What are The Things Not to Do When Wedding planning?

What are the things not to do when planning a wedding?

There will be many things that you are already aware of not doing when Wedding planning. However, there are certain things that most couples miss to avoid doing when they plan their wedding. The things that you should not do when you plan a wedding. In this post we are sharing with you all those things that you should avoid doing while planning a wedding.

Here is a list of 25 things that you should not do when planning a wedding…

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1. Avoid not making a wedding budget

Avoid not making a wedding budget

Believe it or not, preparing a wedding budget is as crucial as your wedding itself. No matter what, you need to make a wedding budget before you plan your wedding. Having a budget help you manage your wedding related expenses in your budget. Also, having a budget help you save money that you may otherwise spend on something which is not required.

2. Avoid choosing venue before the guests list

Only when you know how many people you are expecting at your wedding, or you have clear idea about the size of the wedding you are planning to host, it is good to book a wedding venue. Booking a venue before you have a guest list can be a real problem later.

3. Avoid inviting people who are not in touch for a longer time

Avoid inviting people who are not in touch for a longer time

Remember, each guest at your wedding will cost you money. What is the point inviting people who you are not in contact with or don’t talk any further. Your wedding should include people who you feel are important and will add to the celebration. Inviting people for the sake of invitation is not worth it. So, invite only those who you feel are important.

4. Avoid going on crash diet

Many couples, especially brides, go on a crash diet in order to lose weight faster. Know that it is not worth it! You have to be very careful about your diet. Going on a crash diet can cause immense weakness in the body. Also, it will impact your face as well, you may have a dull face, which will affect your bridal look finally. Have a proper regime, which includes healthy diet and exercise.

5. Avoid not hiring a separate cab for the bride

Avoid not hiring a separate cab for the bride

If you think that you will manage in somebody else’s car on the day of your wedding, then you are mistaken. There will be a lot of things to manage on the day of your wedding, perhaps the person you think will be able to make time for you may get stuck somewhere else and you may get late for your parlor appointment. It is not worth a choice. Better hire or arrange a separate cab for yourself for the day of your wedding. Also, have a chauffeur driven cab.

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6. Avoid doing last minute DIY projects

There is no point that you are keeping yourself busy in DIY projects just a day before your wedding. Make sure you do it very well ahead of the D Day. As there will be many other things to do on the day of the wedding.

7. Avoid not assigning duties

You are a human just like everybody else, and you have a certain capacity to do things, and after that you also get exhausted. Wedding planning journey is going to be a bit stressful and sometimes chaotic. So, it is always good to assign duties to people who you think would be able to perform properly.

8. Avoid not reading the contracts before signing on the dotted lines

Avoid not reading the contracts before signing on the dotted lines

More often than not, it is observed that couples in hurry miss to read the contracts. They simply believe what their wedding vendor says and sign the contract, later they regret. You don’t need to follow the trend. Instead, read all the contracts thoroughly before signing it.

9. Avoid planning it all alone

Your wedding is a team work. You and your spouse-to-be are the most important part of the team. Therefore, it is crucial that you plan your wedding with your partner. Discuss everything in detail with your partner, this way your partner will feel good, and he/she would be able to give in his/her inputs as well.

10. Avoid planning bachelorette or bachelors’ party just a day before your wedding

Avoid planning bachelorette or bachelors’ party just a day before your wedding

Bachelors’ party or bachelorette party just a day before your wedding is not a great idea. Sometimes hangovers take time to go! Therefore, it is crucial that you have all the bachelor’s fun at least three to four days before your wedding. This way you will have enough time to prepare yourself for the final day.

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11. Avoid getting trapped by the Pinterest/Instagram

Since we are in the era of technology, for anything the first thing we do is – scroll down the internet. Of course, you would also do the same thing before you actually start your wedding planning. You will come across endless photos of inspiring wedding details on Pinterest, Instagram, or some other social media handle. However, it’s not a bad idea to get inspiration online. Once you have got the idea what sort of wedding you want to host, then you don’t need to scroll down it any further. Stick to your decision religiously.

12. Avoid being unrealistic

There will be many inspirational ideas on Pinterest or Instagram that will entice you badly. But the point is you have to understand that whatever is shown in the picture is not easy for your vendors to create exactly the same. It needs a lot of money and effort for the same. You may be asking for too much in too little budget, which is not wise. Or perhaps you won’t have enough budget to have everything that you pinterested. So, it’s better to be realistic and plan your wedding accordingly that goes well with your story!

