Wedding Trends: 2023

Wedding Trends- 2019

We all have already witnessed few big weddings in the year 2018, almost all taught us the bigger is better. Indian weddings already come with that mandate but more so now than ever, unusual designers, exotic destinations, personalized details and have created the road map for the future. Moreover, it is only going to get better and larger now!

A summer wedding season has just started, wherever you go you will find the decoration, the music, band etc. Moreover, this year also we are anticipating some unique and beautiful wedding ideas for this wedding season. While predicting wedding trends is always lot of fun, as you get to know new, fresh and wonderful ideas. Our idea of bringing new trends to you is not to make your wedding day an endless catwalk of the latest style and the most alternative ideas, but, at the same time we don’t want it to be traditional and timeless either. This article is for all those who are going to get hitched this season, to make your wedding a perfect one which will portray your personality, and have a great time pulling it all together!

Whether you’re looking at a big fat celebration or an intimate affair, a classic theme or a royal one, a traditional or a spiritual ceremony, in the captivating world of Indian weddings, the options are endless to go for such as Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood-Bollywood version of a royal wedding, Anushka’s and Deepika’s exotic destination wedding, and Sonam Kapoor’s star-studded grand nuptials. 2018 can be perfectly called as the year of celebrity weddings in India, as most of the big fat weddings were witnessed during the year. Also, each high profile celebration spearheaded the wedding trends of 2023 for future brides to just mimic.

Well, we understand your dilemma when it comes to your own marriage. Every couple wants their marriage to be a perfect fairly-tale, a celebration which people will remember for years. And to help you plan the beginning of your new life most efficiently, we bring this article to you, to help you with everything from designers to decorators, photographers to caterers, in the country and outside too. Here are few best wedding trends in 2023 from location to gifting options, outfits to jewelry options, venue to photography options, food to decoration, music to caterer and anything else you can think of. Here we go…

The wedding location – First and foremost

First thing first, the wedding location will be the first thing which will come in your head the moment wedding bells will start to ring. Also, the only non-negotiable aspect that’ll have the biggest impact on your overall planning is the wedding location or destination. Your wedding destination will set the tone for the celebrations ahead. Because of Bollywood celebrities like Anushka and Viraat, who got hitched at most scenic location Tuscany, Italy and not to forget the powerful couple of Industry Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, who got hitched in Idyllic Lake Como, or if we see the A-listers like Isha Ambani, whose pre-wedding ceremonies in Udaipur set new heights for what a big, fat Indian wedding should look like. However, couples are now looking for newer, extremely popular, less explored locales to get wed-locked.

So, seeing the level of keenness couples have for their wedding in distant location, there are many interesting avenues opening up in places like Istanbul, Doha, Bahrain, Bali, Fiji, Croatia, Greece, Sri Lanka, Como, Mykonos and Vietnam and many more are predicted to be International Locales for destination wedding this season. If someone wants to be in the homeland only than nothing can be more beautiful than the God’s own country Kerala, Kodaikanal, Ooty in South. Besides that Rajasthan, Himalayan region, Rishikesh, Mussorie, Chopta, Dehradun, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, Shimla, Manali, Kasauli, Kasol, if the wedding is going to be spiritual then Bodhgaya. Like that there are several locations to explore for the couples now.

Trends in Wedding Venue Decor

We are in the era of newness and freshness in everything we do, be it a wedding also. These days even couples don’t look their wedding decor to be minimalistic as in olden times with some hanging garlands, draped stage backdrops, red colored velvet covered chairs for bride and groom and delicate veils, no, no more! In fact wedding couples want that the venue and the decor needs to have an impact. If by any chance you saw Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s wedding pictures, their name behind wedding design. Today, bold wedding designs are used, where the decor makes a statement, and it is the newest trend. No we can see many larger-than-life floral installations and lots of mirrors, all designed to a massive scale, and is the latest decor trend.

Besides modern wedding decor, there are couples who are looking to bring back traditional design elements like silver candlesticks, crystal stemware, linen napkins, flower wall etc., and give a timeless touch to their wedding. Another way out for having a beautiful decor on your wedding is to have highly sustainable or up cycled decor. Couples are emphasizing on doing larger but more thoughtful set-ups for a smaller guest size, which is a great change in the trend itself. Trends are created by game changers who thrive by being experimental and pushing the envelope. And you can be the one!!

