The Complete Guide to Wedding Hair and Makeup Costs

A Guide to Wedding Hair & Makeup Costs

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So, like every other bride, you want to look your best at your wedding. Not only will you be captured in wedding photographs for all time, but also your makeup will help you reflect your inner joy. So, the questions is how much wedding hair and makeup costs? 

Some people simply end up spending lavishly on their wedding hairstyle and makeup. It is because they don’t gather enough information about the wedding hair and makeup costs in advance. Know that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look beautiful at your wedding. 

And if you don’t want to end up overspending on your wedding hair and makeup, this is the post for you.

In this post, we’re sharing a comprehensive guide to Wedding Hair & Makeup Costs. It will help you how much it costs to hire a professional to perform your hair and cosmetics for your wedding? 

So, let’s get started…

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➤ Wedding Hair and Makeup Budget

First things first, like your wedding budget, you’ll need to prepare your wedding hair and makeup budget as well. Of course, it will be part of your wedding budget itself. 

Wedding Hair and Makeup

Creating a budget is essential so that you can choose your hair and makeup artist accordingly. The following is a list of the typical costs associated with having your hair and cosmetics done for your wedding:

Costs for Bridal Hair and Makeup can range anywhere from $250 to $1000 for your bridal hair and makeup services. The typical cost of hair and makeup for a bride is approximately $300. However, the wedding hair and makeup cost vary greatly based on the reputation of your artist, the type of a hairdo, products, and bridal makeup that are utilized.

For example: If you plan to hire a top-notch wedding hair and makeup artist in the town, you’ll have to pay more. Whereas, if you opt for a decent artist in your area, he/she will charge lower than a renowned professional.

Each wedding hair and makeup artist has his/her own style that they are known for. So, you’ll have to select your wedding hair and makeup artist wisely.

➤ Bridesmaid Makeup Budget

Aside from bridal hair and makeup cost, there will also be a hairdo and makeup for your bridesmaids. The makeup and hair services for the bridesmaids can cost anywhere from $150 to $600. And the sort of services can be picked by either the bride or the bridesmaids. 

Either the bride can take on the obligation of suggesting a few local artists in several pricing ranges so that the bridesmaids can select as a group what price range and artist will work best for them, or the bride can simply delegate this task. 

There is also the option for the bridesmaids to search for the appropriate Hair & Makeup Artist on their own.

Suppose the bride has previously reserved a Hair & Makeup Artist for the bridesmaids because she wants a certain level of specificity in her bridal party. In that case, the bride should ideally be the one to pay for the services rendered by the individual. However, if the bridesmaids are content with the price range, they are more than welcome to contribute to the costs as well. However, the first one should be given the most emphasis.

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So, all in all, you’ll need to keep aside around $1000 – $2500 for your wedding hair and makeup costs. Basically, it all depends on your budget.

➤ Wedding Hair & Makeup FAQs

Q.1. What all variables impact the wedding hair and makeup cost? 

When it comes to the variables affecting your overall wedding hair and makeup costs, it’s your location, the artist’s reputation, and the services you wish to acquire. All of these will have a significant impact on the overall cost of your wedding hair and makeup services. 

More often than not, the cost of bridal hair and makeup in major cities may exceed $1,000. However, the same service in a small town will cost you around $150 and $600. 

If a bridal hair and makeup artist needs to travel to the event (or to the place where you are getting ready), the cost may go up because he or she may add a travel fee to the bill. 

Most wedding hair and makeup artists charge by the hour to remain at your wedding location, with prices ranging anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour. If you would like your stylist to remain on-site for touch-ups, this could also cause an increase in your overall costs.

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Q.2. What exactly is included in the price of getting your hair and makeup done for your wedding?

The primary thing that you are paying for is the time that your wedding hair and makeup artist spends on you. The larger the number of hours you will require your stylist’s services, the more expensive those services will be. 

In general, the tools and materials necessary to produce your wedding hair and makeup look are included in the cost; however, the following categories of haircuts, products, and makeup applications will run you more money:

Wedding updos are more expensive than blowout hairstyles. The price of an airbrush makeup package for a wedding will be higher than the price of a standard makeup kit. 

You should expect to pay $50 – $100 more for airbrush application, given that the average cost of airbrush makeup is $155 per face, whereas the average cost of traditional makeup is $100 per face.

