Things that you should never do at someone’s wedding as a wedding guest

Things that you should never do at someone’s wedding as a wedding guest

We all love to enjoy weddings. In India weddings happen with full zeal and pompous. It’s like a festival in India, where guests from several different locations come to attend the wedding. However, few of them become the topic for conversation, because of any reason, from wearing an odd looking dress in a simple wedding or becoming insanely uncontrollable after having few pegs of alcohol. Reason could be any, of course, you would never want to be some such guest at your friend’s wedding or your relative’s wedding for sure. If not, then here’s what you should never do at someone else’s wedding as a wedding guest.

1. Do not ever carry along extra people

Of course, you might be invited with family but you do not have any right to carry along your friends and outsiders other than the people who are actually invited to the wedding. For instance, your wife and kids are not able to make for the wedding, that’s absolutely fine you can go alone as well. But taking somebody else in place of your family, especially those who are not known to the couple is not wise. You need to understand that people aren’t interchangeable and nobody wants to have a surprise guest at the wedding.

2. Do not talk bad language or harsh language with the wedding staff

It is crucial, more of than not, people when highly drunk or otherwise also lack basic manners. It is seen that some people do not treat staff members well, they behave badly with them as if they are their servants. Well, you don’t have any right to spoil other celebration by mistreating wedding staff at the event. Be polite with them too, they are humans and deserved to be treated as humans only, irrespective of their job, class, and profession!

3. Do not create scene while cocktail hours

More often than not, people tend to create scenes after having few pegs of alcohol. If it is how you behave every time you get drunk, then it’s better to avoid drinking in public events. At least, you will behave properly and your hosts will be happy to see you decent at the wedding. There is no point to create chaos in somebody else’s wedding celebration. And still if you really want to have drinks then have them in control, as much as you can handle not beyond that. You may find it normal, but others would never!

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4. Do not wear something uncomfortable

Weddings in Indian set up are typically family oriented. You will find all the middle aged and old aged people attending a wedding. And in that if you wear some odd dress like a one piece dress with broad back or body hugging dress will definitely look odd. You will catch everyone’s attention at the wedding, and these people won’t see you because you are looking beautiful, instead they stare at you because you are looking odd because of your attire. I am sure, you do not want to be a center of attraction or a topic for conversation at somebody else’s wedding.

5. Do not distract the music band

People at wedding often tend to distract music bands or DJ people. It’s not good believe me. Distracting them and preventing them from doing their job is not good for anybody. They feel bad and it then impacts the whole celebration. Let them do their job properly, don’t interrupt every now and then. If you have some specific demand as such, you can tell them in advance either, or tell the coordinator to take care, but don’t disturb the band directly.

6. Do not grab table décor

Table decors for table only and not for grabbing, not even after the wedding is over. And you have to know that every time you grab a table décor at any wedding. Anything that is placed on the table may be rented and needs to be returned after the wedding is over. If you will take that along the hosts will have to bare the loss, which is not wise at all!

7. Do not hinder wedding photographer’s path

More often than not, people get so excited during a wedding that they start to create hindrance in the path of the wedding photographer. They become photographer themselves. Yeah, mostly guests start reaching the stage with their camera phones and iPads, and blocking and impeding the wedding photographer’s view. It is not done at all, you may not know but the couple will pay a hefty amount for wedding photography services, and what is the point if photographer won’t be able to capture major moments of the wedding.

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8. Do not make awkward comments on other guests

Some people are really fond of making or passing awkward comments to others. They can pass comment on anything from somebody’s dress to eating style. It is not intelligent or funny at all. You may find it funny but making fun of other people is not funny, it is considered as an insult. Deliberately insulting someone is no fun at all.

9. Do not move here and there during the wedding ceremony

You may be tempted to be present everywhere at the wedding, but you need to know that moving here and there will only cause trouble for other people, especially if it has a large gathering. Yeah, be seated, and if you really see some old friend of your at the event, wait for a while, let the person get accustomed, then you can proceed!

10. Do not just jump onto the food items

Of course, whatever is been served will be served to everybody. It is highly recommended to have patience at the wedding. Some people really look like eating for the first time the moment something is served. They will just crush your feet and jump onto the food item in order to grab it as fast as they can. It looks as if this is the last time the dish will be served. It’s okay man! Behave! It is very important to behave properly at the wedding.

11. Do not be rude to other guests, especially kids

Yeah, we all know kids are a little naughty and they can’t sit in one place. But you need to understand that being rude to them won’t help you anyways. Sometimes people behave rudely with other guests, due to any reason. May be the person you just met at the wedding is the one who you had a fight with, but it’s not your place, it is somebody else’s wedding. You can’t simply spill out your grudges at the wedding. Keep them aside, even if you don’t want to talk, simply avoid and carry on!

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To pan out….

These are the pointers that you have to consider while you attend somebody else’s wedding. It is always good to enjoy and let others also enjoy the wedding. Any small mistake of yours can cause trouble to the hosts, which is not wise. Remember, hosts are already under immense pressure during a wedding, it’s in fact a great gift to give them by making your presence decent and sober at the wedding!

Try to make your presence enjoyable at any wedding and not a burden!