Everything You Need to Know About Micro Wedding in 2024

micro wedding

As the name says, a micro wedding is a small-scale wedding celebration. You must have heard of such weddings for sure. With more and more couples opting for micro weddings, this kind of marriage is becoming popular.

Gone are the days when couples used to love celebrating their special day with a lot of people. These days they prefer to host a more intimate kind of celebration with just their loved ones. Besides being budget-friendly, micro weddings offer numerous other benefits. Here in this post, we will discuss everything about micro weddings, from what is a micro wedding to tips to host a perfect micro wedding.


Micro weddings are primarily concerned with the scale or size of the wedding. Often they are referred to as intimate or private marriage celebrations that involve inviting fewer guests to your special day. People confuse micro weddings with elopement. However, these weddings fall between an elopement and a small traditional wedding.

Due to the coronavirus social distancing mandates, micro weddings have gained immense popularity. They are a perfect solution to the drastic adjustments that have taken place in the wedding industry lately.

Typically, micro-weddings 2022 involve no more than 20 guests, including closest family members and a few friends. Micro weddings are similar to large-scale traditional weddings as they include identical features organized in a smaller capacity.

Here is why micro weddings are popular amongst modern couples:


There is no doubt that almost every industry, including the wedding industry, was significantly impacted by the big event of 2020, i.e., the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the Covid-19 safety restrictions, wedding numbers have been considerably reduced, resulting in the increased popularity of micro weddings globally.

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It’s not like micro weddings are a new concept introduced during the pandemic. But yes, it gained fame during the big event of 2020. Not every couple was ready to postpone; there were plenty of them ready to say ‘I Do’ even with the smallest number of people in attendance.

Wondering why?

Scroll down to see why micro weddings are gaining popularity…..

1. Micro weddings are budget-friendly

We all know that weddings are costly affairs. Large-scale weddings cost too much that sometimes couples borrow money or take loans for their special day. Borrowing money at the beginning of your new life is not wise; it may lead to a financial crunch. Know that financial crunch is one of the major reasons for sour relationships just after marriage.

Micro weddings are budget-friendly

Not only are micro weddings pandemic-friendly, but also they are budget-friendly and intimate celebrations. Micro weddings are excellent solutions to have pocket-friendly weddings, reducing your financial outgoings. Believe it or not, budget plays a key role when it comes to hosting a wedding of your dream.

The coolest thing about micro weddings is you can host a lavish wedding in your budget by increasing your price per head budget. With a micro wedding arrangement, you will chop off all your unnecessary expenses. For instance, if you have to arrange for your guests’ transportation. In case of a large-scale wedding with 100 or 150 guests, you’ll need to arrange a big bus. In the case of a tiny wedding with 15 people, three sedans or one 15-seater cab is just enough. Likewise, there will be many such expenses that you will avoid bearing with a micro wedding.

2. Micro weddings reduce stress

With wedding planning comes lots of stress, which of course, each couple wants to avoid. The larger the size of the wedding, the larger will be the level of stress. Of course, there will be numerous things to take care of before, during, and after the wedding.

More number of people simply means more number of complaints. That’s a no-brainer that some wedding guests are really cranky and are good at creating scenes. With a micro wedding arrangement, you will simply cut off on all those complaints and cranky guests, leading to stress.

3. Micro weddings are cozy affairs

Each couple wants to celebrate their BIG day in the most peaceful and cozy way with their loved ones. With a large number of invitees, hardly have you got time for yourself and for your loved ones. Having too many guests and no time for loved ones is not the perfect idea for marriage.

More often than not, large-scale traditional marriage celebrations become formal events. Some couples find declaring their love in front of a huge crowd really unnecessary. They simply want to celebrate their special day with just a few people who love them, give them the space to enjoy each other. Tiny weddings are a cozy affair; you get to enjoy the true meaning of the day. Saying ‘I Do’ in front of those who really matter to you makes the whole experience mesmerizing.

4. Micro weddings save time

Time is the most precious element that we all yearn for. Usually, after getting engaged, couples don’t get time for themselves. They get tied-up in wedding planning. They look after everything, from the wedding venue to wedding attire, guests list, wedding favors, etc., to make their wedding a perfect dream wedding.

