Save The Date Etiquette Tips

Save The Date Etiquette Tips

The first official communication that you share with your wedding guests before your wedding day is the Save-the-date card. So, it is imperative that you do your save the dates the right way. Whether you plan on send simple save-the-date cards or customized photo magnets, the general etiquette does not change. Here we are sharing with you the general save-the-date etiquette tips, scroll down to continue reading the post.

⇒ Who to send a Save-the-Date Card to

The ones you want to attend your wedding should receive the save-the-date cards. However, there may be some people who you are not sure about, then do not send them save-the-date care because as soon as they receive one, they may start making plans.

So, to make the task easier, it is better to finalize your guest list before sending save the dates. This way, the ones you intend on inviting will receive a save the date on time. However, if you have created List A and List B, then you have to be sure that people in List B will receive save the dates closer to your wedding. And they may know that they were not there in the original list. If it doesn’t matter to you, then you can go ahead.

Or, if you are planning to send save the dates to your closest friends and family only, then know that your other guests may make prior commitments before they receive your wedding invitation. If you are okay with that, then there is no problem in sending save the dates to the closest people only. Also, not sending an invitation or not inviting someone who went through all the troubles for you to witness one of the biggest days of your life will be impolite. Be sure you don’t forget to invite that person.

Make sure you don’t forget to send a wedding invitation to whosoever you send the save-the-date. Forgetting to send a wedding invitation to them will be impolite and is unacceptable. You may end up hurting someone’s emotions and losing the person for a lifetime.

 When to Send Save-the-Date Cards

Another critical factor is the time of sending the save the dates. According to traditional etiquette guidelines, these courtesy reminders should be sent around 4-6 months from the wedding day. But for those who are hosting a destination wedding, then sending save the dates even earlier, like eight to twelve months prior to the big day, is advised. It will allow your wedding guests ample time to make arrangements, like booking travel and accommodation as needed, save money if funds are tight, and yes, purchase a gift for you!

If there is a gap of more than a year for your wedding, then wait a few months, and send save the dates at an appropriate time. But yes, don’t wait until too close to the wedding, then you will have a lot of RSVPs returned with regrets.

⇒ What to Include in the Save-the-date cards

According to traditional etiquette guidelines, you must include all the information you have available at the time of sending save the dates. This generally consists of the event, date, location, and approximate time. Of course, you do not have to fill unnecessary details in the save the date cards, keep it short and simple. Let your guests know that they’ll receive a wedding invitation with more information at a later date. They don’t have to respond to the save-the-date announcement.

These days, however, couples include their wedding website as well on the save-the-date. It is to make sure that the guests can easily access more details, like wedding timelines, wedding registries, bridal party information, and much more.

Here are the things that you should include on the save-the-date card:

  • Names of the couple getting married (you and your fiancé)
  • Name of the Event
  • Date of the wedding
  • General location of the wedding and reception
  • URL of the wedding website (if you have one)


Please Save The Dates



Are Getting Married

23.11.2020. Chicago, Illinois

Formal Invitation To Follow

So, this is the information that you need to put in the save the dates card. Make sure you do not miss to add “formal invitation to follow” at the end of the card. It will help the recipient to know that they will receive detailed information at a later date.


Apart from this, you can consider adding some fun, or personal touches to the card, like a poem, or a piece of exciting information about how you two met. Doing so will let the recipients know that this is an event they don’t want to miss.

Make sure you have a clear idea about the information that you need to include on the save-the-date card. Don’t miss to include the names of people who are invited, whether or not children are welcome, and the arrangements that will be made for people with kids. Also, if you know whether the event will be formal, or semi-formal, add that too.

Addressing the Envelope

You may choose a formal or an informal style to address the envelope for a save-the-date card. How to address the envelope for a save-the-date card typically depends on your relationship with the recipient. However, it’s always good to show respect to your older guests. So, while addressing your older guests, make sure you use “Mrs. and Mr. Thomas.” And if you are allowing a “plus-one,” then put “Mr. Frank and guest” so that he knows he is allowed to bring someone.

Type of Save The Dates

The type of save the dates depend absolutely on you. You can send either a print save the date care or an electronic one. However, according to traditional etiquette guidelines, it is good to send a print save-the-date card via snail mail. But if you are planning to send it electronically, then make sure you have the correct email address of your guests. If you don’t have, then better ask for the correct email addresses of your guests before sending the save-the-date messages electronically. Doing so will eliminate any chance of mistake; otherwise, you will end up knowing that some of your most important people don’t receive them.

Also, not each of your guests would be tech-savvy; there will be some guests who avoid communicating via email. If it is so, send such guests a print version. There’s no problem in doing a combination of print, and electronic save the dates.

Additional Tips

Here are some more tips to follow while sending save-the-date cards:

  • If you send save-the-date cards via email, make sure you send an extra email reminder. It makes sure that your guests have received the save the dates email. However, avoid sending too many emails; it may annoy your guests.
  • You can consider adding a picture from your engagement photoshoot for a more personal touch. It will allow your guests to know about your significant other a tad bit.
  • Do not ever put the names of stores where you’ve registered for wedding gifts. It will be insensitive out-and-out. If your guests want to know this information, they can always call and ask you or someone else in the bridal party.
  • In case of a destination wedding, let your guests know if you’re able to reserve a block of hotel rooms for them.
  • In case of venue changes after you send the save-the-date cards, don’t forget to follow up with the correction. You can consider sending another card or call everyone on the list.
  • The purpose of save-the-date cards is to let people know that an invitation will follow. So, don’t expect a guest’s response just after receiving the save the dates.
  • Lastly, do not miss to send a wedding invitation to those who you have sent save the dates card to.

Summing it up….

So, follow these tips and do the save the date the right way. You must keep the time of sending the save the dates in mind before sending them to your guests. Sending save the dates too early and too late should be avoided completely.

Happy Wedding….. ☺ ☺