13 Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

A wedding is a special occasion that calls for celebration, love, and joy. As guests arrive to join in the festivities, a thoughtful gesture that can make them feel appreciated and welcomed is a wedding welcome bag. A wedding welcome bag is a small token of gratitude the couple offers to their guests, thanking them for sharing on their special day.

The wedding gift bags for guests can be filled with a variety of practical and meaningful items tailored to the couple’s personality and the location of the wedding. From tasty treats to personalized souvenirs, the possibilities are endless! Let’s explore some creative and unique welcome wedding bag ideas that will leave your guests feeling extra memorable and cherished.

What is the average cost of wedding welcome bags?

The cost of a wedding welcome bag can vary depending on the contents and the number of guests. A wedding welcome bag can cost anywhere from $5 to $25 per bag. Some couples opt for budget-friendly options such as DIY bags filled with homemade goodies or local snacks, while others choose luxurious items such as personalized gifts or high-end skincare products.

The wedding location can also impact the cost of the welcome bag, with destination weddings often requiring more expensive items such as sunscreen or insect repellent. Ultimately, the price of a wedding welcome bag is up to the couple’s budget and preference, but the gesture of appreciation and thoughtfulness is priceless.

1. Personalized wedding favor gift bags

Personalized wedding favor gift bags are a unique and intelligent method to thank your visitors for coming on your unforgettable day. These bags can be customized to match your wedding theme or color scheme and include various items such as candies, small trinkets, or personalized notes.

Personalized wedding favor gift bags

Couples can choose from various bag styles, including canvas totes, drawstrings, or paper bags adorned with custom stickers or labels. By personalizing your wedding favor gift bags, you add a special touch that your guests will appreciate and cherish for years to come.

2. A Modern Welcome

A modern welcome is a unique and stylish wedding welcome bag idea perfect for couples looking to add a contemporary touch to their wedding festivities. Consider filling your welcome bags with personalized reusable water bottles, small succulents or air plants, or sleek phone chargers.

A Modern Welcome

You could also include locally-made artisanal snacks, such as gourmet popcorn or specialty chocolate. Another fun option could be to have a Spotify playlist of your favorite songs, encouraging your guests to dance and celebrate all night. With a stylish welcome bag, your guests will feel appreciated and have a keepsake that reflects your unique style and personality.

3. Party Time

Party time is a fun and playful wedding gift bags for guests that will surely excite your guests for the celebrations ahead. Fill your bags with mini champagne bottles, confetti poppers, or custom party hats. You could also include a personalized cocktail recipe card or a small bottle of their favorite spirit.

Party Time

Consider including personalized glow sticks or LED light-up bracelets to keep the party going. And remember the snacks! Include fun and tasty treats like popcorn, candy, or gourmet nuts. With a party time welcome bag, your guests will be ready to celebrate in style and have an unforgettable souvenir to take with them.

4. Naturally Appealing

A naturally appealing theme is a perfect choice for couples looking for a more natural and eco-friendly approach to their wedding welcome bags. Consider including items such as locally-sourced honey, artisanal jam, or organic herbal tea. You could also have a personalized reusable tote bag or a set of bamboo utensils.

Naturally Appealing

For a refreshing touch, include small bottles of natural essential oils or aloe vera gel. Another great option is to have seed packets of wildflowers or herbs, encouraging your guests to plant and grow their gardens. With a naturally appealing welcome bag, your guests will feel appreciated and have a keepsake that reflects your commitment to sustainability and the environment.

5. Calligraphed Welcome Boxes

Calligraphed welcome boxes are a luxurious and elegant wedding welcome bag idea that will make your guests feel extra special. Consider customizing your boxes with beautiful calligraphy or handwritten notes expressing your appreciation.

Calligraphed Welcome Boxes

Fill your boxes with high-end items such as artisanal chocolates, personalized candles, or luxury skincare products. You could also include a small bottle of champagne or wine or personalized stemless wine glasses. For a more practical gift, include a monogrammed hand towel or a set of custom coasters. With calligraphed welcome boxes, your guests will feel pampered and spoiled and have a keepsake reflecting the elegance and sophistication of your special day.

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6. His Hers and Ours

For couples looking to create wedding gift bags for guests that cater to both genders, a “His Hers and Ours” theme is a great choice. Fill your bags with items that appeal to both sexes, such as custom-made chocolate or locally-roasted coffee. For “His” include practical items such as personalized bottle openers or leather keychains, while “Hers” could feature items such as personalized compact mirrors or scented candles.

His Hers and Ours

For “Ours,” consider including a personalized photo frame or a set of customized wine glasses. You could also have small items that couples can share, such as mini-board games or love-themed scratch-off tickets. With a “His Hers and Ours” welcome bag, guests will feel appreciated and included, regardless of gender or relationship status.