Micro weddings save time

The bigger the guests’ list, the larger the responsibilities. With a micro wedding, you simply downsize your responsibilities, thereby saving a lot of time. For instance, there are fewer invites to post out, fewer menu choices to arrange, fewer table favors and name tags to sort, fewer responses and questions to deal with, and so on. You end up reducing a whole host of things on your to-do list and saving a lot of time you can spend with the ones you love.

5. Micro wedding allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones

The smaller the gathering, the more the time to interact and have fun! Instead of your day being a steady stream of welcomes, goodbyes, and guilt that you couldn’t properly attend your guests, a micro wedding allows for a more relaxed vibe. You can have a quality conversation and a great time with your wedding guests.

6. Micro weddings make for perfect destination weddings

Of course, hosting a destination wedding with a larger number of guests is not possible technically. Moreover, it will simply add to your wedding cost. However, destination weddings are more conducive with less than 20 guests.

You can host a unique wedding in any luxurious location of your choice. A destination wedding simply doubles the fun. Not only will your guests enjoy your wedding, but also they will have a great break from mundaneness.

7.  Micro weddings let your creativity soar

We all desire to celebrate our big day in a unique way. Large traditional weddings bring in a whole host of formalities and responsibilities, making creativity to soar a little difficult. But micro weddings offer couples the freedom to think outside-the-box and let their creativity soar.

Micro weddings let your creativity soar

There is no pressure of hosting a wedding a certain way. You can make your day totally unique without having to bother about what others would think. You can host a simple wedding in a temple or a lavish micro wedding on a cruise.


The budget of your micro wedding totally depends on you! For some couples, it is a great chance to host a wedding on a tight budget. In contrast, others consider it an opportunity to have a royal celebration and maximize their price per head budget.

However, a budget-friendly micro wedding will range from as low as $1,000 to $10,000. That’s significantly less than the large-scale traditional wedding ceremony, which is estimated to be more than $35,000 on average.


Micro never mean to have a simple wedding. You can always host a praiseworthy wedding in an intimate way. However, you will always have your friends, relatives, etc., to dehort you to host a large-scale wedding. You don’t need to listen to others if you really want to host a small-scale wedding.

Remember that the type of your wedding should be your sole decision. Many people might get hurt when they don’t make it to your guest list. But the truth is, you can never meet others’ expectations in such wedding setups. Here are the tips for hosting a great micro wedding that you will cherish all your life:

1. Plan your perfect day beforehand

Whether you plan to host a large traditional wedding or an intimate marriage, planning is the key to a successful celebration. Make sure you plan your day ahead of time. Just because it’s a small celebration does not mean that you need less planning. However, the truth is that a small celebration requires better planning, and there are many areas to consider.

2. Set your micro wedding budget

Whether you host a small-scale wedding or a large-scale wedding, setting a wedding budget is imperative. Start your wedding budget planning by making a checklist of all the vital details, like wedding photography, music, venue, wedding attire, invitations, flowers, food, etc.

Make sure you spend your money wisely, keeping in mind your budget and your requirements. You can allocate your budget like this:

50-52% of total budget to reception
8-10% for attire
8-10% for flowers
8-10% for entertainment/music
10-15% for wedding photography and videography
2-3% for invites
2-3% for wedding favors
And 5-8% for miscellaneous items (This is for surprise expenses which may arise unexpectedly)

3. Take your time to plan everything

Wedding planning is not a one-day job; you need to spend a good amount of time on it. You may find yourself feeling exhausted; however, planning your wedding in an organized way will allow you to have enough time to complete all the tasks. You don’t need to rush anything, rather do things one step at a time. Take your wedding planning easy ☺

4. Book your vendors

Even when you’re hosting a micro wedding, you’ll need to book your vendors. Your wedding vendors should be your most trusted experts during the planning process. So make sure you do a lot of research and spend enough time before booking your vendors.

Have an honest conversation with your vendors. For instance, if you are meeting your wedding photographer, see his gallery before booking him. Having clarity in the first place will help you get the best job from your vendors. And yes, be frank about your budget too.

5. Be organized

Well, it goes without saying that being organized helps go a long way! Make sure that you save all the important numbers of your vendors on your phone. Have all the correspondence with your vendors in one folder. Also, the person coordinating should have all the numbers saved on his phone. Your vendors should even know the one point of contact as you will be busy with the wedding chores. All this will help you have a memorable wedding celebration!!

