25 Worst Wedding Planning Mistakes [2024]

Biggest/Worst Wedding Planning Mistakes

Missteps and mistakes are an inevitable part of life, and they occur even when we plan for our weddings. However, to what extent we wedding planning mistakes while planning wedding matters. Some mistakes can be neglected, but some mistakes can become a blunder. That is why each couple must make sure to avoid mistakes that can turn out to be a blunder.

Here is the list of 30 biggest/worst wedding planning mistakes that couples should avoid while planning their wedding.

Here we go……

1. Making Wedding Plans Without Finalizing The Budget

First things first, starting wedding planning without finalizing the wedding budget. Believe it or not, wedding planning without a proper wedding budget can lead to severe problems. You may probably run out of money by the time your wedding day will come. So, it is advised that you first decide your wedding budget for every aspect of your wedding, from the wedding venue to your wedding attire.

2. Announcing Your Wedding On Social Media Too Soon

We are living in the digital area, and almost everybody is online. The most couple immediately after their engagement jump to their social media accounts to break the news. This is not wrong, but you need to relax a bit. There is no hurry, let the news be absorbed by you completely before you break it to the world. Also, you need to understand that not everybody is your well-wisher. Some may not like you being engaged, or you are happy. Don’t forget that negative people are all around, and they may say that they are happy for you, but the reality is always different. Rather than breaking the news on social media, call your close people and loved ones to tell them about your wedding.

3. Not Calling Your Parents Personally

Your parents would want to know this news from you and not from an outsider. So, before you break the news on social media, make sure you have called your parents. Your parents deserve it for all the right reasons.

4. Inviting Too Many People

You may be excited to invite everybody at your wedding. But you need to know that each guest will add to your cost. So, be wise while you invite people to your wedding. For instance, what is the point of inviting your distant cousin who hasn’t spoken to you for the past four years? Or inviting somebody who you haven’t met for quite a long time. Or inviting all your office colleagues, etc. You should invite only those people who you can’t imagine your wedding without.

5. Taking Wedding Planning Too Seriously

Of course, wedding planning should be done correctly, but getting too serious about it is not done. There is no point you drain yourself in the name of wedding planning. It should not consume your life. Instead, it should be carried along with the hobbies you had before the proposal. Some brides go crazy about their wedding planning. They just forget about their friends, family, and everybody around. All they see is their wedding, and that’s all! It is not right, just be normal, lead a normal life, as you have been leading before the proposal. Wedding planning is just a task, not your life as a whole. So, don’t miss to live your life amidst wedding planning.

6. Forgetting To Spend Time With Each Other

This is one of the biggest mistakes. Most couples get too busy with their wedding planning that they forget to take time for each other. Gradually it starts to create problems in their relationship. You must spend your time with your partner. Take out some time off from your schedule, go out for a movie, dinner, drinks, etc., with your partner. Meeting like such will make your bond better and stronger. You’ve got to make special time for each other, away from planners, vendors, and to-do lists. You need to keep the romance alive!

7. Not Doing Enough Research

Another most significant mistake that most couples do is not doing enough research. People you really need to be serious about it. Remember that your wedding is once in a lifetime event and you are going to spend a fortune on it. This means you should not leave any stone unturned. No matter how busy you are, make sure you do enough research. Find out at least 5 – 6 wedding vendors, wedding venue, read everything about them, read reviews on their website.

8. Not Meeting Wedding Vendors Personally

This could be horrible, believe you me. Not meeting your wedding vendors personally can lead you to a difficult time later. So, it is always advised that you meet your wedding vendors personally. Also, you must go prepared with all your queries. Ask them all the questions about their charges, complete services, their work pictures or videos, etc. For instance, if you meet your wedding photographer, ask for his prior work. Finalize them only when you find yourself comfortable with them.

9. Skipping Pre-Wedding Photography

Believe it or not, pre-wedding photography has become an essential part of a wedding. Most couples choose to skip this vital part, which turns out to be a mistake later. Of course, you will miss all the moments that you can create otherwise. By skipping pre-wedding photography, you may be able to save a few dollars. But, trust, not skipping it will allow you to make too many beautiful memories.

10. Not Treating Yourself Well

Sometimes while planning a wedding, people forget to treat themselves, which is not wise. You really need to understand that you need to look your best on your wedding. So, don’t stop treating yourself well. Eat a proper diet, do exercise, meditate daily, and enjoy each day of your life. You’ll seriously drive yourself crazy if you don’t treat yourself well while planning.

11. Dieting

Of course, we understand that you want to get fit in your wedding gown. But you have to realize that dieting is not the solution. You cannot go crazy for your figure. Yes, that’s the case with most brides. The moment their wedding date is announced, the first thing they do is start dieting. Dieting is not the right thing, understand. By dieting, you not only lose a few pounds but also you lose the facial charm. It is essential that you eat healthy food, rather than giving up on food. Also, do not be very strict about your diet. There is no problem with having your favorite cake once a week. Remember, it’s about moderation!

12. Hiring Vendors Randomly

Sometimes couples hire their vendors randomly, which can lead to many problems. Do not just get influenced by others. Use your wit and intelligence while choosing your wedding vendors.

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13. Waiting For The Right Time To Hire The Vendors

Remember that all the best vendors get booked first. So, if you are planning to wait for the right moment so that you can get reasonable prices, then you are mistaken. You really need to book your vendors on time. If you delay the process, you will end up hiring average vendors. So, be on time!

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14. Skipping Videography

Couples these days believe that wedding pictures are enough to cherish. But think about how amazing it will be to hear your parent’s or a loved one’s laugh after the wedding is over. A wedding video goes a long way. You and your generation can cherish your BIG DAY even after many years. Having a wedding video will allow you to relive all those moments once more. So, don’t skip it, skipping may help you save a few dollars. But having a video will give you a lot of happiness.

