Things That You are Most Likely To Run Out of During Your Wedding

Things that you are most likely to run out of during your wedding

Planning a wedding sounds exciting at first, yeah…. It does! But only when you start recruiting vendors, finalizing the venue, searching for the photographer, selecting the venue décor theme, getting perfect design for the wedding invitation cards it seems like a lot of work to do. A wedding however, is not only a pricey affair, but it is also a demanding affair. When you prepare for your wedding, you’ll know that there is never “too much” of anything. No matter how well planned and detail oriented you have been throughout your wedding planning journey, still there would be certain things that you are most likely to run out of during your wedding. And I’m not talking about some special items, in fact, I’m talking about things which are major part of your wedding event. Things that even most detail-oriented couples tend to run out during their weddings.

Here is a list of “TOP 20” things that you are most likely to run out of during your wedding.

Have a look…….

1. Money


Yeah, you read it right! Money is the most crucial part of your wedding. More often than not, it is seen that a couple runs out of money. And the major reason for that is spending lavishly on things or shopping or hiring vendors beyond budget etc. There are too many reasons for that. If you also tend to spend lavishly without watching your budget, then for sure you may run out of that during your wedding itself. Of course, shopping is just a part of wedding, besides, there are several other things that will require money. For instance, balance payment of vendors, settling venue charges, caterers, honeymoon etc. So, spend wisely and avoid any disappointments later!

2. Food

You may be awed to see food on the list, but that’s true. Some couples even run out of food in their wedding. Of course, when you won’t check your guest list. When your family will invite people without even letting you know, when you don’t even bother to have a proper head count for your wedding, you are more likely to run out of food at your wedding reception. When your guests are more than your expectation, it happens. So don’t miss to make a proper wedding guest list and take RSVPs, it’s crucial, believe you me!

3. Cabs


Well, you arranged for proper cabs for your wedding, but at the last minute there was no cab for you to go to the parlor. The last thing that you would want for your wedding is getting late for your parlor or not able to go to the parlor because the cab you arranged is not there……. ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE! Isn’t it? Yeah, you arranged cabs but you forgot to assign them their duties and you are likely to run out of cab for your own self. Trust me!! So, don’t miss to have a designated cab with a driver for yourself.

4. Designated drivers

Whatttt…..!! All your cousins and friends who you thought would drop your guests’ home, especially the ladies gang are all lying drunk. Just imagine what will be your situation…… And there is nothing surprising about it, because it happens quite often. People tend to drink, your friends and cousins equally want to enjoy your party. Having two or three designated drivers won’t be enough. So, don’t miss to plan a transportation for your guests as a separate line item in your to-do list of wedding planning. In fact, better would be to have designated drivers beforehand or local cab service booked in advance.

5. Lipstick

Oh, don’t be surprised with lipstick in the list!! Don’t forget that you will be eating, drinking, and kissing all throughout the day – at the ceremony. No matter which brand of lipstick you have applied, even the best ones get smudged – you will definitely need to reapply lipstick.

6. Make-up


Yeah, like your lipstick, you can run out of your makeup also, especially if your wedding is in summers. The biggest drawback of summer wedding is running makeup…. So, you always have to have a small make-up pouch ready with your bridesmaid or maid of honor to give touch ups in between. Of course you’ll never want to pose with running make-up. After all, your wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event and so are your wedding pictures! You can get anything but getting wedding pictures is next to impossible. So, keep a small makeup kit handy.

7. Wedding Accessories

Wedding accessories like your shoes, sandals, safety pins, hair pins etc. This is very normal, especially in Asian weddings. In India it’s a culture that groom’s shoes will be stolen by the girls’ party and will only be returned when the groom will give them hefty amount. But in some cases, the groom’s shoes get miss. So, arrange for another pair of shoes. Brides should also have a pair of additional sandals, you never know when something goes wrong and you end up having broken sandals at your wedding. Safety pins are most common. Keep them handy in your makeup pouch, so that you can use them in case of emergency.

