Top 11 Fun & Hilarious Bachelorette Party Games For 2024

Bachelorette Party Games

The Bachelorette party is one of the most important events in a to-be bride’s life. Every bride wants to enjoy her bachelorette party to the fullest. And why not? After all, this is the only party that she celebrates as single before her wedding.

Every bride-to-be wishes to have the best time at her Bachelorette Party. And the best way to have unlimited fun at a party is by incorporating fun and hilarious Bachelorette Party games. So, if you’re a maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding, then it’s your duty to organize a one-of-a-kind bachelorette party for the bride.

So, here is our list of 20 fun and hilarious bachelorette party games for 2024 for you. Incorporating these games will help you make your friend’s Bachelorette memorable one. All it requires is careful planning and execution to ensure that it lives up to the hype.

So, let’s get started…

Best 11 Bachelorette Party Games for 2024

1. Treasure Hunt

  • Members needed: 5-10+ people (big groups can play in teams and compete with one another).
  • Time required: 30 minutes to two hours (depending on how many chores and challenges are included).

About Treasure Hunt:

Treasure Hunt is one of the most famous fun and hilarious bachelorette party games. In this game, the participants are divided into teams (two or more depending on the members). Each team needs to complete a series of tasks or dares given on the challenge list. The organizer will need to leave clues for the teams to find out the final treasure. Pictures or short films are taken as evidence that the task or dare has been done.

At the end of the game, everyone gets together again to look at the images and videos they took throughout the experience, usually on a huge screen device so everyone can view them.

This game can easily be extended to go all night, with participants gathering in a trendy bar or restaurant for a last meal and beverages.

Treasure Hunt

Things Required:

  • Checklist of assignments for each team or player.
  • Each team must have smartphones to document their progress.
  • Get a couple of inexpensive countdown timers, one for each team, so that everyone can keep tabs on the time remaining in the game.
  • You can even have a chat program like Skype or Snapchat installed so they can stay in touch and exchange game updates and funny moments with one another.

How To Play:

Step 1: Form teams and give each one a set of tasks.

Depending on the number of participants, you’ll need to compile a list of tasks for each team or player.

Use your ingenuity and imagination when coming up with ideas on what to do.

Step 2: Ask everyone to on their phone cameras to document the progress.

Get them excited about the process of gathering their proof, whether it’s digital images, audio recordings, or physical objects.

Step 3: Arrange a postgame meeting time and location for the teams.

Make it a fun challenge by making the last task on the list get to the meet-up spot by a specific time, or the team loses.

Step 4: Celebration time.

Whichever group doesn’t finish their list in the allocated time, ask them to buy beverages for everyone at the party or maybe something else that you all like.

2. Crap Talk About The Bachelorette

  • Members needed: 3-10+ people.
  • Time required: 30-40 minutes

About Crap Talk About The Bachelorette:

This age-old question-and-answer format works wonderfully for hen nights. The best thing about this game is that you may play it with as many or as few people as you like. Also, the length of time it takes can be adjusted accordingly.

Crap Talk About The Bachelorette

Things Required

  • Questionnaire about the bride (must have funny questions about the bride). Get them printed.
  • If you’d rather play in teams, make sure to ask each group a different set of questions to keep things lively. Alternatively, you could print the questions on bridal invitations, thank-you notes, cards featuring the couple’s favorite dating photos from social media, or even postcards from the location of their honeymoon and draw from a large basket.
  • Pen or pencil
  • To answer questions, each player should have their own set of answer cards and a pen or pencil. It’s entertaining to utilize a similar set of themed response cards to the questions asked.
  • A bowl or hat to place the answers.
  • Poster board to keep scores.
  • Alcohol (optional) 

How To Play:

Step 1: Pick the question

The first step is for the moderator to pick a question at random from the basket and read it aloud. Individuals fill out a card with their replies and drop it into the fishbowl.

Step 2: The bride reveals the right response

After all the answers have been collected and placed in a bowl, the bride will then be asked to reveal the right response.

Step 3: Prize to the winner

The last step of the game is to award the prize to the participant with the highest percentage of accurate responses. The party must take turns giving the person who gave the most inaccurate or ludicrous answers tequila shots.

As a fun alternative, you might award bonus points to the visitor who correctly guesses the groom’s responses to the identical questions you asked him in advance.

3. Guess The Kisses

  • Members needed: 4-12+
  • Time required: 30 – 40 minutes

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About Guess The Kisses:

Guess The Kisses is a pretty famous bachelorette party game. Overall, it’s a sweet and touching game that results in a special keepsake for the bride. This indoor game is perfect for any number of players. In this game, the bride has to figure out who kissed the enormous white poster board by looking at the lipstick marks left by the guests.

Guess The Kisses

Things Required:

  • A sheet of white cardboard or canvas.
  • Everyone needs lip gloss and a pen or colored marker (felt-tip pen).

How To Play:

Step 1: Place the cardboard or canvas.

Step 2: Have the guests plant kisses on a piece of canvas or cardboard while the bride is distracted.

Step 3: Have the bride identify who each kiss belongs to.

