Wedding Trends You Will See Everywhere in 2024

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If you’re looking for wedding trends, you will see them everywhere in 2024. Personalized details will be more prevalent than ever. That’s because many couples marry later in life and want their big day to reflect whom they’ve become as adults. With this trend comes an increased emphasis on personalizing everything from invitations to table settings.

1. Eco-friendly traditions

One of the most eco-friendly traditions is composting flowers, which helps to keep the environment clean. Another tradition that will be increasingly popular is organic food for guests to enjoy during their wedding reception. Recycled decor can also be used in place of traditional confetti tosses or table favors made from plastic bottles, which helps reduce waste and dependence on non-renewable resources. Finally, wedding gowns made from recycled materials are also becoming more common!

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2. Weddings that look like concerts

Weddings that look like concerts

If you’re looking for a wedding theme that will be on trend in 2024, think of weddings that look like concerts. You can have your reception at a music festival or art gallery, and your guests wear costumes they make themselves. This is also an excellent way to honor your loved ones or want some extra attentive-the movie-themed weddings

  • Wedding movies: Many couples are taking inspiration from the movie industry and using it to create their unique wedding reception. For example, you may see a bride and groom walking down the aisle in a transparent plastic tunnel while they’re greeted by movie characters like Han Solo or Princess Leia.
  • Destination weddings: If your love story isn’t based on where you live or what kind of food you like, why not have your wedding there? For example, if one of you grew up in New York City but now lives in Los Angeles with family members who also live out west (you get the idea), this could be an excellent way for everyone involved to share memories without having any obligations attached. Plus, since many people think about planning their big day over long distances these days—especially since it takes so much time away from work—why not make some new memories along with some old ones?

3. Weddings that ‘smash the patriarchy’

If you’re planning a wedding, there’s no better time to break away from tradition and make it your own. In other words, patriarchy means that men have more control than women—and this can be seen in almost every aspect of our lives: politics, religion, business, media, and even intimate relationships.

Weddings are often steeped in traditions reinforcing this power structure (think white dresses or black-tie affairs). While these may seem harmless at first glance because they’re just old fashioned customs we’ve come to love over time—they shouldn’t be taken lightly! Wearing an extravagant dress doesn’t mean you’re inferior or submissive; instead, it signals your acceptance into society as someone who deserves respect simply because they exist within its ranks! And if you want people to see your personality through, see clothes, then wear something fun with attitude instead of trying so hard not to look like yourself.

4. Lilac, even for the suit

Lilac is the most popular color for weddings in 2024. This shade is a classic, feminine, romantic hue that complements a variety of hues. People expect to see it everywhere when they attend their friends or family’s wedding ceremony.

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Lilacs are versatile enough to work for all seasons. So whether you need an extra splash of color during springtime or want something more subtle for winter, lilac will be there waiting for you! The muted tones make these flowers perfect for every event!

While many different shades of lilac are available today (including pastels), one thing remains true: this flower has been synonymous with love since the ancient Greeks first discovered its beauty around 400 BCE!

5. Destination Weddings

If you’re thinking about having a destination wedding, don’t let your friends and family members convince you that it’s too expensive. Plenty of beautiful locations worldwide can be used as a venue for your special day.

For example, if you want to get married on a beach or in front of an ocean view, Hawaii is one of the best places where this can be done at an affordable price! The same goes for other destinations like Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand; these countries offer stunning natural beauty and beaches where people marry yearly during summer vacations.

Destination weddings are becoming more popular because they allow couples who are close by closeby (or even anywhere) their dream vacation while also giving them something meaningful and memorable during their lifetime.

6. Food trucks as dessert stations

Food trucks are the new, hot trend, and they’re sure to be a part of your wedding. These mobile kitchens can travel to your location, giving you access to fantastic local food. They’re also an excellent way to showcase local businesses and their products.

If you’re planning on having a sidesplitting wedding (or want some good laughs), consider having food trucks as dessert stations!

7. Graffiti-inspired art as decor

Graffiti is a form of street art that uses spray paint and other tools to create images on walls, buildings, trains, and other surfaces. It’s been around for decades but has become more prevalent in recent years due to the popularity of hip-hop culture. The idea behind graffiti is that people who create graffiti express themselves or make a statement about their lives through their work. In addition to expressing yourself with your wedding design choices, you could do something unique by incorporating graffiti into your wedding party decor or making it part of the ceremony itself!

8. The sharp-shouldered look

The shoulder defines the sharp-shouldered look. It’s a modern take on the classic tuxedo, but with a more contemporary twist: no jacket or vest to cover those shoulders! Instead, this trend can be achieved by wearing well-fitted suits in bold colors, with clean lines and minimal patterning.

The sharp-shouldered look will be one of many wedding trends you’ll see everywhere in 2024—and it’s easy to get started on today! For starters, pick out some great suits from your store (or go surfing on the internet). Then take inspiration from these stylish outfits that you find there.

9. Camo for the wedding party

If you’re having a camo wedding, go for it. Camo is an excellent choice for the wedding party because it adds color and texture while also making a statement. Plus, the most important thing to remember when choosing camo attire: if any guests don’t like it (or even worse—think they won’t like it), then ignore them!

10. A bouquet of willow branches

Willow branches symbolize love and friendship and are easy to find in the spring. They make a beautiful bouquet, or you could decorate your wedding venue with them.

If you prefer something other than flowers, willow branches might be right up your alley!

11. Draped hoops with flowers

Hoops are a great way to create a focal point. They can be made from different materials, including paper, fabric, and metal. The type of hoop you choose depends on the kind of wedding you’re having and where it will be held. For example, if you have an outdoor venue or want your guests to be able to see the hoop hanging from above them as they enter the reception room, then it might be best for this particular event if you use something like paper or fabric instead because these materials are light enough that they won’t damage anything when being carried around throughout the day (and, night).

If your wedding is indoors, there’s no need to worry about any damage caused by transporting items around too much! So instead, we recommend opting for something durable but still lightweight, like metal ones, so that guests don’t have any trouble carrying them around during their time there too.

12. Rugs for the ceremony

Rugs can cover the floor, altar, seats, and aisle. But, of course, it goes without saying that they can also be used on the stage!

13. Fondant-free cakes

The cake is the centerpiece of any wedding, and it’s essential to ensure that your cake is as beautiful as possible. But if you want to save money and reduce waste, there are some alternatives for fondant-free cakes on the market.


One option is sugar paste—a type of frosting used for decorations like flowers or birds without using fondant at all! Sugar paste may not be as soft as fondant (which comes from eggs), but it does have some advantages: It’s cheaper than real buttercream icing because it doesn’t need lard or shortening; plus, there are fewer ingredients in sugar paste, so it’s easier on the environment too! And since there aren’t any eggs involved in making this stuff up yourself (or buying pre-made), there won’t be an issue with allergies either!

14. All current trends

  • The trend is to have an intimate wedding with just the two of you or your closest family and friends.
  • The movement is to have a tropical theme for your wedding.
  • The trend is to have a relaxed, non-traditional ceremony that doesn’t require much planning or attention from guests before the big day.


Keep this list handy next time you’re planning a wedding, and let it be your guide to help you get the best ideas for your special day. And remember—don’t forget to keep an eye out for those trends that we didn’t mention! We hope this article on wedding trends you will see everywhere in 2024 was helpful.