15. Not Making Guest List

Believe it or not, making a guest list is very important. You cannot simply invite people. There has to be a proper wedding guest list. Make sure you sit with your family, your partner-to-be, and his/her family for creating the wedding list. It will help you avoid any chaos later. Also, make two lists, List A and List B. Send invites to List A guests first. After receiving No from first list guests, send invites to list B guests.

16. Not Getting Enough Inspiration

We are living in the era of digitization, and you can get inspiration for everything online. So, make the best use of the internet to design your wedding. You can use Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms for creating your dream wedding. There you can get everything from wedding dress ideas to wedding décor ideas.

17. Not Hiring A Wedding Planner

People believe that hiring a wedding planner will be out of their budget, which is not true. The truth is, you can get a wedding planner in your budget. Hiring a wedding planner will help you have smooth sail throughout the wedding planning journey. Remember, wedding planning is quite a task. And a professional can deal with all the stress and pressure that comes with wedding planning.

18. Whining About Everything

People who complain about everything create problems for themselves, and others too. Hence, you must learn to let go of things that are out of your control. For instance, if your mother-in-law is a tad bit problematic, and you know that then it is better to speak it out. Do not crib about it all the time. It can create problems, don’t make such mistakes.

19. Not Signing Contracts

Do not be in so hurry, guys; it can be chaos! Yes, don’t miss to sign the contract. Whether the vendor is known to you or it’s a referral, don’t ever miss to sign the contract. It is important that you sign a vendor contract. Vendor contracts contain all the details of cost, services, etc. So, you must have your contracts signed.

20. Signing Contract Without Reading Or That Lack Details

Just like most people don’t read an agreement while they download an app or any service, similarly, the most couple tend to sign contracts without reading it or the one that lacks details. You have to understand that this is not some random paper that can go without the proper details. It is an important document that contains information on the vendor’s service and pricing. If you don’t read the contract properly, you may not know about the details that will be missing. So, you must read the vendor contract thoroughly, and then sign it. And in case of any query, do ask on the spot and get it cleared there and then. Don’t wait for tomorrow to settle things; you will not get any time tomorrow.

21. Sweating The Small Stuff

Not everything is meant to be taken seriously. Of course, you must have dreamt of a great wedding, which is okay. Every couple wants to host the best wedding. However, things may go wrong. Some things may not work for you, but that is fine. You don’t need to sweat the small stuff out. Always remember that there will be things that won’t work out according to your plan, which is okay if it is not so big. Don’t take things so seriously; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s how it is!

22. Spending Too Much On Wedding Attire

Don’t go crazy for your wedding attire. The fact remains that your wedding outfit will be used only once, what is the point of spending huge money on that. Choose your wedding dress wisely, don’t just go crazy after seeing something out of your budget. Stick to your budget and find out something in that only. There is no dearth of wedding dresses; there are dresses designed for varied budgets. You will definitely get the one.

23. Spending Extravagantly On Wedding Shopping

People waste money in the name of their wedding, which is the biggest mistake of all times. Couples, especially brides, feel like buying everything, or sometimes they buy the thing because somebody else owns the same thing. That’s not the right way of shopping for the wedding. Wedding shopping should be done with proper planning. It will help you save a lot of money at the end, which you can use to have a lavish honeymoon. So, stick to your wedding budget and spend money wisely.

24. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Some couples get so excited about their wedding that they spend most of their nights on the phone talking to each other. Of course, there is no problem, though. But not sleeping continuously for many nights will not only affect your sleep pattern but also will impact your skin. Sleep is important for glowing skin; not sleeping will cause dark circles, tired eyes, etc. All these will impact your wedding day look. No makeup can conceal the tiredness perfectly. It is good to get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet and look beautiful naturally.

25. Going Unprepared To Buy Wedding Outfit

Going randomly to any store without any inspiration or idea is not wise at all. If you really want to look your best at your wedding, then get inspiration before heading to the store. Have a clear picture in your mind about what kind of look you are looking forward to. Going with a clear mindset will help you get the perfect wedding outfit. Also, the store people would be in a position to help you choose the right dress for yourself. Also, don’t buy something because your friend or your mom likes it, buy a dress that you like. Because it is YOU who is going to wear it, so the choice should be yours.

26. Not Booking Accommodation On Time

People who plan to host a destination wedding should know that they need to book accommodation well in advance. Delaying the process can land them to severe problems. So, make sure you book your accommodation for at least nine months before your wedding.

27. Not Planning Honeymoon In Advance

Your honeymoon after your wedding is the time for complete relaxation and peace after the hectic wedding planning. If you don’t plan it properly, it can be troublesome. Of course, you cannot head to any destination just like that. It takes a lot of time and effort to plan a honeymoon. If you are unable to plan it for yourself, then contact an agent. Agents are professionals who can help you have a wonderful honeymoon anywhere in the world. They can even help you to choose the right place for your honeymoon and get you discounted hotels, etc.

28. Not Having Fun

People who miss to enjoy themselves and with each other, regret later! So, don’t miss to enjoy yourself and each other. This is such a happy stage for both of you, your families, your loved ones, and your friends. Just take some time off for yourself. Don’t just get the ring, turn around, and immediately start planning the very next moment. Take some time to soak up the idea of being engaged before you start planning. You have your entire life to be married. It’s time to enjoy this step toward forever and create beautiful memories to cherish all your life!

To Conclude,

These are the 28 biggest/worst wedding planning mistakes that you should surely avoid. Avoiding these mistakes will let you have a wedding that you have always dreamt of. So, avoid these wedding planning mistakes and enjoy your day to the fullest! Enjoy!!

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