-up Items

Make sure that bridal-make up items are purchased. Of course not everything needs to be purchased but a minimum make-up items should be purchased such as; eye liner, mascara, foundation, lipsticks, nail paints, perfumes, concealer, eyebrow pencil, make-up tools etc. All these items you will use even after your wedding also, especially while going for dinners, parties etc.

Bridal Wedding Accessories

Wedding accessories such as clutch, shoes, etc. should be purchased as you can use these items even after your wedding. You can carry your clutch out to some party or for a nice dinner, and compliment your wedding shoes with other dresses. There will be so many occasions where you may need to use them.

The Groom’s Wedding Tuxedo or Suiting

Like a bridal wedding dress, grooms should also consider purchasing their tuxedo or suit for a myriad of reasons. First, a better fit is guaranteed when you purchase your Suiting, since the look will be tailored to your body. You may however rent your tuxedo but not necessarily it will be the best fit. If you have your suit made you have the privilege to customize your look according to your style and how you have always desired it.

Also, you have a chance to match your dress with the bridal look, or if not completely at least you can match some of the elements with the bridal outfit or may be the color theme can be opted if you will get your outfit made. Also, you always have the chance to wear your tuxedo or formal suit again in some formal party, your friend’s bachelorette, anniversary dinners, corporate parties etc.

The Groom’s Wedding Accessories

Grooms can buy a set of nice cuff links and a matching tie bar, shoes, socks, etc. First, you can always use them later, also you’ll keep them forever as a keepsake of the big day of your life.

Custom Signage for Pointing Directions

Custom signage can be kept forever to remember the big day. Though generic signs can be rented, if you just want to have them to point guests in the direction of your ceremony, reception, and more. But, creating something tailored for your wedding will make sure that you have something as a keepsake from your big day that can be hung on your walls forever. Even simply calligraphed signs can be used later after the wedding and they really look unique and add to the décor. Also, sometimes these signs can even be cheaper than renting.

Welcome Bags for Wedding Guests

Welcome bags for your guests will make your wedding guests feel special. They have now replaced favors. Especially when you are planning to host your wedding in some other location then treating your guests to amenities for the wedding activities, add value to the whole event. You can include your favorite treats along with necessities like water, a hangover kit, and the itinerary for the celebration in the welcome bag. Also, if you want to add more to the welcome bag then add a sweet take-home gift as a reminder of your nuptials. Your wedding guests will feel good when they will find a beautifully wrapped package waiting for them upon arrival.

Now let’s talk about what to Rent:

Wedding Furniture

Well, it is always recommended to use the venue furniture, it will allow you to keep your expenses low. But if want some specific kind of set up for your wedding seating arrangement then rent the furniture. There is really no point in buying these items.

Table Linens, Napkins, and Runners

There is no point buying table linens, napkins, and runners. These items are not only expensive to buy, but also they are time-consuming to clean, fold, press, and store. Also, you are never going to need these many tablecloths, linens and runners for any domestic dinner or party. Renting these items is the best way to go. Also, you will not need to iron or steam line them as it will be done by the vendor himself. Even after the wedding it’s vendor’s job. You don’t have to do anything about it. So, it’s good to stay free.

Wedding Decor Items: Candle Holders & Vases

Would you ever want to just maintain candle holders and vases at your home, that too without having to use them? Of course there is no point. Hence, it is always recommended to source inexpensive candlesticks, vases, and votive holders for your wedding party. There are many vendors who rent candle holders, vases etc. for your wedding. And they see everything from pickup, setup, and cleanup, which means you don’t have to worry about anything except about yourself.

Wedding Crockery

Wedding crockery should also be rented. Also, it is nearly impossible to manage crockery later. And there is no point in buying them. Even if you want to have some specific crockery at your wedding you can still rent that. There are many wedding vendors who look after all your needs at the wedding. So, practically you don’t need to worry about all that. Just rent it and stay away from any kind of extra stress at your wedding.


Your wedding may be just about you two, but the people who will make for your big day should also be treated well. But there is no point spending extra dollars in buying a custom escort card display, in fact, simple signage noting where each guest should sit is enough. For that, you can consider renting a large mirror or a chalkboard and write your guests’ names and table numbers on it with a chalk pen, isn’t it that easy.

Glassware for Your Cocktail

Of course, buying too many glassware just for your wedding cocktail party doesn’t make any sense. In fact, the best is to rent them all. Believe it or not, glassware rentals will come out to be cheaper. Also, when you rent you can manage extra glassware, you never know which guests knocks over a stemmed wine glass.

To pan out…

The bottom line is, buy only what is required not what is not required. The simple rule is to think whether you will use a particular item later or not. There are many things which look tempting, but not necessarily meaningful later. So, it’s crucial to spend mindfully not lavishly.

Thanks for reading!

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