30 Best Candlestick Centerpiece Ideas for Weddings

Everything about a wedding has to be carefully considered, and centerpieces are essential in establishing the mood. A classic option, Candlestick Centerpiece provide elegance and adaptability to go with any wedding theme.

Whatever your style—classic romanticism, contemporary minimalism, or a quirky touch—there’s a candlestick centerpiece out there to suit. This blog will look at 30 gorgeous candlestick centerpiece in wedding ideas to help you design table settings that will make your big day seem a little more cozy and charming. Let these concepts elegantly and stylishly brighten your wedding décor.

Here are the best Candlestick Centerpiece in Wedding

1. Rustic Wooden Candlestick Centerpiece

A combination of tall and short wooden candlesticks give this candlestick centerpiece, which is ideal for a rural wedding, a rustic, earthy appeal. Burlap accents and wildflowers combine elegance and the beauty of nature with ease. This configuration adds coziness and warmth to barn weddings and outdoor locations. Using many wood treatments and stains may improve the rustic charm and give each table a distinct look. The care and attention to detail in this endearing, rustic display will be much appreciated.

2. Elegant Crystal Candlestick Centerpiece

Crystal candlestick centerpieces provide a magnificent focal point and a hint of luxury. Beautiful light refraction from these centerpieces adds a glitter that heightens the elegance of the event. When combined with tasteful flower arrangements, they add refinement to the tablescape. Ideal for formal settings, its glittering presence enhances expensive table sets and exquisite china. Crystal’s traditional and sophisticated appeal guarantees that your décor will always wow guests and give your event a feeling of grandeur.

3. Vintage Brass Candlestick Centerpiece

Wedding tables are made nostalgic and charming by vintage brass candlesticks. Romantic situations benefit greatly from the warm, golden tones that they provide. These centerpieces ooze elegance and history when combined with lace table runners and subdued flower arrangements. Perfect for settings with a historic or old vibe, they provide a timeless quality. Aged brass’s patina intensifies the real old feel and creates a very unforgettable wedding décor.

4. Modern Geometric Candlestick Centerpiece

Modern weddings may have a contemporary touch with geometric candlestick centerpieces. These minimalistic centerpieces with their clean lines give table settings a creative touch. Succulents or monochrome flowers look great with them. These centerpieces, which are perfect for urban settings, highlight contemporary elegance and clean lines. Guests who like contemporary design will find your décor to be chic and cutting edge thanks to the geometric designs and metallic accents.

5. Romantic Rose Gold Candlestick Centerpiece

A beautiful and opulent accent to wedding tables is the rose gold candlestick centerpieces. Rose gold’s warm, pink tones provide elegance and gentleness that are ideal for a celebration full of love. Together with delicate lighting and pink or white flowers, these centerpieces provide a magical, dreamlike ambiance. Perfect for outdoor weddings or romantically themed locations, the rose gold finish goes well with a variety of color schemes, making your décor seem sophisticated and alluring.

6. Glamorous Black Candlestick Centerpiece

A dramatic and glitzy accent to wedding decor are black candlestick centerpieces. Modern and dramatic, black candlesticks contrast sharply with white or vibrant flowers. These centerpieces are perfect for nighttime weddings or locations with a refined, elegant atmosphere. Together with crystal or gold accents, they heighten the opulent atmosphere of your event and create an impact that your guests won’t soon forget.

7. Whimsical Floral Candlestick Centerpiece

Elegant candles and the beauty of flowers are combined in floral candlestick centerpieces. These centerpieces have a whimsical, garden-like atmosphere from flower arrangements entwined with candlesticks. Ideal for garden or outside weddings, they give table settings a hint of the natural world. A romantic ambiance is enhanced by the union of gentle candlelight and blossoming flowers, which also celebrates the beauty of nature and makes your wedding décor captivating and colorful.

8. Minimalist White Candlestick Centerpiece

Perfect for minimalist weddings, white candlestick centerpieces are elegant and simple. White candlesticks with their clean, clear appearance and monochrome flowers or foliage provide a calm, elegant atmosphere. Beautifully simple, these centerpieces are perfect for beach or contemporary weddings. Guests who value subtle elegance will find your décor fresh and uncomplicated thanks to the eternal appeal of white.

9. Rustic Antler Candlestick Centerpiece

An unusual, naturally inspired touch for wedding tables are rustic antler candlestick centerpieces. The rustic, wooded atmosphere of these centerpieces is created by combining candlesticks with antlers. A hint of raw charm and unspoiled beauty, they are ideal for outdoor or mountain weddings. The antler centerpieces draw attention to your décor with their unique, daring flare combined with florals and foliage.

10.Vintage Silver Candlestick Centerpiece

A little bit of old world charm is added to wedding decor with silver candlestick centerpieces. Their understated, classic style looks well with refined flower arrangements and antique accents. Perfect for official or conventional settings, these centerpieces have an ageless elegance and charm. Silver’s reflecting property makes the surrounding illumination more brilliant and lovely. Including historical and opulent silver candlesticks gives your wedding décor a really unique touch.

