Top Moments That You Should Not Miss to Capture at Your Wedding

Top moments that you should not miss to capture at your wedding

Wedding photography is the most important part of your wedding. A wedding album is a beautiful keepsake of couple’s intimate and precious moments. The memories which are created on your special day will be cherished by you and your family throughout the life. Therefore, it is important to have a professional wedding photographer who can capture each and every essential moment of your wedding.

Here in this post I am sharing with you the top moments that your wedding photographer should not miss to capture at your wedding.

Here we go…..

1. Bridal details

Everything about bride is special, be it her wedding attire or her make-up items or her hairstyle anything. Every detail is crucial and needs to be captured to cherish all these memories of special day even after years of their wedding.

2. Moments when bride is getting ready

Moments when bride is getting ready

It is again a most important shot, every bride has something unique about her. The glow, charm, and the happiness that a bride has on her special day can’t be seen any other day. While capturing the details of her attire, bridal gang, and make-up artists helping her to look her best, wedding photographer can take various photographs of bride getting ready from every angle. These photos are the must-haves in any wedding album. Varied emotions can be seen when a bride gets ready and all these shots really complete the album.

3. When father sees his daughter in bridal look

This is a candid shot that is again a must have in any wedding album. Just after the bride gets ready for her big day, she has but some splendid moment with her father. Those moments are roller coaster of emotions. This is the moment when a father sees his dream come true, dream of seeing his little princess in the bridal dress. Every father dreams to see his daughter in the bridal dress. A unique shot when a father gets teary after seeing his daughter in her bridal dress makes for a perfect shot in a wedding album.

4. Groom getting ready

Groom getting ready

A groom and his details are equally important as bridal details. It is important to capture all the details of the groom and his team who helps him getting ready for his big day.

5. Groom with his mother

Another beautiful moment that can’t be missed. An emotional moment for a mother when she sees her son in the attire of groom. These moments should be captured without letting them know, meaning candid shots will make for the perfect emotional shot for your wedding album.

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6. Groom waiting for his bride

Groom waiting for his bride

One of the most important wedding moments to be captured, when the groom is waiting for his bride. The groom will be full of emotions at that point of time and would be eagerly waiting to see his bride, the girl he always wanted to marry, and settle down with. This is definitely a moment worth capturing.

7. Bride walking down the aisle

Everyone at the wedding is waiting for the gorgeous bride’s arrival at the venue. This is the must have moment of the couple’s special day. The grand entry of the bride in her gorgeous wedding dress with her bridesmaids can’t be missed. If you have planned some special entry, make sure you keep your photographer informed in advance, so that he can capture the moment accordingly.

8. First look

A must have moment of bride and groom’s special day, when the bride reaches the aisle and the groom and bride exchange first look. Unique and candid moments to capture.

9. Bridal party

Bridal party

Bridal party is the special part of the wedding and it is crucial that all the gorgeous ladies are captured in different poses. The photo of Bridal party is a must have a photo of a wedding album.

10. Groom’s gang

Another important picture of your wedding album should be the groom’s party, all the people who have been there to support him and help him to organize for the big day of his life.

11. Close up of the couple

Beautiful love birds can’t be missed! The moment when both of them embark on their new journey, exchange their rings and say their wedding vows are the most precious moments of any wedding. These moments should never be missed. Focus should be on the emotions of both bride and groom, also, few shots while they hold their hands and flaunt their wedding rings should be captured. Wedding photographer can take many pictures from different angles.

12. Couple’s first kiss

Couple’s first kiss

The first kiss is a special moment, and the most romantic as well. People are cheering. The first kiss as husband and wife is very special and something that is to be remembered all their lives!

13. Bride and groom recessional

After the first kiss, all the nervousness will go away. The ceremony is over and the pressure is also gone. There is something magical about the moment when the bride along with the groom walk back down the aisle together. This is the time when a wedding photographer can get the best shot of the day with the bride and groom having biggest smiles and most spirited reactions. And some candid photos of the wedding guests at this point of time will make for the perfect pictures for your photo-book.

14. Bride portraits

Of course, bridal portraits go without saying. It’s her big day and she deserves to be captured in several different angles. Everything about her should be captured from her attire to her smile, and demeanor. Few shots can be taken along with some props. And yeah, wedding photographer should never miss to capture her merry moods on her special day.

15. Groom’s portraits

Groom’s portraits

Just like the bride, the groom also deserves a solo photo shoot. A wedding photographer can capture several different solo poses of groom. Also, the details should be captured to have some unique shots for the wedding album.

16. Couple portraits

Couple portraits is no brainer. This is the most important part of the wedding photography that every couple look forward to. After all, these will be the images they will get life-sized photos framed from to hang on their room walls. Wedding photographer can take some classic, candid, vintage, and silhouettes to have a beautiful wedding photo album. Also, don’t miss to try different angles, positions and theme for couple portraits.

