Wedding Bands for Women

Wedding Bands for Women

For centuries, wedding bands have been used as a symbol of commitment. During the medieval period, the groom would present an expensive ring to the bride to showcase his commitment to the marriage. In addition to representing holy matrimony, the ring holds memorable moments that you and your soul mate have shared during your time together.

Wedding bands are a symbol of your love for your spouse. These bands symbolize that you are in a committed relationship. Wearing your band shows that you are open about it and are always willing to let the people around you know about it.

A wedding band also serves as a reminder to your partner of how much you value them and love them. Your wedding band connects you to your partner. It is one of the most important jewels in a couple’s life that they love to flaunt at all times.

Wearing a wedding band signifies attachment, love, and affection. It shows that you are attached to the person you are married to and that they have significant value in your life.

If you also think the same and are willing to buy a gorgeous wedding band for your wife-to-be but are not sure where to start from, then this post is for you.

Here is our list of the 15 best wedding bands for women. It includes wedding bands featuring classic and contemporary designs that symbolize enduring partnership and commitment.

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15 Unique Wedding Band Rings for Women


1. Gold Wedding Band Ring

Gold Wedding Band Ring


This wedding band ring is a one-of-a-kind Tiffany creation of unrivaled beauty. It is made of 18k gold and is 4.5mm in width. It’s a sophisticated band designed for those looking for a simple wedding band.

You can even have it engraved with your initials or a design of your choice to add sentimental value.

Price: £980

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2. Platinum Wedding Band Ring

Platinum Wedding Band Rings

If your fiancé is not a Gold person, then here is a platinum wedding band for your love. This band is 6 mm wide and offers a beautiful look for those who love to have simple yet elegant bands.

Price: £1,800

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3. Diamond Nesting Narrow Band Ring

Diamond Nesting Narrow Band Ring

If you want to impress your love of life with a diamond band, then here it is—a classy piece of jewel for those who love elegance.

This diamond nesting band has v-shaped accents. This band is ideal for those who prefer a stack of diamonds to a single diamond band ring. This sophisticated band will undoubtedly appeal to your partner. It is 3 mm wide and made of platinum encrusted with brilliant round diamonds.

Price: £2,075

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4. Rose Gold Diamond Ring


Rose Gold Wedding Band Rings

Another beautiful piece to entice your partner with. A tapered band delicately cradles brilliant round diamonds in 18k Rose gold.

Price: £2,075

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5. White Gold Diamond Ring

White Gold Wedding Band Rings

If you want your would-be wife to flaunt a wide ring, then this is the piece to opt for. Your partner would love this elegant and classy wedding band.

This beautiful piece features a perfect blend of graphic angles and clean lines. The letter T is traced in striking pave diamonds on this ring’s bold, alternating links.

This 5.5 mm wide band with .99 Carat total weight is made of 18k white gold and encrusted with round brilliant diamonds.

Price: £5325

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6. Nesting Narrow Wedding Band Ring

Nesting Narrow Wedding Band Ring


If you want a wedding band with minimal aesthetics, this is the piece to go with. This nesting band ring with v-shaped details is the ideal ring to opt for. This band is 3 mm wide and made of 18k gold, and it has a delicate appearance.

Price: £735

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7. Platinum Band with a half-circle of round brilliant diamonds

Platinum with Half-circle Wedding Band Rings



If a diamond band is your first preference, then consider this one. This Tiffany wedding band ring in platinum features a half circle of round brilliant diamonds. It measures 2.2mm in width and weighs.27 carats in total.

Price: £3450

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8. Diamond & Ruby Band Ring

Diamond & Ruby Band Ring


This Tiffany Embrace band ring lives up to its name, with dazzling round brilliant diamonds and round rubies held close in a platinum shared-prong setting that goes unnoticed between the gemstones. This platinum band is 3 mm wide, making for a stunning wedding band.

Price: £4250

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9. Rose Gold Band Encrusted with Diamonds

Rose Gold Band Encrusted with Diamonds

This 18k rose gold wedding band ring with pave diamonds combines beauty and elegance. It has a total carat weight of.42 and is ideal for putting on your partner’s finger. An expensive band but a worthwhile piece of jewel to showcase your love to the love of your life.

Price: £10,700.

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10. Alternating Ring by Tiffany

Alternating Ring by Tiffany

This ring Alternating ring is made of platinum and features Marquise diamonds with Round brilliant diamonds, making it a stunning piece of jewelry. Tiffany Victoria uses a one-of-a-kind blend of cuts for a distinctly romantic sensibility. This beautiful ring epitomizes luxury.

So, if you’re looking for a classic wedding band with style and luster, this is the one to opt for.

Price: £14,400.

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11. Full Eternity Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Full Eternity Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds

A simple and dainty wedding band for modern brides who are not scared to flaunt their relationship. This band ring is made of 18k yellow gold and features a full circle of round brilliant diamonds totaling.37 carats.

Price: £3275

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12. Circle of Diamonds

Circle of Diamonds Wedding Bands Ring

This 18k Rose Gold Band with a full circle of round brilliant diamonds makes for an excellent wedding band ring for brides. This wedding band is 2 mm in width and has a total of .38 carat weight.

Price: £3175

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13. X Closed Narrow Ring

X Closed Narrow Wedding Band Ring

The beautifully crafted 18k yellow gold band features delicate Roman numerals inspired by the Atlas X collection. A wonderful piece of jewelry for taking control of your time and cherishing what is most important. Made of 18k yellow gold, this 3 mm wide stackable ring is the best thing you could ever give your future wife.

Price: £850.

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14. Tiffany Jazz Rose Gold Band

Tiffany Jazz Rose Gold Wedding Band Ring

18 carat rose gold wedding band with a full circle of bezel-set round brilliant diamonds for every bride who has both class and style. Your partner is going to love this beautiful design for sure.

Price: £4200.

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15. Platinum Band with Round Brilliant Diamonds

Platinum Band with Round Brilliant Diamonds

If you want the best of both worlds, this Platinum band ring with round brilliant diamonds is the way to go. This 3 mm wide band exudes elegance and grace.

Price: £1725

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The Bottom Line

So that brings us to the end of our list of the top 15 women’s wedding bands. There are wedding bands in every price range on the list. You can select the one that best suits both your partner’s style and your budget.

Keep in mind that it’s not always about how much money you can spend on a wedding band. You must make a well-considered purchase when purchasing a wedding band. When purchasing a wedding band for your partner, you must consider her preferences, metal selection, stone selection, and her personality. Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas for what to get your better half.

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