20 Best Destination Weddings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

List of Destination Weddings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

Thinking about having a beautiful wedding surrounded by nature? Well, Destination Weddings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, might be just the place for you. Do you dream of having your wedding surrounded by nature? Then Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, might be the perfect place for you.
Jackson Hole has a great mix of nature’s rustic charm and luxury places. You can enjoy celebrating your special day in this location. This could be a wedding day you’ll never forget! It’ll capture the wonder and beauty of being outside in the mountains.

So, if you are looking for a list of destination weddings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, then read this post. This article will help you choose some amazing destination wedding venues in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, where you can get married. You can consider saying “I do” by the water if you’ve always wanted to have your wedding by a lake. Or throw a large party outside under a tent in Wyoming. Whether it’s a big party with all of your friends and family or a private wedding just for the two of you, there are choices here that’ll match your expectations! So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

20 Destination Wedding Venues in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

We have rounded up a list of 20 best venues for hosting destination weddings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA. Explore this list to get insights on the best wedding venues here. Take a look…

1. Amangani

Amangani is one of the best venues for destination weddings in Jackson Hole. It sounds like a stunning venue for a mountain wedding! Having the gorgeous Teton peaks as the backdrop would make for breathtaking photos and an unforgettable celebration. You can consider opting for this place for your big day.

images Source : cedarandpines

2. Snake River Sporting Club

Rolling green hills and pretty rivers? Sign up for this one! This venue sounds like a total fairytale setting with its gorgeous natural scenery, but it still feels a bit luxurious, too. This place has beautiful nature and rustic buildings. Perfect for a wedding day! Couples can enjoy the great views and privacy the club provides. In addition, Snake River Meadow is a good spot for weddings in the club. It can fit up to 300 people in a big tent gathering. So, don’t wait; consider this one for your wedding.

Snake River Sporting Club
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3. Spring Creek Ranch

Ooh, you’ll love the idea of a mountain wedding followed by a cozy lodge reception at Spring Creek Ranch. This place is ideal for hosting a memorable wedding ceremony. Getting those epic mountain views while also having a comfortable indoor space to party sounds perfect. Isn’t it? You’d get the best of both worlds—an epic mountain ceremony backdrop AND a cozy, intimate reception at the lodge. Talk about grand romance meets personal touches!

Spring Creek Ranch
Images Source : erinwheat

4. The White Buffalo Club

For a couple that wants more of an urban vibe mixed with mountain charm, the White Buffalo Club is a perfect choice. This city venue with Teton views in the background is really neat and ideal for hosting an intimate wedding ceremony. Being right downtown with a modern, stylish vibe but still getting those awesome Teton views sounds so cool. You’d have the best of both the urban and scenic worlds in here!

The White Buffalo Club
Images Source : tripadvisor

5. Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa

A ski resort wedding could be so fun! If you have always wanted to host an adventurous wedding celebration, then opt for Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa. It’s an ideal destination wedding venue in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, to host an outdoor wedding. Just imagine an outdoorsy ceremony followed by an aprés ski-inspired reception and spa treatments for prepping or recovering. Isn’t it amazing? If you like it, then consider booking this place for your big day. Having your wedding at a ski resort means such a fun setting with breathtaking mountain photo opportunities. Plus, getting pampered at the spa beforehand? Yes, please. So relaxing!

Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa
Images Source : travelagewest

6. Moose Creek Ranch

Ooh, a cozy cabin surrounded by meadows and trees sounds like such an idyllic spot to get married! You are going to love this place for sure. Moose Creek Ranch has everything you need to host a memorable wedding. Perfect for having that private, secluded feel. It would make the whole event extra romantic.

Moose Creek Ranch
Images Source : moosecreekranch

7. Grand Targhee Resort

Grand Targhee resort is yet another renowned location for destination weddings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you wish to choose a quieter venue with great mountain views away from busy Jackson, then this is the location for you. You and your wedding guests would fall in love with jaw-dropping vistas there.

Grand Targhee Resort
Images Source : blog.amygalbraith

8. Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club

Next on the list of destination wedding venues in Jackson Hole is Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club. It’s for the couple who loves an activity-filled wedding weekend. Getting married at a golf course provides plenty of entertainment! The rolling green views must be gorgeous too. Give it a thought!

Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club
Images Source : pl30.com.br

9. Granite Hot Springs

Are you planning a hot spring wedding? If yes, then Granite Hot Springs would be your best pick. This is an incredibly unique and special place to host a wedding. This place offers venues that have naturally beautiful and relaxing settings. You are going to love this location for sure.

Granite Hot Springs
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10. The Wort Hotel

How about celebrating at the iconic Jackson Hotel? Yes, the Wort Hotel is an amazingly beautiful property in Jackson Hole. This historic old hotel just screams classic Jackson Hole charm. A wedding at this iconic Western venue adds a special, almost magical atmosphere to your big day. It is so glamorous and charming. It has this old-west feeling with its historic setting. Elegant and memorable. Perfect for special occasions, such as your wedding.

The Wort Hotel
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11. Jackson Lake Lodge

Next on the list is Jackson Lake Lodge. It is one of the best venues for holding destination weddings in Jackson Hole. The view of the Grand Tetons from this venue would make for some incredible wedding photos. Having that iconic national park scenery as the backdrop would allow your photographer to click some stunning pictures.

Jackson Lake Lodge
Images Source : jamyechrisman

12. Mangy Moose Restaurant & Saloon

Mangy Moose Restaurant & Saloon is a beautiful venue in Jackson Hole. A lively spot like this with a western vibe could be super fun for the wedding reception. Being able to dance the night away with your guests in that festive atmosphere will be awesome.