6. Craft your guest list wisely

Truth be told that you cannot meet everybody’s expectations in a micro wedding. It may cause you to have some disappointed relatives and friends. So it is recommended to make your wedding guest list wisely.

Of course, you cannot invite everyone and anyone to your micro wedding. Be very selective while making your guests list. Agree on the number of people you wish to invite and discuss the options between you and your fiancée.

The best way to craft a guest list for a micro wedding is – give first priority to your immediate family members. After that comes your close friends, it is always recommended to have those who you really want by your side on your special day, who knows you best, who are close to you, who is going to make you smile, who will be happy for you as you embark on your new journey, and appreciate the invitation.

7. Be creative

Creativity plays an indispensable role when it comes to hosting an awesome wedding. If you’re hosting a night wedding in winters, get creative with the lighting. You can consider using a blend of candlesticks, chandeliers, pillar candles, dreamy fairy lights, and Edison bulbs. You can even create a gorgeous, sparkling effect with warm white tones. At the same time, candles will help you bring physical warmth to a small space.

8. Choose the venue that meets your requirements

A micro wedding doesn’t mean that you can host it anywhere just like that. Even a micro wedding needs to be hosted in the right venue. Of course, the wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. No matter its size, everything from your wedding attire to your wedding venue plays a significant role in making it worthwhile.

Choose the wedding venue that you feel meets all your requirements. Do make a visit or two before finalizing your wedding venue. And if you’re hosting a destination wedding, make sure you do enough research before booking your venue. Thanks to technology, you can always take a virtual tour of wedding venues in case of faraway wedding locations.

9. Take very good care of your guests

Your guests are important; they come first! Think about each and every guest and their convenience. For instance, if you’re hosting a destination wedding, ensure beforehand that all the guests are provided with rooms. You can even have customized gift hampers in the rooms considering your guests’ convenience.

10. Sate your guests with luscious delicacies

Food plays a vital role when it comes to hosting a wedding that is memorable. Small scale wedding doesn’t mean having any food items at the event. Just like a large traditional wedding, you’ll need to work out your micro wedding food menu.

If your budget allows, you can even have an opulent food fest. Work with your caterer to plan a meal that is luscious and seasonal, keeping your guests in mind. Avoid having heavy and stodgy food items on your menu.

11. Don’t miss to create a wedding registry

Irrespective of the size of the wedding, you still need to create a wedding registry! Often couples avoid having a wedding registry when hosting a small wedding. But it’s not wise. The wedding registry is needed, as your loved ones would want to contribute to your special day!

12. You don’t have to do it alone

Just because you are planning an intimate wedding doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask for help. Usually, couples tend to handle everything by themselves, which leads to stress and exertion over time. A coordinator can always be a great help to you. Of course, you must pay attention to details to make sure that everything is taken care of.

13. Bridal styling is still necessary

A micro wedding doesn’t mean to compromise on your bridal styling. You have to be careful about your wedding attires, too—scout for perfect wedding attire. You can buy it online or offline. There is no hard and fast rule to dress code for a micro wedding. Go as extravagant or simple as your wish!

Don’t fear to splurge on the designer bridal attire! You can easily afford a designer dress due to the micro nature of your wedding. All you have to keep in mind is the season and theme of your wedding.

14. Chuck the rules

The coolest thing about a micro wedding is the flexibility of planning a micro wedding. You can have your wedding in your own style. You don’t have to go by rules when planning a micro wedding. If you don’t wish to follow some rituals, just chuck them. You don’t need to satisfy cultural demands.

15. Make the best memories

Even if you wanted everything perfect in your wedding, still some things didn’t happen your way like the floral you wanted couldn’t be arranged don’t worry it’s perfectly fine as you two are essential not these petty details. Focus on what is important and not on what is not so important. Make the best memories of your wedding; remember, you can’t control everything anyway.

16. Be happy

Last but not least, be happy! You don’t have to think about what others would say about your wedding. Once you have made your mind to host a micro wedding, just stick to it. Do what you feel is right for your wedding! If you feel happy to have an elaborative celebration, do that. And if a simple wedding is what you have always wanted, let it be simple then.

The style and theme and everything about your wedding should be your choice. You don’t need to be influenced or dissuaded by others. What matters the most is your happiness! So, be happy!!

I hope this post helps you host a wonderful micro wedding! Just like the one that you have always dreamt of!!

Happy MICRO Wedding….. ☺ ☺