8. Sanitary Pads

Now you would be thinking why you even need them…. I don’t know whether you know or not, but our body reacts to stress. You may be expecting your periods after a week or so, but wedding planning is a stressful task, and mostly brides are super stressed on the day of their wedding. And stress affects our biological system too. So, keep sanitary pads also handy in your makeup kit. “Prevention is always better than cure” I read it when I was small and I follow it to date, how about you?

9. Exotic Cocktails

Exotic Cocktails

Very common item! In fact, you must have seen this many times in other’s weddings. But most often this is happens when you make a self-serve bar and have not arranged for a professional crew of bartenders. What cocktails should be served? However, vodka and rum are easy to predict – but what to mix them with, how to manage that? So, it is wise to either arrange for a professional bartender to handle the bar, or to have someone (licensed and knowledgeable) from your group to take care of bar at your wedding. Having an inexperienced for taking care of bar is as equal as to have a self-serve bar ☺ ☺

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10. Games


Wedding games have become popular these days. Every couple wants to have some games at their wedding, so that their guests do not get bored or are engaged in some activity. But, believe you me, you can run out of them too. Well, there will be two scenarios. Scenario one: when your wedding guests are not at all familiar with each other. In this case, they will most likely spend a lot of time playing those games, and chances are some of your guests would not be able to play them as others might not leave their seats. Scenario 2: When all your wedding guests know each other or will get to know each other very quickly. In that case, everyone will get drunk too quickly, and miss on quality entertainment.

11. Water bottles

It is also a common item that most couples can run out at their weddings. Usually, wedding guests take water bottles and after taking a sip or two, they leave their bottle there only. Now again when they feel thirsty, they grab one more bottle. Likewise, if all or most of your guests do so, you will surely run out of water bottles at your wedding. So, make arrangements for enough water bottles.

12. Time


Yeah, time! Couples do run out of time for the entire wedding program of the day. And there are so many scenarios though. It usually happens when a couple plans too many things for the day or when there are too many rituals and small ceremonies lined up for the day. Scenario one: when your wedding is going to be a traditional one, and you plan all your ceremonies for your wedding day only. It’s going to be really hectic for you. So, make sure you finish half of the tradition a day before.

Scenario two: when you plan your bachelorette/bachelor party just a night before your wedding, the last thing you would want is to get late for your wedding. If you’ll have your bachelor/bachelorette a night before the wedding day, chances are that you will get heavily drunk at your bachelorette/bachelor and it would be difficult for you to wake up on time the next morning. And then you will end up rushing and running at your wedding.

Scenario three: your wedding photographer came late. This may happen, so it’s wise to give the right time to the photographer and tell them to be available at the venue at least an hour before, meanwhile he can click a few pictures of venue and décor as well.

Scenario four: you went for a trip for your bachelorette/bachelor party. And you were planned to come back the night before your wedding day. While coming back due to unexpected weather conditions or some other reason, your flight got canceled or postponed or arrived late. You’ll be late for sure. Same like movie Hangover!! ☺ ☺

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13. Gifts & Rewards

Yeah, it happens quite often! If you have planned to give some reward to the guests for participating in wedding games, and more guests participated than you expected, you’re more likely to run out of rewards for your guests. So, it is good to arrange for rewards in good quantity, also, not necessarily these rewards should be costly. You can even choose to give something that is usable and that your guests can keep it as a keepsake of your wedding. Or some eatables will also do!

14. Rose petals

Rose petals

Rose petals are required for the ceremony as they create a great sense of celebration and luxury. But the fact remains, they are pricey and are perishable. So, make sure you get exactly what you need, and have Rose petals delivered the morning of the wedding (not the night before). Also, make sure you get more than you think you need. The more petals you have, the more luxurious the wedding celebration will look.

15. Wedding toasts

More often than not, only parents of the bride and groom, along with the maid of honor and best man prepare for the toast. Even then, some of them miss their toast, due to lack of time or maybe they didn’t get a slot for the wedding toast. So, make sure that the maid of honor tell the MC ahead of time about all the wedding toasts. Also, tell MC the kind of toast they’ll be making and how long it will take. The MC will schedule all of them at the appropriate time slot – either separately or as a couple.