13. Avoid not sticking to your wedding budget

Avoid not sticking to your wedding budget

Another big mistake that most couples, especially brides do is – not sticking to their wedding budgets. It is not at all wise, I tell you! You have to stick to your wedding budget religiously no matter what. Buy only what you think is needed, don’t buy things out of excitement or spend money on things which are not required.

14. Avoid not preparing list

It is crucial that you prepare a list of items that you have to buy for your wedding. Not having a list may lead to unnecessary expenditures.

15. Avoid not imagining your wedding in the first place

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you should always have a clear idea about how you want to host your wedding. It is the first thing that you should do before you start your wedding planning. Doing this will help you host a wonderful wedding that too in your budget.

16. Avoid scheduling your waxing or manicure pedicure for the wedding day

Avoid scheduling your waxing or manicure pedicure for the wedding day

See these are the things that you should schedule at least four to five days before your wedding. Scheduling waxing, manicure pedicure session on the day of your wedding will disturb your entire wedding schedule, which is not wise.

17. Avoid sending invites when you’re drunk.

Your wedding invites should only be sent when you are not drunk. You may get enticed to invite everybody and anybody while you are sitting at the bar, but later you are going to regret your decision. As, you may find that you invited people who you don’t know so well or never planned to invite them.

18. Avoid stacking your pockets on the day of your wedding

It is especially for grooms, you have your mobile and other items that are of course, important for you, but you cannot stack them in your pocket on the day of your wedding. Trust that stacked pockets not only look bad, but also spoil your wedding pictures. So, it is advised that you give your mobile and other items to your friend or sibling.

19. Avoid forgoing marriage license laws.

Avoid forgoing marriage license laws

Every country has different marriage laws. Whichever country you are living in make sure you research the marriage laws of the particular state well in advance. Delaying it or waiting for the last minute is not a great idea. Because you will need to apply for your marriage license. So, you will need to register for it beforehand.

20. Avoid finalizing your wedding outfit without trial

You may get enticed to see a wedding gown or a wedding tuxedo. But it is crucial that you try it before you actually buy it. It is crucial because, the gown that you liked may not fit you well or perhaps it does not look so good on you. So, it is essential that you buy your wedding attire only after wearing it.

21. Avoid buying a bigger size or smaller size wedding outfit

You may perhaps be excited to see a wedding gown which is either bigger or smaller than your size, don’t buy it! Avoid buying outfits which are not perfect to your size. Wearing a very tight gown at the wedding will lead to discomfort. While wearing a loose gown will create another type of problem. So buy a right fit wedding outfit. It will also impact your pictures at the wedding.

22. Avoid losing temperament

Avoid losing temperament

As said earlier, wedding planning journey is a stressful task, and sometimes it is very exhausting also. You might encounter situations during wedding planning when you will feel too overwhelmed, frustrated, or extremely exhausted. But you have to maintain your calm. And that can only be maintained when you know that some things are not in your hand. You need to know that you can’t please everybody, that perfection is an illusion, that whatever is not in your control should not disturb your peace of mind.

23. Avoid not spending quality time with your partner

You may be very busy with your work and wedding planning, but it is equally important that you make time for your partner as well. You two should make time for each other, spend some time with each other. More often than not, couples get so busy in the process that they start avoiding each other, which is not wise. After all, your wedding is about you two!

24. Avoid taking things too seriously

Some things may not work the way you wanted them to. It’s okay! Sometimes it happens, you don’t need to take everything so seriously. For instance, your florist may not be able to arrange for the same flower that your friend arranged at her wedding, it’s okay! You can go with something similar or maybe something that matches with your wedding theme perfectly.

25. Avoid delaying hiring wedding vendors

Last but not least, remember that the best wedding vendors are booked first. And if you will delay booking them, then you may end up hiring some mediocre or maybe less professional wedding vendor for your wedding. So, it is recommended that you book all your wedding vendors the moment you have your wedding date and the size of the wedding.

To conclude…

So, these are the things that you have to miss to have a mistake-free wedding planning and wedding. Avoiding these mistakes will definitely help you host a great wedding that you will cherish all your life.

Happy Wedding…☺ ☺