17. Wedding guests

Of course, a wedding is about the bride and groom but wedding guests also hold an important place in a wedding. A wedding album is a montage of everyone including the wedding guests having fun. So, it is crucial to capture some candid pictures of your wedding guests and some with the newly-wed couple entertaining their guests.

18. Formal shots

Formal shots

After couple’s portraits, some shots of bridal party along with the groomsmen are crucial for the wedding photo-book. A wedding photographer can capture some unique photos of couple with their friends while having fun at the wedding. Photographer can capture shots from different angles and in different poses

19. The first dance

How can a wedding photographer miss the first dance???? First dance is a no-brainer. Early on in their reception, the newly-wed couple will typically have their first dance. A wedding photographer can get the most romantic pictures of your wedding, especially when the two will be lost in each other’s arms.

The first dance is one of the most important moments in any wedding. Their first dance at a wedding not only help wedding guests know couple’s chemistry, but also this is the time when a photographer can get the best moments to capture. Also, the photographer should not miss to capture their best moves, along with their expressions like the way they hold each other’s hands or when they look into each other’s eyes while dancing. The photos taken during their first dance will speak a lot about their chemistry.

20. Father & daughter (bride) dance

Another dance pictures which are important to have in your photo album is of father daughter dance at the floor. Photographer should never miss to capture those lovely moments, when father is extremely happy to see his daughter happy on her special day.

21. Mother & son (groom) dance

Mother & son (groom) dance

These are the times when emotions are running high. A wedding photographer has to be ready to capture these beautiful and special moments at the wedding that surround meaningful relationships.

22. Wedding guests’ dance

How can a photographer miss to take photos of wedding guests dancing in the ceremony! Wedding guests’ dances are amongst important moments of wedding to be captured. Couple may not be able to witness all the dances, but of course later while seeing their album they would be able to know who all danced at their wedding ceremony.

23. Reception shot

Before the wedding reception begins, it is crucial to capture some brilliant shots of the venue where the wedding reception ceremony is going to take place. A wedding photographer should capture every detail of the reception venue from wedding reception venue décor to wedding reception food.

24. Cake shots

Cake shots

The photo of the wedding cake is as important as a wedding venue. Every couple wants to have the beautiful memories of their special day captured, so that they can memorize even small details of their wedding even after the wedding is over. Therefore, it becomes crucial for the wedding photographer to capture everything that is related to the wedding. And cake amongst all is the most important part of their wedding. Make sure that the wedding photographer capture the cake before it is cut, and while couple cutting the cake. There can be several shots taken with the cake.

25. Family portraits

A wedding is not just about the couple, in fact it is the union of two families. Hence, it is crucial to have some family portraits. A wedding album will be incomplete without family portraits in it, therefore it is essential that a wedding album covers all their love and best wishes. Photos with parents, in-laws, grandparents, uncle and aunt, siblings, and close relatives, will make for the perfect wedding shots for an album. These photos are actually the memories of the special day, which a couple cherish even after the wedding is over. Moreover, weddings are the only time in one’s life when the whole family is together. So, having a large group family photo is a must have.

26. Essential detail shots

Wedding photographer here focuses on the elements like the bride’s and groom’s attire. Each and every accessory in the bride and groom’s wedding dress that holds a great significance in making them look stunning on their wedding day make for wonderful wedding pictures. Whether it is the bride’s hairstyle or groom’s tuxedo. Besides, details of girls’ party and men’s party enjoying at the wedding should also be captured.

27. The wedding toast

The wedding toast

Those extra special moments in the wedding are also amongst must have shots. A wedding photographer should never miss to capture the extra special moments of the wedding, which may not look big but hold special significance in couple’s life.

28. Dance with grandparents

Another special moments in a wedding includes dance with a grandparent. These moments never come back in life, hence, it becomes important to have them all captured, so that the couple can cherish them even when their grandparents are not there with them.

29. Extra shots

Wedding pictures should also include extra shots, like the best man’s first sip of beer in his life, maid of honor toasting for the couple, the bride’s uncle sipping his wine at the party, bride presented her parents with a surprise anniversary gift, or when the groom danced with his grandma etc.

30. The exit

The exit

Make your exit grand and memorable, the exit of the bride and groom also plays an important role in the couple’s wedding photography. A wedding photographer should not miss to capture the big exit. This is the time when the wedding is concluded. Therefore, it is important that each moment of the exit is captured thoroughly. Nowadays, couples love to celebrate with bubbles, sparklers or confetti.

To pan out…

These are the top moments that will add to the wedding album of any couple. Having these emotion packed, high-spirited, exuberant and memorable pictures in your wedding will make your wedding album a treasure house of precious and delightful memories for a lifetime.

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺

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