Bridal wear trends in 2023

It is believed that every wedding tells a unique story, if it is true than believe me, the bridal outfit is the proponent. And when it is about choosing the bridal wedding outfit, than tradition takeover trends just like in case of Isha Ambani’s wedding lehenga, which was embellished with a piece from her mother’s wedding sari. More often than not, many brides now are opting for more traditional lehengas over modern ones. In fact, some are now not even hesitant to bring out their heritage outfits, borrowed from their mothers or grandmothers, and then remaking them. And, that really works well today!

Even the designers agree to this unusual trend and they are also bringing unique bridal wear ideas which are working really well. You can in fact see a revival of traditional craft techniques with an element of story telling. Even the millennial brides are sticking to the age-old traditions when it comes to their wedding day ensembles. Designers are using indigenous techniques such as boning and sculpting and playing around with fabrics to get the perfect bridal wear in system. Furthermore, even in new age environment the originality and innovation is not going out of trend, is not compromised at all.

Wedding season 2023 has lot in its store to present to the new brides, such as intricate hand embroidery with floral and bird motifs, thread work featuring zardozi, mixed with pastel silk threads and sequins along with 3D embellishments and much more. These styles will be a big trend in the year 2023. Also, hand-woven and hand crafted sarees are going to be a biggest hit in 2023.

For the color palette in the 2023, wedding season will include a bottle green. As it is believed that bottle green is an interesting shade for a bride to wear at her wedding or maybe at her sangeet. Besides that fabrics in warm Indian colors and jewel tones and hand-woven eco-friendly silks, along with more muted tones will be a trend. Moreover, designers do believe that neutral pastels or sophisticated pastels such as Pale Pink, Ivory, Ecru and Silver will rule 2023, along with the Greys and Champagnes that would make a case for trendy colors as they just stand for their sense of simplicity. Also, besides color combination, silhouette and design for show-stealing ensembles will be emphasized this season.

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Bridal jewelry trend in 2023

Just imagine a bride without the right trinkets. It seems that for 2023, bold and maximalist styles will be in trend just like Priyanka Chopra Jonas neck piece for her Delhi reception. On the other hand, many brides are giving importance to the classic jewelry on their wedding, just a way to embrace their roots.

Now the style and pattern has changed, trend is bringing more of layering, and mixing and matching in wedding jewelry. In 2023 wedding jewelry will be all about piles of layering and stacking for a vintage, regal allure with lots of mix-and-match gemstones and diamonds for a larger-than-life look. A great way to re-use and up-cycle the pieces post the nuptials.

If it is going to be a traditional wedding than besides meenakari pieces, ‘Aadh’ choker necklace can be a perfect choice for a traditional bride. Cool hues will be more popular, as more and more brides are going for meenakari in shades of turquoise, and gemstones such as deep aquamarine tanzanite paired with perfectly graded pearls—a must have for a bridal closet.

Bridal Makeup Trend in 2023

Well, no bride these days are interested in having those age-old fake eyelashes, glittery eye shadows and heavy makeup base. Gone are those days, now brides are looking for natural shades of make-up base, they are more inclined to show off their bridal glow with minimal and natural makeup. And why not, the natural is better! 2018 was tried-and-tested to experimental year. Like Deepika Padukone’s matte finished look for her Lake Como wedding, Priyanka Chopra’s “less is more” makeup, and Sonam Kapoor’s natural look with minimal makeup spelled the typical Indian bride.

The power of red lips is going to be in trend this wedding season, just as Sonam Kapoor did. Besides a lot of neutrals, red lips and smokey eyes, along with the red matte lipstick is going to make a big comeback in 2023. Moreover, classic red lips paired with subtle highlighter on the skin is another best way to go for brides. And experimenting with a silver foil effect for your cocktail or reception can also be a trend for others to mimic, I am sure!

Bridal Hair Trend in 2023

As the wedding day is the most vital day for every girl. Most importantly, Indian weddings are totally different from western ones as their dressing, style of wedding, customs and trends are totally opposite to their trend. Every bride wants to look perfect on her day. And one’s hairstyle can make a huge difference in overall look. Just like Indian weddings, Indian braids are very trendy and traditional, they look amazing on their bridal outfits. Just add some flowers, hair accessories, and jewels that adds more beauty to the braid. Anything can go from a side-braid to french braid, tail braid to cross braid, khajori tail braid to fishtail braid and waterfall braid etc., for a bride. Almost all the braids are in trend in 2023. Because surely the bride will wear jhummar and tikka that will make an overall addition to the look.

