Cozy and Warm Winter Wedding Decor Ideas in 2024

Winter Wedding – Find out cozy and warm decor ideas

winter wedding is the most preferred season for weddings. Most people like to get wed-locked in the winter season and there are many reasons for that, from beautiful weather to wonderful cuisine. However, wedding in winters needs too much planning as well. Whether you plan to get hitched in your hometown or for a destination wedding, you need to plan additional things for winters. Also, it is important that one should take care of celebration along with the comfort. Of course, you would never want your guests getting freeze in the wedding. So, it becomes crucial that your wedding celebration is cozy and warm for you and for your guests as well.

Here are a few easy ways to make your wedding a cozy, warm, and intimate celebration:

1. Go Creative with Lighting

Go Creative with Lighting

Lighting plays an indispensable role whether it is about your photographs or about the styling and ambience of your venue. In winters you don’t get lights as in summers, in winters you need to use different types of lighting throughout your wedding event in order to avoid the darkness and gloominess from the venue Tell your wedding planner to be more creative with lighting, there is a lot to add to the décor of the venue by just using a blend of candlesticks, chandeliers, dreamy fairy lights, pillar candles, and Edison bulbs. Stick to warm white tones to create a gorgeous, twinkling effect.

Candles in winters are the best way to create an ambience. Besides, candles just make the whole ambience romantic, cozy and warm. Also, the size of the party doesn’t matter, as, candles can be used for larger parties as well. So, all you have to do is to see how you can arrange candles at your wedding venue and make it look beautiful, warm and cozy. Ask your wedding planner to make perfect use of candles at your wedding. Candles will help you bring the physical warmth to a space which will not only create a warm and cozy glow but also make your venue look welcoming at night.

2. Go Creative with Flowers

Winter is the time of beautiful flowers, it is the season when one can get some of the best flowers – both Indian and exotic, you have a lot to make the most out of flowers for decoration. Also, they stay fresh for a prolonged time, because of the winter season and weather conditions. Hence, you have the privilege to make good use of the flowers and have an enchanting, and elegant looking wedding to yourselves. Choose season appropriate blooms such as Anemone, Roses, and Carnation then mix them up with a riot of foliage such as spruce branches etc., to have dramatic shades against natural greenery and woody shades. Also, make sure that the flower décor takes place on the day of the wedding itself in the morning may be as the moisture can spoil the entire décor if done a day before.

3. Use of Rich & Warm Colors

One can instantly create a cozy foundation using a deep color palette. Winters is the season of colors and brightness. That’s the benefit of wedding in winters that one can use myriads of bright colors to make the huge venue look bright, and warm. Make sure you look for venues with warm, wood details and go for a color palette of jewel tones, such as burgundy, crimson, forest green, gold and purple. Using rich and warm colors will help you make the entire venue look cozy, as rich colors add to the coziness.

4. Make arrangements for fireplace

Make arrangements for fireplace

However, it may not look easily workable to you, but believe you me arranging fireplaces or fire pit at the wedding venue will simply add to the warmth of the wedding. Believe you me, there is nothing cozier than arranging for fireplace at the wedding. All you have to see is to arrange them at a safe place so that your wedding guests are safe.

5. Have comfortable lounge areas at the venue

Having comfortable lounge areas at the venue will help your wedding guests have a wonderful time. It is in fact the best way to take your wedding to another level from cold to cozy. All you have to do is to ask your wedding planner to set up pockets of comfortable furniture throughout the lounge, where your wedding guests can sit, chat, and rest before heading back to the dance floor. Also, it is the best way to have your elderly guests accommodated in the coziest way.

6. Arrange for hot beverages

Winters is all about hot beverages. Especially when it is about hosting a wedding in winter one should specifically see this factor. Believe you me, if you will miss on the arrangement of hot beverages at your wedding, all your guests will complain about it even after years of your wedding. So, do not miss to offer warm drinks to your guests and keep them warm. Have a warm drink stall set up throughout the evening and at night also. You can arrange for tea, coffee, warm apple cider or a hot chocolate bar. Some of your guests will simply love to hold their hot drinks in hands, as they also provide some warmth.

7. Feed your guests with luscious delicacies of winter season

Feed your guests with luscious delicacies of winter season

Winter is not just romantic or cozy season but when it comes to food and varieties there is no other season than winter for that flavor and delicacies. You can have an opulent food fests in your winter wedding. Work with your caterer to plan a meal that is warming and seasonal – you menu should not consist of food items that is heavy and stodgy, there are some great seasonal options at this time of year for your to get creative. You can have a luscious food items in your wedding in winters like a smoking cup of coup or a hot Kulhad of Rabdi, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, choco lava cakes, puddings should be omnipresent in the wedding venue.

Also, give your guests a dose of tangy food like Cheese Balls, Pakodas, grilled cheese, creamy risotto or steak frites, Pizza, Spring Rolls, Pasta in the evening. Make sure your guests are able to satisfy their sweet tooth after all those savoury foods. Remember that winter is the season for food lovers to enjoy, your guests will definitely enjoy the delicacies served at the wedding. Ensure that your whole menu is about winters. Let your guests’ enjoy the taste of luscious food items served at weddings. To keep your guests warm and have something hot for them at all times, have tea/coffee counters running throughout your wedding. Also, you can plan to have more warm hot snacks running during the whole event to have your guests peck. Work with your caterers to craft a wonderful menu for your wedding that feels completely personal.

8. Incorporate cozy textures

Wedding seating in winters matters the most! Since, your guests are important so it is equally important that you take care of your guests properly at your winter wedding. So, for that you can have soften seating at the ceremony – cover hard surfaces either with cushions or faux fur runners, it will not only make the seating cozy for the guests, but also they will admire you for the arrangement.

9. Keep the venue intimate

Winter weddings are absolutely different from the summer weddings, as in summers you have an option to use larger furniture, but in winter it is always good to go with the smaller dinner tables. Skipping long, rectangular tables and high centerpieces, will help you have the feel of an intimate celebration, which even your wedding guests would also like. Besides, you can go minimal with centerpieces and can serve family-style dishes to encourage a dinner party atmosphere at the wedding, thereby making it more intimate, cozy and warm for all.

10. How about handing out Shawls, Blankets or Pashminas to your wedding guests!

How about handing out Shawls, Blankets or Pashminas to your wedding guests!

Your wedding in winters can be extremely fun for you, but there would be some guests who would want to have complete warmth. As I said earlier, your guests are important and it’s your duty to keep them warm at your wedding so that they do not complain about it later. Make sure your guests are physically cozy. For that you can simply arrange for shawls, blankets and pashminas, so that they can enjoy you saying your wedding wows.

11. Arrange for heaters or heating lamps at the venue

Convenience and comfort is what we all seek in winters, nobody wants to get freeze in the dropping temperature. Therefore, if becomes crucial to make proper arrangements for your wedding guests, so that they feel warm and cozy throughout the celebration. You can have your wedding venue well-equipped with heaters or heating lamps that will allow your guest to stay warm. Also, let your venue management staff be pre-informed to keep extra essentials like extra blankets, water kettles etc.

Happy Chilly Willy Wedding…☺ ☺