In some cases people won’t even come to give a wedding toast, and you may run out of people willing to go for a toast. Usually, people avoid giving toasts due to the fear of public speaking. So, makes sure you assign toasts ahead of time. And, have the MC practice the toast with the guests beforehand, so that the toasts are succinct, cogent, and interesting. See in advance that the MC’s schedule have any and all “key” toasts, so that space for 2-3 unplanned toasts can be left.

16. Wedding music

Wedding music

Due to wedding planning stress and lots of work for the wedding itself, some couples tend to forget about the reception music. They just book a DJ for their reception and leave everything on him/her. And they end up having the same boring tracks running at their wedding also, which usually a DJ runs in almost all the weddings as “signature” music. So, if you want to have a great music at your reception, and you want all the songs are of your choice and are liked by your wedding guests as well. Then, it is crucial that you make a list of songs beforehand and give it to your DJ in advance. So that he only plays what you want and not what he already has been playing.

17. Wedding shots

Some couples run out of wedding pictures, like couple shots, portraits, family pictures etc. Sometimes a couple hire a photographer and in order to save money on wedding photography they hire photographer without an assistant. One photographer can take care of how many things at a time??? THINK!! It will be very difficult for a sole photographer to capture wedding venue, wedding guests, couple portraits, etc. So, have a wedding photographer with an assistant. So that the assistant can take pictures all the secondary pictures and primary pictures like couple shots, stage shots, and other important shots can be taken care of by him.

Also, make time for couple photography. Make sure you plan ahead of time for the couple photography and give the slot to your photographer in advance. If you don’t do so at your wedding, you will have nothing special to cherish after your wedding is over. There is no point of spending a fortune on your wedding and having no good pictures…. Remember, your wedding photographs are the keepsake of the biggest of your life that will be cherished by your generations. Have the best wedding pictures.

18. Champagne


Yes, most couples run out of champagne at their wedding. Literally they do! First your wedding guests will drink champagne while waiting for the ceremony to start and then they will drink during the cocktail hour as they will be waiting for the reception to start. Again, you and your guests will be drinking champagne during the wedding toasts throughout the evening. By the time the cake is served, what you realize is that you are completely out of champagne. So, make sure you arrange for about three times the amount of champagne that you were initially planning to have. That way you won’t run out of Champagne!

19. Wedding cake

More often than not, the moment cake at the wedding is cut, wedding guests are ready to eat a lot of it. And the next morning, there is no sign of the wedding cake for you to have something sweet to remember the previous day. So, it’s better to get a separate small-sized cake – probably decorated simply, delivered at the same time as the main cake but kept in the fridge until the next morning, for you and your spouse to enjoy.

20. Patience & Endurance

Last but not least, “PATIENCE & ENDURANCE” are something that most couples, especially the brides run out of at their wedding. Yeah, we understand that planning and preparing for a wedding is a stressful task, and you have had many months of stress until the D-day. Also, chances are that things that you planned for your wedding may not happen your way. There are certain things that can go wrong during your wedding, guests getting late, décor is not up to the mark, ACs not working at the event etc.

But that’s all is okay, as long as you know that YOU TWO matters the most is your wedding, and rest can be fixed and if not fixed at least can be managed with. No matter what goes wrong at your wedding, maintain your calm and be patient. Understand that sometimes things don’t happen our way, and whatever way they happen we have to accept the situation, without letting our special events affected by these small things. Don’t forget the main purpose of your day, in the process. Spend your day the way you have always dreamt, and ignore everything else that doesn’t go according to the plan. Just chill and have a lot of fun at your wedding!!

Thanks for reading!!

I hope this post helps you organize your special day wonderfully and have a great event to cherish all your life. Also, if you think I have missed something or you have any tip, do share it with us, using the comments section below!

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