Mangy Moose Restaurant & Saloon
Images source : mangymoose

13. Jackson Hole Winery

If you are planning a unique wedding in Jackson Hole, then Jackson Hole Winery is perfect. Getting married at a winery with mountain views is such a lovely idea. You and your guests would love to enjoy wine, dine, and spend some quality time together. Overall, a wedding in this place is going to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Jackson Hole Winery
Images source : jamyechrisman

14. Camp Davis

How is the idea of a camping-themed wedding? If you like it, then choose to get married in Camp Davis. Having bonfires, stargazing, and that cozy outdoorsy feel could make for such a romantic, memorable event.

Camp Davis
images Source : rocknrollbride

15. Teton Trekker Chapel

Teton Trekker is a quaint little mountain chapel which is incredibly charming. This venue is ideal for an intimate ceremony. You can’t beat that sweet, personal touch. Give it a thought!

Teton Trekker Chapel
images Source : shellcreekphoto

16. Jackson Hole Rodeo Grounds

If you are one of those couples who love western-style wedding, then Jackson Hole Rodeo Grounds is perfect for you. A wedding at Rodeo grounds will take the whole event to new level. It has cowboy vibes everywhere. In addition, it has a very lively atmosphere, which will surely be fun and add to the overall event.

Jackson Hole Rodeo Grounds
images Source : adrianwaymentphoto

17. The Aspens Racquet Club

Combining tennis with the wedding is such a creative idea for sporty couples! You can do this only at the Aspens Racquet Club, an ideal venue for destination weddings in Jackson Hole. An event here could feel elegant while still incorporating that active aspect they love.

The Aspens Racquet Club
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18. The Spur Restaurant & Bar

For a couple who love being in the middle of the action downtown, the Spur Restaurant & Bar is perfect. Having your party at a fun place like this could be awesome. Celebrating with yummy food and drinks while experiencing the lively nightlife sounds like a blast! Consider this place if you wish to host such a fun wedding.

The Spur Restaurant & Bar
images Source : melissafancy

19. National Museum of Wildlife Art

What a unique idea to get married at an art museum! Being surrounded by beautiful nature artwork on your wedding day would be so cool and different. It is definitely a memorable venue.

National Museum of Wildlife Art
images Source : wildlifeart

20. Jackson Hole Event Tent

A blank tent venue is such a neat idea because you can make it your own from scratch! Yes, if you wish to host a wedding in a unique way in Jackson Hole, then opt for a Jackson Hole event tent. Couples could go crazy decorating and creating their absolute dream wedding vibe.

Jackson Hole Event Tent
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Tips To Plan A Memorable Wedding In Jackson Hole

If you want to host a wedding in Jackson Hole, then here are some tips to help you plan and prepare:

First thing’s first, think about what season you want to get married in. The summer is gorgeous there, with warm temperatures and lush landscapes. But winter is magical too, with all that fresh powder snow. Different strokes for different folks!

Next, get a headcount for how many guests you’re inviting. Jackson Hole has venues fit for small, intimate gatherings or big bashes with hundreds of people.

Don’t forget to think about activities to keep your guests entertained when they’re not at the ceremony/reception. They could go hiking, whitewater rafting, skiing, fishing, or camping under the stars—the options are endless!

Oh, and one key thing: some of the popular wedding spots require permits well in advance. So get on that paperwork early before spots get booked up. You don’t want to miss out!

Are you planning your dream destination wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA?

If yes, then here are some additional tips to host a memorable wedding. Take a look…

1. Wedding Planners

In Jackson Hole, there are people who are really good at planning weddings. They focus on weddings where people come from far away. They make sure everything runs smoothly, so you don’t have to worry and can just enjoy your special day.

2. Photographers and videographers

You’ll want to remember your wedding day forever, right? Well, in Jackson Hole, there are people who are experts at taking pictures and videos. They know how to capture the beauty of the mountains and nature around Jackson Hole. Take a look at their work to find someone whose style you really like. That way, you’ll have amazing photos and videos to look back on and cherish forever.

3. Florists and decorators

If you want your wedding to look really pretty, you’ll need flowers and decorations, right? In Jackson Hole, there are people who are really good at making everything look beautiful. They use flowers to add color and freshness to the venue. Decorators match your venue to your wedding style and theme, making it perfect for your big day.

4. Enhancing Your Guest Experience

  • Welcome Bags: Welcome your guests with special bags. Put local snacks and information about Jackson Hole inside.
  • Farewell Brunch: Say goodbye with a nice brunch. Let everyone enjoy Jackson Hole one last time.
  • Group Activities: Plan fun things for your guests to do together. They can go hiking or rafting.
  • Transportation Coordination: Help guests get around by arranging rides. This way, everyone can go to events easily.

Wrapping it up…

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is not just a place. It is an experience. This place is full of beautiful landscapes and friendly people. A perfect place for a wedding—small or big weddings Jackson Hole has places for all. Mountaintop vows or cozy lodge parties. There are many choices in this pretty place.

Don’t settle for less when in Jackson Hole. Yes, there is no dearth of the best venues for destination weddings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA. Choose something special. In addition, make sure to plan your dream wedding in Jackson Hole very well in advance. Forget that your love story needs the perfect setting. Jackson Hole is waiting. To make your dreams come true. Start a new adventure. Say “I do” with the Tetons.

Destination Wedding Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA. Awaits you.

Happy Wedding… 😊 😊