7. Personalized Wedding Sweet Bag

A personalized wedding sweet bag is a fun and creative welcome bag idea perfect for couples with a sweet tooth. Fill your bags with an assortment of your favorite candies or chocolates, and add a personalized touch with custom stickers or labels.

Personalized Wedding Sweet Bag

You could include small packets of gourmet hot cocoa mix or flavored popcorn for a unique twist. Consider having a personalized photo of the couple or a lovely thank-you note to make your sweet bag even more memorable. With a customized wedding adorable bag, your guests will feel welcomed and appreciated and have a tasty treat to enjoy throughout your wedding festivities.

8. Get Beach Ready

For couples planning a beach wedding, a “Get Beach Ready” theme is the perfect way to greet your visitors and establish the mood for your memorable day. Fill your bags with custom-made sunglasses, sunscreen, and colorful beach towels. You could also include a personalized beach hat or a fun game, such as frisbee or paddleball.

Get Beach Ready

Add small bottles of aloe vera gel or scented body spray for a refreshing touch. And remember the snacks! Include beach-themed treats such as popcorn, chips, or saltwater taffy. With a “Get Beach Ready” welcome bag, your guests will feel excited and prepared for a day of sun, sand, and celebration.

9. Go For A Simple Paper Bag

Sometimes, simplicity is the way to go, and a simple paper bag can make for a charming and budget-friendly wedding welcome bag idea. Choose a high-quality, sturdy paper bag in your wedding colors and decorate it with a personalized sticker or custom stamp. Fill your bag with items such as gourmet cookies or snacks, a personalized thank-you note, and a small water bottle.

Go For A Simple Paper Bag

You can also have a schedule of events or a map of the place for out-of-town guests. A simple paper bag can be just as thoughtful and appreciated as a more elaborate welcome bag and is an excellent option for couples who want to keep things understated and practical.

10. Include Your Itinerary

Including your wedding itinerary in your welcome bags is a thoughtful and practical idea to help your guests stay organized and informed throughout your wedding celebrations. Consider printing a customized itinerary with essential details such as the wedding ceremony and reception times, locations, and dress codes.

Include Your Itinerary

You could also include a map of the area or a list of recommended local attractions and restaurants. To make your itinerary even more unique, consider adding personalized touches such as custom artwork or a heartfelt thank-you message. With an itinerary, your guests will feel more comfortable and prepared and can enjoy all your wedding festivities fully.

11. Keep It Small

Keeping your wedding gift bags for guests small and simple is an excellent option for couples focusing on quality over quantity. Choose a small, elegant bag in your wedding colors and fill it with a few high-quality items, such as a mini bottle of champagne or a personalized candle. You could also include a small bag of locally-roasted coffee or artisanal chocolate, along with a heartfelt thank-you note or custom-made bookmark.

Keep It Small

Keeping your welcome bags small allows you to focus on the details and gives your guests a chance to savor and appreciate each item. With a small but thoughtful welcome bag, guests will feel welcomed and enjoyed without feeling overwhelmed or weighed down.

12. Make It Travel Friendly

Creating travel-friendly wedding gift bags for guests is a great way to show your guests you care about their comfort and convenience. Consider filling your bags with easy-to-pack and transport items, such as mini toiletries, a collapsible water bottle, and a portable phone charger. You could also include snacks that won’t get crushed or melted, such as trail mix, protein bars, or fruit leather.

Make It Travel Friendly

Add a custom luggage tag or travel-sized games such as playing cards or Sudoku for a special touch. A travel-friendly welcome bag will help your guests feel prepared and relaxed and will be appreciated by those who have traveled a long distance to attend your wedding.

13. Serve Your Favorite Snack

Sharing your favorite snack as part of your wedding welcome bag is a fun and personal way to make your guests feel welcome and appreciated. Choose a snack that is easy to share and reflects your personality or local culture, such as a bag of homemade cookies, a jar of local honey, or a box of gourmet popcorn.

Serve Your Favorite Snack

You could also include a handwritten recipe or a note explaining why this snack is meaningful. Consider having a photo of yourself enjoying the snack for an extra personal touch. Sharing your favorite snack is a simple yet meaningful way to connect with your guests and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your wedding celebrations.

In conclusion, wedding welcome bags ideally make your visitors feel valued and welcome as they arrive to celebrate your special day. Whether you opt for a small and simple bag filled with a few thoughtful items or a more elaborate gift basket, the key is to choose items that are personal, practical, and reflective of your unique style and personality.

From sweet treats and savory snacks to personalized keepsakes and practical travel items, the possibilities for wedding welcome bag ideas are endless. By putting thought and care into your welcome bags, you can set the tone for a memorable and joyful wedding celebration that your guests will cherish for years. We wish this article on wedding welcome bag ideas is helpful to the readers.