Since every person has their own signature shade of lipstick, you can always tell when she’s right.

Step 4: Ask the guests to sign the kiss

The third step is for the guest to sign the kiss once they have been paired with the proper person.

Step 5: Leave a message

Jot out a heartfelt message of congratulations or best wishes for the newlyweds.

Step 6: The bride can use the framed canvas or cardboard as a guest book after the bachelorette party.

4. The Ultimate Bachelorette Q&A

  • Members needed: 2
  • Time required: 20-30 minutes

NOTE: The groom provides the answers in advance but keeps them a secret from the bride.

About The Ultimate Bachelorette Q&A:

This is one of the most played, fun and hilarious bachelorette party games. The bride and groom are the only required participants in this bridal shower game, as it tests their familiarity with one another. Since talking to the bride beforehand would ruin the surprise, this is the only game that can be played without her knowledge.

The Ultimate Bachelorette Q&A

Things Required:

  • Get the questions ready in advance
  • Send the questionnaire to the groom in advance so that he can fill out his copy beforehand.

How To Play:

Step 1: Get the questionnaire filled out by the groom in advance.

First, the groom is handed the questionnaire well in advance of the bachelorette party so that he has time to think about and respond to each question.

Step 2: Have him promise not to tell the bride.

Ask the groom not to share the details of the game with the bride.

The bride and groom should both fill out their own copy of the questionnaire.

Step 3: Scores

The bride will earn one point for every accurate answer and lose one pint of beer for every incorrect one.

5. Scramble Words

  • Members needed: 4-12+
  • Time required: 20-30 minutes

About Scramble Words:

Scramble words is one of the greatest party games that will make the Bachelorette party memorable for all. This game doesn’t need a lot of preliminary work and can be either family-friendly or adult-oriented.

Things Required:

  • Scrambled word puzzle cards with sexy questions.
  • A sheet of paper to record everyone’s answers.
  • A pen

Scramble Words

How To Play:

Step 1: Ask participants to arrange the words in the correct order.

The first step is for the participants to put the jumbled words back in the correct order.

Don’t peek at the bottom of the card to see the answers while your guests are still writing down their responses.

Step 2: Give them a time limit and have them check off their answers.

Once the allotted time has elapsed, have everyone scroll to the bottom of the card and compare their responses with yours.

Step 3: Select the winner.

A winner is determined by who has the most right responses.

Discovering words, especially bad ones, that aren’t on the approved response list earns bonus points.

Alcoholic Party Games for the Bachelorette

6. Guess Who?

  • Members needed: 4-12+ people.
  • Time required: 30 minutes.

About Guess Who:

The basic premise of “Guess who” is that it enables attendees at a bachelorette party to get to know one another by relying on the ‘drink if’ format. It’s actually preferable that the visitors be rather unfamiliar with one another for this particular game.

To accommodate individuals who would prefer not to drink alcohol, you can provide them with non-alcoholic beverages such as mocktails and soft drinks.

Guess Who

Things Required:

  • Paper for writing secrets
  • Amusing bridal-themed pens
  • A little bowl in which to store information.
  • A variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (including several bottles of spirits and a few mocktails).

How To Play:

Step 1: Ask guests to write down a personal confession.

The secret can be about anything; it need not be deeply personal. However, the more risqué and personal the secret, the more enjoyable it is to share.

Step 2: Ask the players to place their secrets in a bowl

Once everyone has written down their secrets for this round, they should put them in a decorative bowl, such as a punch bowl or a fishbowl. A fancy hat or a paper bag with some decorations can stand in for a glass bowl.

Step 3: Ask players to pick the secrets

Each player chooses a secret from the bowl, reads it aloud, and then guesses who wrote it.

Step 4: Guess who wrote it

Lastly, if a guest correctly identifies the writer, the writer must down a shot of liquor. If the hostess makes a mistake, she has to drink.

7. Never have I ever

  • Members needed: Participants: 4-10+
  • Time required: 30 – 40 minutes

About Never have I ever:

This is one of the fun and hilarious bachelorette party games. Aside from bachelorette parties, this game is also played at costume parties and family holiday gatherings. In this alcoholic twist, players can choose their own beverage from the outset.

The first player declares, “Never have I ever,” and then proceeds to list things she has never done. Literally anything could work. Anyone who has completed the required actions must drink from her cup. One option is to just question the person about her personal experience.

Never have I ever

Things Required:

  • Alcohol
  • Some opening phrases like five or six starter phrases.

How To Play:

Step 1: First, have the bride be the one to throw out the first ball.

She’ll start out with, “Never have I ever…” and then list off a bunch of things she’s never done.

Step 2: The next person in line is the one to the right of the bride.

You can continue the game until each player has had three turns.

8. Alcoholic Jenga

  • Members needed: 2-12+
  • Time required: 1 hour plus

About Alcoholic Jenga:

Alcoholic Jenga is quite a popular party game. The basic idea is that you give the player an order by writing it on the reverse side of a Jenga block that she cannot see, and then she must carry out that order when she pulls that block.

