Wedding Tips for Couples

Wedding tips for couples

Weddings are once in a lifetime events and every couple wants to celebrate their wedding to the fullest. They do everything to make the event perfect for all. Here in this post we are sharing with you some wonderful tips that can help you make your event an unforgettable one.

1. Set Your Wedding Budget

First things first, set your wedding budget and stick to it. Your wedding budget is going to be a driving factor for many of your wedding-related decisions. So, setting a wedding budget is the first step that you take before you start to plan your wedding. See if any family member is willing to contribute, talk to them and know where exactly or how much they’re comfortable spending. If you’re going to spend the entire money, then you will need to look at your finances and accordingly set your wedding budget. Once you’ve set your wedding budget, it is important that you stick to it!

2. Plan Things Related To Your Wedding

Once you have set your wedding budget, it’s time to plan things related to your wedding. Sit with your significant other and determine the three most important aspects of your wedding, Wedding Venue, Food and Drinks, and Wedding Photographer and Live Bands or DJ. Of course, these three are the most important aspects of your wedding and you will need to determine them. As most of your budget will go in these three things. You will need to determine whether you want to hire a live band or DJ. Is it a big fat wedding or a low key celebration that you are looking forward to? Prioritizing all the aspects will help you spend your budget and have a great celebration!

3. Stay Organized

Weddings need a lot of planning! You will need to make spreadsheets, checklists, word docs in order to be organized throughout the process. Staying organized not only helps you spend in your budget, but also it helps you to have stress-free planning. If making checklists, spreadsheets, etc. is not your cup of tea, then you can opt for online wedding apps. There are many online wedding apps that allow you to stay organized and plan your wedding.

4. Don’t Get Distracted With Wedding Day Inspiration

Of course, Pinterest and other online platforms are a great way to gather wedding day inspiration. But at the same time you will need to avoid any distraction. More often than not, couples get overwhelmed with all the wedding day inspiration. Once you have chosen a particular wedding theme or style for your wedding, you need not to distract yourself. Stay focused on ideas that you have already gathered and planned to incorporate in your wedding. Changing themes every now and then will impact both your wedding and wedding budget.

5. Determine Your Bridal Style Beforehand

Again it is important that you determine your bridal style beforehand. Sitting for the last moment can be scary. Start researching online, what kind of style you like the most. You can use Pinterest, Instagram, and a few other bridal sites for your perfect bridal style. Once you know the type of wedding style you want you can start meeting with potential wedding vendors. You can even create Pinterest boards that will help you convey the right message to your wedding vendors.

6. Involve Your Partner

You do not need to do everything all alone, or take care of everything all alone. In fact, get your significant other involved in the process. Sit with your partner, consult wedding related things with your partner, and ask for the opinion. Involving your significant other in the process will make your wedding planning process fun for both.

7. Select Your Wedding Party

You will need to have your team selected well in advance. Ask your friends well in advance because there is no point to delay the process. Have your team ready in advance and let everybody know what exactly their role is going to be. Make sure you choose your wedding party wisely.

8. Have a Master Checklist

Having a master checklist will help you have a perfect wedding planning that too without must stress. Online you can find several ideas to get inspiration. Make a master checklist or a list of to-dos that you can be broken down by the months, weeks, and even days leading up to your wedding.

9. Select Your Wedding Theme

Select yourwedding theme wisely. Your wedding is once in a lifetime event, you definitely need to have the best event. So, choose the color scheme and wedding theme that suits your personality well that can help you display your story in a perfect manner.

10. Think About The Wedding Season

While deciding your wedding date make sure you keep the season in mind. Season of your wedding will also impact your wedding budget. For instance, if you plan your wedding in the winter season that will impact your budget. As you will need to spend a lot of money on additional arrangements according to the season.

11. No Hurried Decisions

You may be finding it a lot of task to complete, or you might be enticed to meet the very first photographer, but that is not what is needed to host your sun great wedding. You need to be patient while deciding something. You have myriads of options because you have time, just compare all the options and then accordingly decide the final one.

12. Prepare A Guest List

Now, this is a bit tricky as you have to decide who will be the invitees in the event. Close relatives, friends, father’s friends, and mom’s friend and so on are on the list once you start to prepare with your family, the list will go unexpectedly lengthy for sure. If yours is a destination wedding, you need to be wise enough while preparing your guest list as it will directly affect your budget for sure. You might need to make some cuts only those you feel are necessary and their presence is important will be invited finally. Sit with your family and create the list in accordance.

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13. Hire Wedding Vendors You Are Comfortable With Them

When you will start searching for wedding vendors you will encounter many of them. Just don’t hire them for your big day as they told you few rosy things, better get reviews about their services and see whether they are good at their work or not, it is not just enough to have a vendor, you need to be comfortable with the vendor. No matter how much time it takes to finalize the vendors but go with the ones you are comfortable with, otherwise you will feel exhausted.

14. Stick To Your Wedding Outfit Budget

For sure you have fixed some budget for your wedding dress too, wedding dress shopping is fun, especially for brides it is super fun, and in flow people just go beyond their budget only in buying their wedding dresses. That’s fine if you want to look different on your wedding but that doesn’t mean you will go beyond your budget for that. It’s better to tell the designer or the store manager your budget in the first place and accordingly see dresses in that budget only. You will surely get a dress of your choice in your budget too.

You also know that wedding dresses are hardly used in any function later after the wedding. I won’t say that it is sheer wastage of money as it’s not just a dress but one’s emotions and sentiments are attached to it. Still, you need to act wisely while shopping for your wedding outfit. Also, just don’t buy the first dress you come across, see options, in different stores too, and compare prices. You never know, you might get the same dress which you saw in another store the other day that is less expensive in the one you just entered. Be open about your budget, style while buying your wedding outfit.

