15+ Mistakes Avoid When Your Saving for Your Wedding

How to save for your wedding Avoid these mistakes!

As your wedding nears the first thing that you plan your wedding budget. Certainly, there are thousands of things to plan and undertake before the grand day. Several things you need to necessarily spend your budget on from your venue to décor, clothes to make-up, catering to entertainment and so on so forth. Save for Wedding Your wedding is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime event. So, it becomes crucial that the celebration is also grand. But at the same time you need to see various ways to save money. Here in this post we are going to share with you 17 pointers that you need to essentially avoid to save for your wedding.

Here we go…

1. Not setting a budget beforehand

Not setting a budget beforehand

Budget is the first thing that you determine, having set your budget for everything beforehand is always good to go. Otherwise there are numerous avenues to spend on and like this you can go off budget, as the wedding by large demands thousands of expenses which you have to take care of. A wedding however, has no fixed price range, in fact there are variations in the prices depending on several factors, such as location, geography, décor, and season, etc. While setting a budget you will have to see what works well in your budget. Not setting a budget beforehand can take a toll on your expenses later so avoid doing this mistake.

2. Not sticking to your wedding budget

Come what may, if you really want to save for your wedding you need to religiously stick to your wedding budget. On many occasions you will be tempted to buy everything and anything but you have to understand that you cannot buy everything. Therefore, you need to learn to curb your temptations. And if you don’t do that you will surely end up spending more than you expected that will hugely affect your life later.

3. Not doing enough research

Not doing enough research

Doing mindful research is a must if you really want to save money, select at least three to five wedding vendors and the same number of venues for your wedding. Detailed research of every aspect needs to be done so that you can find good venues and vendors in your wedding budget and save for other things. If you miss on this most important aspect, then you will end up paying unnecessary money to your vendors.

4. Not planning for the wedding

Know that planning is the key to a successful wedding celebration and a happy married life. If you don’t plan and envisage how exactly you want your wedding to, then you will surely end up spending more money than you actually wanted to spend on your wedding. So, do proper planning, deals keeps on coming your way when you plan early for your wedding. You will have multiple options to scour and go for the best.

5. Spending on things that are not required

Spending on things that are not required

Of course, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, but you can’t go extravagant. Out of excitement couples tend to spend too much money on things which they might not even use later and then they regret their decisions later, which is not wise. So, it is good to have a list of items which you necessarily require for your wedding and cut-cost in buying not so necessary items. This way you will be able to save a lot of money.

6. Not being clear about your budget

To be up-front about your wedding budget when reaching out to wedding vendors is not a matter of shame, in fact it is a matter of smartness. You have to be very clear and up front about your wedding budget with your vendors. And if you feel shy doing so, you will surely end up spending more you’re your budget. If you will be clear about your budget in the very first meeting with the vendors, it will be good for you. Possibly they will understand your concern and also would be able to customize a package for you.

7. Spending lavishly on wedding outfit

Spending lavishly on wedding outfit

Many times people spend so much on their wedding outfit and when it comes to buy our own we also join the race and buy the most expensive wedding outfits for a two day celebration. Whether you agree or not but it’s true that your designer wedding outfit and your reception gown is not going to be used ever again in life. But the money which you spend on buying your wedding outfits is huge. So, what is the point of spending so much of money in a wedding gown or consider renting one so that you can save money that you can use elsewhere.

8. Hiring an expensive wedding photographer

We understand that your wedding photographs are the keepsake of the big day that you will cherish all your life. But going for an extra expensive wedding photographer is no good deal. You need to talk to your photographer in detail and do enough research about his/her work. Selecting a professional wedding photographer initially may seem like a task, but trust finding the right one can help you save a lot of money for your wedding. Besides, later when you have to finalize the print out of photos, get only those which you feel are necessary. Also, you will see varieties of wedding albums with different price tags, go for the one that is elegant and not very costly. This way you will save a lot of money.

9. Going shopping with a person who is extravagant

Going shopping with a person who is extravagant

Going for shopping with an extravagant person is not a good idea. There will be many occasions when you will need to take along somebody for your wedding shopping, make sure you take a person who is sensible about your wedding budget and will help you choose the best in your budget, not the one who is extravagant and who will provoke you to spend on unnecessary items or expensive items.

10. Avoiding the importance of technology

You know we are the luckiest of all generations so far, as we get to live in the era of digitization. Why should you go for printed invitations and other items when you can simply send amazing whatsapp wedding invites to your wedding guests? The best part is you can create your wedding invite all by yourself without much effort, as there are many online free apps to help you create wonderful wedding invites.

11. Hiring expensive make-up artists

Hiring expensive make-up artists

We understand you want to look your best at your wedding, but not always expensive is good also. In the case of make-up and hair artists you need to do a tad bit of research and find out the best artists in your town so that you can get the best make-up in your budget only. The ones who believe expensive is better, regret later. So, hire whose work you like and believe that particular artist would be able to give you your desired look!

12. Inviting too many people

Remember that it’s not too many people who make your event happening, instead it’s the close ones who can make your event memorable for the lifetime. So, you do not need to invite people who you are not connected to for many years now, people who you think will not add to the event, or your parents’ colleagues who are not so closely connected to you. Believe you me, adding wedding guests to your wedding guests list will simply add to your wedding cost.

13. Going for extravagant wedding décor

Venue decor is one of the major expenses in the wedding which can cost you anything from a few thousands to lakhs. Wedding décor always adds up to your wedding cost, so there is no point to go for décor items that are costly, such as wedding flowers are costly and they simply add to your budget. In such a case, you always have the privilege to go for colorful drapes, lanterns, lights, or if yours is an outdoor wedding you can utilize your outdoors as natural backdrop for your wedding.

14. Hiring a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner will price you again, so it is good if you recruit a help who can take care of things efficiently, a person who understands your style and taste, who knows you well and the one who you trust well. Recruit someone from the family member or friend who you can trust completely and you know that you will get what you desire. He/she can be your friend, your brother or your cousin anyone who you trust can be a great help money wise and otherwise also. This way you can save a lot of money.

15. Going for expensive wedding favors

Going for expensive wedding favors

Another aspect that can add to your wedding expense is – wedding favors. These favors also cost you money. If it is really essential to give favors than go for something that is in your budget and is worth giving. Or you can DIY wedding favors, like cookies in Mason jar, assorted chocolates in a jar etc. It will look unique and you can save a lot of money as well. This way you can save money that you can elsewhere.

16. Going big

Your wedding can be as personal as you want and as extravagant as you desire, but that depends on your wedding budget. If you really want to save money for your wedding then it is always advised to go intimate. You don’t need to invite too many people at your wedding and add to your wedding cost, instead have the ones who you feel are important and the ones who you need by your side at the time when you will say your wedding vows.

17. Splurging unnecessarily

Last but not least, spend wisely at your wedding and avoid splurging. Also, try to avoid any kind of temptation. You can consider DIYing certain things for your wedding, like the place cards, directions, wall décor etc. DIY is a great way of saving money at your wedding. You can also consider celebrating your bachelorette at your friend’s house instead of going to some expensive hotel or venue. Splurging unnecessarily can add to your wedding cost which is not wise at all. Instead, you should go with the ways that can help you save on your wedding and let you have a nice celebration in all.


So, these are the pointers that you need to avoid while planning your wedding in your budget. Believe you me, saving money or hosting a budget-friendly wedding is no more a distant dream if you equip yourself well with the above mentioned smart tips before you start planning your wedding. You will love your wedding ceremonies from core and would be able to make it a memorable event for the lifetime if you use these smart tricks.

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺

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