Otherwise, brides with long hair and open hair lover can go with wet curly hair on one side, and add flowers in curls to look really beautiful. Or else making a crown on the top of bride’s head, and remaining hair with curls then the style is complete. Moreover, classic buns and updos are still in fashion as they complete the bride look along with the jhummar, tikka and all other head jewelry accessories appear amazing and elegant with buns. Also, putting a flower on the bun will look gorgeous. Moreover, flowers with head accessories will be in trend in 2023 for a perfect bridal look.

Groom’s Wedding Outfit Trend in 2023

When we talk about wedding attires, it seems to be more of a bridal thing. But it is not so now, wedding is now special for both bride and groom. Even grooms today want to look their best. Grooms may have comparatively less options for that matter but still hold equal importance in a wedding. After all, how can our grooms stay afar from those amazingly stylish attires? A bit of show off is mandatory in an Indian wedding. Unlike old times, grooms today are equally concerned about their looks and attires on their wedding. They want to look their best in the wedding. And that’s how it is…..

Each function holds some importance in an Indian wedding and a nice reason to flaunt for one and all. Indian groom outfits can be categorized in a wide range of styles from silhouettes to pattern cuts. Men wedding wear has too much to present today, grooms can have a unique style statement of the details unlike the old times when only different fabric were used for getting a sherwani or kurta stitched.

Now grooms have varieties to choose from, for almost all the occasions from engagement to reception! More often than not, wedding suits are widely worn attire for grooms, at least in one function you will see a groom wearing formal suit. But now designers are coming up with variations, hence, there are various options available for the grooms to choose from, for almost all the occasions from pre- wedding celebration to a reception party. There are sundry choices to make from very Classic style to a Designer Sherwanis, Jodhpuri Suits to Bandhgala Coat suits in motley of deep colors with a little embroidery work on shoulder.

Earlier, mostly grooms preferred to wear sherwanis on their wedding day as it looks good and very well go with the theme of the wedding. Now grooms are choosing the wedding attire with the theme of the wedding. However, age-old yet maroons and goldens look beautiful till date, the first choice of any groom used to be the combination of maroon and golden. But, now with the changed time, grooms are switching to different colors which represent their personality well. Such as kurta payjama with matching details or contrasting shade. Shades of Greens, Pinks, Yellow, Orange, and White are in trend in 2023 and can go very well in small ceremonies like mehndi and sangeet

Besides that more focus is given on elements, like matching sherwani matching element on it like kalgi, Dupatta, Turban, Safa. Matching elements with the brides outfit is in trend in 2023. Just like Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi’s bridal element coordination where he wore pink turban and Neha is wearing pink dupatta, which overall enhanced their personalities and bringing uniqueness in color coordination.

Wedding Invitation Trend in 2023

The simpler the better, yes it is going to be the invitation trend in 2023. Well, if you are looking to inject a romantic touch to your wedding invitation card, then turning to nature for inspiration will be the best takeaway this season. Budding blossoms, lush leaves and chirping birds on save your dates would be the perfect idea this season. Couples these days are focusing on floral and tropical themed invites, whether it is a traditional or a destination wedding. Even couples these days are leaning towards spring-inspired shades as the backdrop for the pattern and design, since, the color palette in 2023 is going to more of pastels. Also, digital wedding customized invitations will be preferred more this season, as more and more couples are going eco-friendly.

Wedding Gifts Trend in 2023

It is going to be a season of personalized gifts and favors. 2023, is expected to the time of mindful gifting. This wedding season couples will prefer instead of going for same old approach of giving confectionery or dried fruits, couples may consider a carefully-curated wedding favours that will tell more of their wedding story and guests can even have it as keepsakes. And, for one who is a hard core traditionalist, who’d like to stick to edibles, then artisanal teas or gourmet coffees in elegant, handcrafted wooden or tin packaging, may be complimented with accessories like tea sets, infusers, or mugs for an after-use value! In fact, you can easily find myriads of ready-to-gift and customizable gifting solutions in the market.

Wedding Food Trend in 2023

Organic produces are coming forward this season. “Molecular gastronomy cuisine” for weddings will be a big hit this season. As more and more couples are preferring to go for organic food items.

Wedding Cake Trend in 2023

Wedding Cake Trend in 2019

Trend is now shifting towards a combination of naked and semi-naked cakes, embellished with artificial flowers, subtle use of gold foil and edible gold paint, from the old ubiquitous, all-white, three-tiered cakes. Moreover, cakes will also see reinvention in terms of shapes, colors and most importantly, flavors.

