What is The Best Age To Get Married?

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When it comes to the best age to get married, different people have different opinions. Like one of my friends, Reha, who got married in her 40s, believes that there is no best age as such to get married. She says whenever you are ready for the marriage, you can go ahead with that. However, not most people agree to it, especially your family and relatives.

Experts opine that the best age for getting married for women is 28, and for men, it is 32. They believe you are confident by that time, and you know exactly what you are looking for in your future partner. Getting married by this age has its own advantages. By 28, you complete your education and get your career off the ground. Moreover, you get bored of the single lifestyle by this age, and you start to feel eager to meet your “someone special.”

Most men are believed to get settled by the age of 32; that is why it is considered the best age to get married for them. By this age, most men get bored with their single lifestyles and feel ready to make informed decisions.

Different countries have different ages for getting married, like in India, the best age to get married is 20 – 25. While in European countries, it is 30 – 34 years, as it is believed that divorce rates are lower in this age group. And in the USA, people prefer to marry between 28 – 32; they are settled by that time and feel confident about their marriage decisions.

If you disagree with this best age to get married thing, then this post is for you. Here I am going to discuss why this best age thing matters when it comes to getting married.

Scroll down to know the reasons……

Reasons Why Best Age for Getting Married Matters

1. Medical Reasons

Know that over a period, our body deteriorates. It doesn’t remain the same. Whatever you can do at your young age, you can’t afford to do the same things when you grow old. Marriage is a commitment and full of responsibilities. When you are young, you can take care of any responsibility, but you don’t like responsibilities with age. When you get married at your young age, you get accustomed to your married life responsibilities, which is challenging to develop later.

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It is easy to raise a family at a young age and bring up children, which will not be possible later. Moreover, you will lose interest in sexual intimacy. Sexual relationship is an integral part of a marriage and for the proper functioning of your body as well. It can even affect your relationship adversely. Marrying at the right age allows you to enjoy physical relationships fully. It, in fact, plays a vital role in the success of any marriage.

2. Psychological Reason

This is crucial! Everything in our system has some reason and logic behind, including marriage. There are vast benefits of getting married on time. I am not saying that your marriage can determine your overall life, but yes, it impacts your life by and large. It is observed that people who live alone find it very difficult to adjust to another person. Their lifestyle, their thought process, everything change with time. They become so engrossed in themselves that they hardly want to adjust to anyone. And marriage is all about adjustments!

3. Personal Reasons

People who marry late have different priorities than those who marry in their youth. Of course, you will desire to have a partner when you are young, raise a family, etc. But when you marry late, your priorities change, your finances become the most critical part of your life then. This impacts your relationship.

Besides, you don’t like anyone interfering with your decisions. Because by that time, you have become so independent that you hardly find a reason to take advice from anyone. You know your ATTITUDE towards life changes as you grow old. And when it happens, it becomes tough to change yourself. And marriages are demanding! In a marriage, you have to be involved entirely, which is much easier when you are young.

4. Societal Reasons

Though societal reasons do not impact significantly, the norms have changed to a great extent. However, there are still regions where a girl should get married the moment she reaches her 20s. This is because their tradition is such, or the family is orthodox. Otherwise, in most parts of the world, conviction towards marriage has changed. Though parents have become open-minded, they start to worry about their kids’ wedding once the girl or boy gets settled. Like in India, marriage is considered an indispensable part of life. It is believed that it should happen on time, and there various reasons supporting their point.

Even if your parents don’t worry, outsiders, neighbors, relatives, friends, colleagues start to ask questions about your marriage after you reach a certain age.


Now, we will discuss why getting married at your best age is worth it…..

Advantages of Getting Married on Time

1. Opportunity to build your future together

Getting married on time gives you the opportunity to build your future together. When you marry on time, you get enough time to shape your future. You can decide the course of your life as you want. Time is on your side; you can utilize it the way you want because you are not in a hurry. You can start a family; you can save money for your future, you have the option to give yourself some time to deliver a child or take breaks in between each child. You have time to do responsible things, like buying life insurance policies, health insurance, and investing your money to secure your future.

2. You can have a good time together

Marriage is not just about responsibilities and adjustments; in fact, it is more about LOVE and COMPANIONSHIP. Having a companion by your side gives you a lot of happiness and contentment. You have someone to spend your time with and enjoy your life. Marrying when you are young allows you to explore more. You can travel with your partner, enjoy life with him/her, and create beautiful memories.

3. You feel safe and secure

Having a partner by your side makes you feel safe and secure. No matter how tough your life gets, at least you know that you have somebody to lean on. You know that you always have somebody to discuss your problems and share your happiness with. A warm hug from your partner can alleviate half of your problems instantly. This is the feeling of security that you develop with time towards your partner.

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4. You grow up together

Growing old together is so fulfilling. You feel strong when you see others struggling to find themselves, and you have already found out what you want in life, and you have someone by your side to help you accomplish your dreams.

5. Healthy life

Marrying when you are young also plays a significant role in leading a healthy life. Firstly, good physical relationships lead to better functioning of your body. Secondly, you maintain a healthy lifestyle, since you know you have a spouse or family counting on you. You tend to party less, drive safely, eat healthy, lesser alcohol use, and take care of yourself.

6. Improved social connections

Marrying when you are young gives you time to build a strong connection in society. Of course, everybody loves to stay connected to a happy couple. Your families, relatives, and friends would want you to be part of their happiness or events.

7. Enjoy the best time of your life with your partner

Of course, when you are young, you can enjoy your life in a better way with your partner, then enjoying it when you marry late in life. When you are young, you are energetic; you want to do more, enjoy more. If you wish to go hiking or trekking with your partner, everything is possible at a young age. All this becomes a dream when you marry very late.

8. Someone to share your success with

Success doesn’t come overnight; it takes a lot of time, effort, confidence, and will power to succeed in life. When you know you have somebody by your side, you are confident to succeed in life. Whatever you want to achieve, you can achieve with the help of your partner. A partner works as a strong support system in life, who you can rely on entirely. Similarly, you can become a support system for your partner and help him/her achieve his/her goals. Like this, both of you can share your success. Even when you stumble in the path, you will have somebody to lean on and trust on!

In the end, you’ll realize that it would have never been possible for you to achieve what you have without your partner’s support. His success will be yours, and yours is his, and that’s just so the point of marriage is.

Happy Wedding….. ☺ ☺

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