In addition to providing beauty services on the day of the wedding itself, some artists also provide free consultations and/or hair and makeup trials prior to the wedding. However, the cost of trials for other artists can range anywhere from $50 to $150.

Q.3. Who pays for Bridesmaids’ Makeup and Hair?

When it comes to bridesmaids’ makeup and hair costs, there are different scenarios, which are as follows:

  1. Bride pays: When bridesmaids have already spent a lot on other chores, the bride may cover this last expense. Another situation is when the bride wants her girls’ hair and makeup done by a specific HMUA. 
  2. Bridesmaids Pay: This is another popular wedding-party payment scenario. Bridesmaids can cover their own hair and makeup cost if they don’t want to burden the bride. This is also acceptable if the bride is generous with favors, jewelry, or accommodations for a destination wedding. 

Bridesmaids pay for their hair and makeup artist when the bride sets the exact expectations from the start and doesn’t bind them to a specific artist or look; they choose the one that fits their financial range best.

  1. Some bridesmaids are paid for, while others aren’t: The bride can pay for her maid of honor and other helpful bridesmaids. She can also help struggling wedding party members. If the bride goes this path, she should ensure the other bridesmaids paying for their own hair and makeup artist aren’t hurt. If you plan to opt for this option, make sure you’re open and honest with your bridal team. Or you can choose to keep this a secret so that nobody is hurt. But make sure your bridesmaids are trustworthy and won’t betray you.
  2. Bride and bridesmaids splitting the bills: Last but not least, the bride and bridesmaid can split the bill so that the bride is not burdened. It is considered one of the best options as it eases the burden.

For example: The bride can pay for makeup, and the bridesmaids can pay for their hairdos or vice-versa. Both parties must be willing to contribute financially for this to work.

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Q.4. How much does it cost to do a trial run for the wedding hair and makeup?

A trial run for your wedding hair and makeup well before the big day is imperative. This will allow you and your stylist(s) to determine whether or not you will achieve the desired bridal appearance. 

Some artists offer trial runs for free, while others include them in their wedding hair and makeup package and simply charge separately for trial runs. 

The trial run cost may range anywhere from $50 to $150. So, if you really want to make sure that you look your best on the D Day, a trial run is a MUST.

Q.5. How much does it cost to do the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup?

The cost of doing the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup is often around $150 total. The cost is highly susceptible to change on the basis of the location of the wedding. 

Also, the artist with lower-end services would charge an average of $125 per person, whereas an artist with higher-end services might charge somewhere around $300 – $600. Again, this cost may vary depending on the city you live in and the detailing and complication in styling. The bride can even ask for a complete package or some discount on the overall package.

Q.6. When Should I Book My Wedding Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist? 

We strongly suggest that you hire your wedding hair and makeup artist at least 6 months prior to your wedding.  You’ll want to have plenty of time to choose your wedding hair and makeup artist carefully, get to know your artist so that you’re really comfortable on the big day, and schedule a trial run to iron out all the kinks before the wedding-day timeline begins ticking.

Q.7. What if no one pays for the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup?

When no one is in a position to pay for the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup costs, they can DIY their makeup. 

DIY is an excellent choice for bridesmaids’ hair and makeup. There is always at least one individual in the group who is a hair and makeup enthusiast. All the bridesmaids can take her help in getting ready for the wedding. And if you don’t have any such person in your group, it’s better to prepare for the day in advance. You can always make the best use of the internet and learn a few basic makeup techniques to look your best at your friend’s or sister’s wedding without spending a penny on professionals. 

Practicing their hairstyles and makeup well in advance will help bridesmaids guarantee a seamless wedding day.

Q.8. Should I Leave a Tip for the Person Who Does My Wedding Hair and Makeup?

Tipping for beauty services provided at weddings is customarily anticipated, just as it is at ordinary beauty salons. If you think they did an excellent job with your wedding hair and makeup, you should be prepared to tip the artists. As a rule of thumb, you should pay anywhere from 15 to 25 percent of the entire wedding hair and makeup cost.

Wrapping it up….

So, here we conclude our guide to wedding hair and makeup costs. Hopefully, this article has been informative for you and will help you make the best choice in your budget. 

If you think we’ve missed out on something, feel free to share in the comment section! We’ll be happy to have your comments! Thanks for reading!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