Wedding Entertainment Trend in 2023

So far entertainment is concerned, it is expected that entertainment events that remove the stage and directly involve the guests with the theatrical environment are going to take over this season. These are active forms of entertainment, which allows guests to experience the drama, action and intensity at their own pace, and also ties it in with the theme of hosting a bold, impactful wedding. However, artist- or celebrity-led dance and musical performances, or a DJ will still keep the tempo high.

Wedding Color Trend in 2023

In 2018 we all witnessed jewel tones including, but in the upcoming year, we see a lot of bright and rich colors coming in to 2023 weddings. Bright, sunny, pinky-orange color named ‘Coral’ are going to be most preferred colors this season. Best hues to incorporate into a day wedding, expect amazing pictures with them.

However, for a night wedding these hues or colors like emerald, burgundy, and turquoise will be seen in all elements of the wedding ceremony and reception, including decor, cakes, dresses, flowers and wedding invites.

Wedding Veil Trend in 2023

Deepika Padukone at her Mumbai wedding reception and then Priyanka Chopra at both her Hindu and Christian Palace wedding seen swooning over 75 feet long veil, simply giving a royal feel.

Intimate Wedding Trends in 2023

Couples are looking forward to intimate and smaller weddings in 2023, as couples today choose to invite only few close people from family and friends, in order to optimize their wedding budget. Not only this is good for better experience, but also a correct move to save money on wedding and spending it on honeymoon!

Wedding Bridesmaids Style Trend in 2023

If by chance you noticed Priyanka Chopra’s bachelorette on her Instagram. Her bridesmaid were perfectly in style in unison, the best coordinated outfits at her wedding.

Bridal Wedding Entry Trend in 2023

Bride entering the wedding venue under a Phoolon ki Chaadar is going to take over this wedding season.

Wedding Mangalsutra Trend in 2023

Brides are preferring simple Mangalsutras these days just like Deepika and Priyanka flaunted them with designer gowns, and Sonam wearing it simply out of the way on her wrist as a bracelet and making a difference as usual.

Wedding Personalized Trend in 2023

Priyanka at her wedding took personalization to another level with her Ralph Lauren dress and her lehenga. Do you know, the red Sabyasachi lehenga that she wore on her wedding day had names of Nick Jonas and her parents sown into the waistband in Hindi. Besides, Ralph Lauren had Jonas mother’s wedding gown sown into the dress, with that eight special phrases embroidered onto it, including the details like groom’s name, her parents’ names, and the date of the wedding. Also, she wore matching Louboutin X Sabyasachi jhuttis. If you also want to mark the difference than 2023 is the best season to do that as, couples are already giving the Indian weddings a new dimension altogether.

Wedding Photography Trend in 2023

Gone are the days of patterned poses and patterned wedding photography. Now couples have too much to explore when it comes to wedding photography. Even couples are ready to give a try to new ways and ideas when it comes to their wedding pictures as they also know how important their pictures are going to be forever. Their pictures are actually their mementos for the lifetime.

There are several wedding photography ideas from candid photography to documentary photography, classic to vintage, black and white to aerial and what not. These days even photographers too are ready to explore more and more photography ideas to give their clients best of their wedding memories.

Wedding Couple Poses Trend in 2023

This season couples are going to explore myriads of photograph poses from their pre-wedding shoot to their wedding such as Standing face to face, Standing very close, standing with an arm around her neck, sitting with an arm around her neck, standing with his hand on her cheek, sitting hand on his chest pose, so on and so forth… (We have an article here specifically written on couple poses). This season all the poses will going to be close-up shot of a moment.

Wedding Photo Book Trend in 2023

Wedding Photo Book Trend in 2019

Once your wedding is over then the biggest thing you look for is your wedding album, what make it look its best are the photographs in it. Those photographs of your wedding are incomparable, your timeless memories which whenever you flip take you back to the moment when you both said your vows…When you said yes, I do. A wedding photo book is sacred book as it is the harbinger of your big day; a wedding photo album is something which takes you down the memory lane whenever you flip through the pages of your photo book.

This season more of candid and documentary styled photos are going to take over. One which a couple can have as keepsake of their wedding forever. The wedding photo book is going to be a detailed story of a couple’s life this season.

To conclude…

Well, these are few wedding trends which are going to take over this wedding season. If you think we have missed out something, please do not hesitate to share the missed out trend. We will be glad to add them to our list… ☺ ☺

However, whatever you feel like doing in your wedding is all possible as now people are readily accepting the change and very much ready to apply them to their own weddings unlike the old wedding system, where things were fixed!!

Happy Wedding!! ☺ ☺

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