15. Read Your Contracts Thoroughly

Whether you like reading those big documents or not, but reading contracts is crucial! Yes, it is crucial to read all the contracts thoroughly. Ensure all the details are correctly mentioned, especially read through most important things like payment and cancellation policies before signing. Also, check it twice or thrice that the venue, date and event times are correctly mentioned in the contract. Otherwise you know…. I don’t think I need to tell..!!

16. Sometimes Second Opinions Are The Best To Have

Sometimes second opinions seem confusing to few people, but believe you me, when planning for your wedding and hiring your vendors it is always good to investigate prices and other details from vendors before signing the final contract and handing over the token money. This way you will not have any reason to regret later for getting vendors at high prices. A little bit of investigation can help you save money and keep things in your budget also which you can spend later on your honeymoon may be…!!

17. Research Your Wedding Venue Options Thoroughly

It is again important to research the wedding venue properly. Investigate packages, prices, and any restrictions from at least 4 – 5 potential wedding and reception venues before you actually sign on the dotted line. You can also ask for the reference from your near and dear ones.

18. Make Your Wedding Website

Of course, your wedding guests, and the ones that you have invited for your wedding will have a lot of questions for you. It will help you avoid getting unnecessary emails, text messages, and voicemails from your guests. Put each and every detail related to your wedding on your website so that your guests get every information from there itself.

19. Plan DIY In Advance

Of course, DIY wedding décor will be cost-effective and will help you add personal touch to your wedding. But make sure you plan DIY well in advance. You can DIY, table numbers, wedding favors, décor items, games, etc.

20. Book Your Officiant Well In Advance

Your wedding is possible only when you have an officiant who will say verses in your wedding. In the peak of the wedding season, it becomes really tough for one to get a good officiant so it is good if you book one well in advance to avoid last minute chaos and compromising with the not so good officiant. You time and you should plan things way too ahead.

21. Start Your Beauty Regime Well In Advance

As you know that your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion, you must know this also that you must look the best in your big day which is only possible when you will make time for your beauty regime. It’s not that you will visit a parlour just a month before your wedding and everything will fall in place. No, not at all, all the pressure, exertion, you have taken for all these months to prepare for your wedding will not go all at once in a few parlour visits. For getting that bridal glow you have to follow a beauty regime which starts at least six months prior to your wedding. Look beautiful and be beautiful… ☺ ☺ your wedding is no ordinary event.

22. Spend Some Time With Your Significant Other

It is really crucial that you spend your time with your significant other. Spending time together will help you relax a bit and have a nice break together. You cannot ignore each other in the process of wedding planning, it will create unnecessary distance, which is not wise. Instead, plan out some activities on weekends and spend some time together before your wedding. It will help you create a strong bond. You can even plan a pre-wedding photo shoot, a small vacation or a night out.

23. Don’t Stress Yourself Out For Anything

Even if you want everything perfect and certain things go exactly not your way, it is perfectly fine, you don’t need to care for everything. It is a wedding and many things happen and don’t happen. If you will care for every large and small thing then for sure you will find yourself stuck in the process and the big picture that is your wedding will be left behind. It is crucial for you and your spouse to stay free mentally and enjoy the whole process of wedding planning. Stay Cool… ☺ ☺

24. Plan Your Bachelor/Bachelorette

Plan your bachelor/Bachelorette party at least three days prior to your wedding. It will give you time to come out of your hangover on time. Also, be careful about the substances that you would be taking in your bachelor’s party. Remember that you can’t go high on any substance that can spoil things in the name of fun. Your friends may want you to have anything or everything for the sake of fun or bachelor’s party. However, you need to be clever about what all you should take.

25. Do Not Overdo Anything.

Alcohol is commonly associated with any kind of celebration, and your wedding is the biggest celebration for that matter. So, you need to avoid any excesses at your wedding reception. Have alcohol but in moderation. Never at any point forget that it’s your wedding and maintaining self-discipline is a must!

26. Don’t Miss To Make Your Wedding Legal

Amidst all the wedding planning don’t miss to get your marriage license or make your wedding legal. Gather the necessary documents and apply for the wedding license early on.

27. Plan Your Honeymoon

Whether you are planning to have a delayed honeymoon or you are planning to leave just after the wedding for your honeymoon. Make sure you plan everything related to the honeymoon well in advance, like tickets, accommodation, etc. You can also consider hiring an agent who can take care of all your travel needs and plan your honeymoon as per your requirements.

28. Hire A Professional

Hiring a wedding planner can help you deal with the stress efficiently. Wedding planners are skilled people who can help you create your wedding the way you have always dreamt of it. So, consider hiring a professional for your wedding.

29. Be Thankful

Be thankful to the people who help you create a wonderful wedding event. You can arrange for gifts for your wedding party and for the ones who help you in your wedding planning journey. You can consider giving them something that they can cherish all their lives and have it as the keepsake of your wedding. Giving something to people will help them know that you really care for their efforts and you are grateful to them.

30. Enjoy every bit of your wedding no matter what

Last but not least, it is your wedding, be happy, cheerful and enthusiastic about the event. Remember that your wedding is once in a lifetime event and you need to live every moment of it. You will cherish all these moments throughout your life. So have lots of fun, let everybody including your family and friends know that you two are really happy with your marriage.
This is your moment. Enjoy every bit of it! Enjoy the love! Enjoy your partner! And enjoy the dreams, hopes, and expectations that come with marriage. Your wedding is for you to have a lot of fun and enjoyment.


Happy Wedding….. ☺ ☺


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