If you’re the last person to knock over the tower, you get to down everyone else’s unfinished drinks in one big gulp.

Alcoholic Jenga

Things Required:

  • A Jenga set
  • Alcohol
  • Markers to write on Jenga pieces.

How To Play:

Step 1: Ask each member to take Jenga blocks

First, each player should grab a handful of Jenga blocks and write a secret order, dare, or request for information on the bottom of each one. These could be things like “kiss the person to your right,” or “take a selfie with the person next to you,” and so on.

Step 2: Construct the Jenga tower

The next thing to do is for the guests to construct a Jenga tower. The person whol pulls a block will have to do whatever it says.

Step 3: Lastly, knock on the tower.

Whoever knocks the tower over must down everyone’s drinks in one gulp.

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9. Beer Pong

  • Members needed: 4 (divided into two teams of two).
  • Time required: 1 hour plus.

About Beer Pong:

Throwing a ping pong ball across a table with the intention of sinking it into a cup of beer at the opposite end is the objective of Beer Pong, also known as Beirut. The game is played between two or more teams, with each side having a set of cups arranged in a triangle arrangement, containing either six or ten ping pong balls.

Beer Pong

If a ball is caught in a cup, the opposite team gets to drink the contents and take the cup away. A team wins the game when they are the first to knock out all of their opponent’s cups.

There are many variations of the game, so it’s important to go over the rules beforehand.

Things Required:

  • Plastic cups (typically 18oz or 16oz).
  • Ping-pong balls
  • Beer
  • Paper towels
  • Ping pong table

How To Play:

Step 1: Stack 10 plastic cups in a pyramid shape on either side of a ping pong table.

Step 2: Pour the desired amount of beer into each cup (you can even use other alcohol as well, but the traditional version involves beer).

Step 3: Each team then takes turns trying to hit the opposing team’s cups with a table tennis ball.

Once a ball is hit, the cup is removed and the opposing team must swallow the contents.

If the ball hits the table and lands in a cup, the defensive player gets to take that cup and one other from the table.

Step 4: The victorious team is the one that knocks over all of the opponent’s cups.

10. Bottoms Up

  • Members needed: 4-12+ people.
  • Time required: 30 – 40 minutes.

About Bottoms Up:

Bottoms Up is a wonderful bachelorette party game that will assist guests in becoming more familiar with one another. This is also an Alcoholic Party game for the Bachelorette, in which you will require some form of alcoholic beverage. A significant quantity of alcohol, more than enough for each person to have at least ten rounds. You can arrange anything beer, wine, shots, or cocktails instead. This is the game in which questions are asked (questions could be funny, naughty, and personal).

Bottoms Up

Every question begins with the phrase “Bottoms up if.”

Things Required:

  • Questionnaire
  • Alcohol
  • Point cards or quiz cards

How To Play:

Step 1: The rules are straightforward – the maid of honor (or the bridesmaid) will read the questions aloud, and attendees will take a drink if they can relate to the situation being asked about.

Some of the examples are things like “Bottoms up if you never got physical with your first boyfriend,” “Bottoms up if you proposed to your significant other,” and so on.

It is up to you to select what aspects of the game will be included, but it is important to take into account how near the visitors will be to one another.

Step 2: Participants will drink if they have done whatever is being asked.

11. Name That Drink

  • Members needed: 2-4+ people.
  • Time required: 20 – 30 minutes.

About Name That Drink:

This is a fun and hilarious bachelorette party game that is ideal for both bride and groom. This game calls for a little bit of preparation. You will need to include a lot of alcohol, such as wines, beer, and other beverages. You can even include mocktails for those who don’t drink.

Name That Drink

Things Required:

  • Alcohol
  • Blindfolds
  • Timer
  • Mocktails (if required)

How To Play:

Step 1: Make all the players sit in a circle

Ask all of the players to sit in a circle around the table.

Step 2: Blindfold all the players

Now, blindfold all the players sitting in a circle.

Step 3: Give the drink to the first player

Pass all the different drinks to the players. It is acceptable for players to sniff drinks and take a few sips from them.

Step 4: Pass the drink to another player

After the allotted time, which can range anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute, players must pass the beverage on to the next person in line.

Step 5: Name the drink

After each player has taken a turn, the remaining players need to yell out the name of the beverage collectively.

Step 6: Give points

One point is awarded to a player who correctly identifies the beverage being served. The winner is determined by who has accumulated the most points.

NOTE: You can try switching out the beverages for a more difficult experience if you want to step up the competition.

Wrapping up…

So, there you have it: the top 11 fun and hilarious bachelorette party game for 2024. Incorporating any or all of these party games in your friend’s Bachelorette will make it more memorable.

It is important to put some thought into the games you will play to make it a memorable event for all. You can even ask the bride in advance the kind of games she would like to have in her Bachelorette.

The key to a successful bachelorette party is picking the perfect games and other activities to keep the guests entertained and make the evening one to remember. All of the games outlined above are easy to incorporate and require too less preparation. Most importantly, these games act as icebreakers that will help all your guests to become familiar with one another.


Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