11. Eclectic Mix-and-Match Candlestick Centerpiece

For a distinctive, customized appearance, this eclectic mix-and-match candlestick centerpiece blends many designs, sizes, and finishes. Using this method enables you to combine rustic, old, and contemporary components to create a lively and eye-catching table arrangement. Perfect centerpieces for artsy or bohemian weddings, they showcase your originality and inventiveness. Together with a variety of flower arrangements, they provide depth and color, creating a vivid and unique wedding décor that will enthrall your guests.

12. Gothic Black and Gold Candlestick Centerpiece

Wedding tables are dramatically and lavishly enhanced by Gothic black and gold candlestick centerpieces. Black candlesticks with gold highlights provide a dramatic, opulent contrast. Perfect for themed or nighttime weddings, these centerpieces create a sensual and enigmatic ambiance. Together with deep crimson or purple blooms, they heighten the gothic grandeur. This audacious move guarantees that your décor gets seen and leaves a lasting impact on guests.

13. Coastal Driftwood Candlestick Centerpiece

Beachy, carefree wedding décor is enhanced with coastal driftwood candlestick centerpieces. Driftwood’s inherent beauty paired with candlesticks produces a calm, nautical ambiance. Ideal for weddings on the beach or by the sea, these centerpieces heighten the coastal motif. The peace of the ocean is reflected in their pairing with shells, sand, and blue or white flowers. Driftwood gives a distinctive, organic touch that makes your wedding décor really quaint and welcoming.

14. Glam Gold Candlestick Centerpiece

Wedding tables are made a little more opulent and luxurious with gold candlestick centerpieces. Their golden, sparkling color underlines the beauty of every scene. Beautiful and sophisticated, these centerpieces are perfect for formal or lavish weddings. Rich, jewel-toned blooms or luxuriant foliage make a dramatic visual statement when combined. Gold is always in style and will keep your décor lavish and elegant, wowing visitors with its majestic splendor.

15. Country Mason Jar Candlestick Centerpiece

Wedding tables may appear charmingly rustic with mason jar candlestick centerpieces. Mason jar rustic charm and candlestick elegance are combined in these centerpieces. They provide a warm, earthy atmosphere and are ideal for barn or outside weddings. Their rustic charm is enhanced when paired with basic flowers and twine decorations. Mason jars are quite versatile, so you may make many imaginative changes to make your wedding décor unique and warm.

16. Fairy Tale Book Candlestick Centerpiece

Wedding tables are made whimsical and literary with book candlestick centerpieces. With their books piled with candlesticks, these centerpieces evoke a fantasy world. They provide a wonderful feeling of fairytale enchantment to quirky or literary weddings. Flowers and old book covers add to the magical atmosphere. Book enthusiasts will adore this unusual concept, which also gives your wedding décor a distinctive, creative touch that will make it really memorable.

17. Bohemian Dreamcatcher Candlestick Centerpiece

Dreamcatcher centerpieces give wedding tables a free-spirited, bohemian atmosphere. Dreamcatchers and candlesticks mix in these centerpieces to provide a whimsical, creative appearance. They provide a little bohemian enchantment to outdoor or boho weddings. They look great when paired with wildflowers, jewelry, and feathers. Dreamcatchers’ elaborate patterns provide texture and visual intrigue, creating a one-of-a-kind and magical wedding décor.

18. Industrial Metal Candlestick Centerpiece

The sleek, contemporary edge of industrial metal candlestick centerpieces adds to wedding décor. Clean lines and simple motifs on the metal candlesticks in these centerpieces give them a modern appearance. They are perfect for industrial or urban settings because they provide a sophisticated and fashionable touch. They look great paired with succulents or basic flower arrangements. Stylish and long-lasting, the metallic finishes and robust structure will wow visitors with its elegant simplicity.

19. Classic White and Greenery Candlestick Centerpiece

Candlestick centerpieces made of white and greenery evoke both traditional elegance and unspoiled beauty. White candlesticks combined with abundant foliage give these centerpieces a classic, calm appearance. They are a lovely, natural addition for outdoor or traditional weddings. White and green together highlight the simplicity and purity of your décor. This traditional option guarantees classy and welcoming wedding tables that will captivate visitors with their inherent beauty.

20. Vintage Lantern Candlestick Centerpiece

Wedding tables are made rustic and old-worldly with lantern candlestick centerpieces. Candlesticks within old lanterns give these centerpieces a warm, cozy feel. They are nostalgically appropriate for outdoor or historic settings. Together with fairy lights and vegetation, they heighten the romantic atmosphere. Your wedding decor will be memorable and welcoming because of the distinctive style of lanterns, which provides visual intrigue and personality.

21. Art Deco Candlestick Centerpiece

Adding a little of 1920s glitz to wedding decor are Art Deco candlestick centerpieces. Bold geometric patterns and opulent materials give these centerpieces a chic, antique appearance. They bring elegance and flair to traditional or themed weddings. Rich flower arrangements, feathers, and pearls all add to the lavish ambiance. The classic beauty of Art Deco guarantees elegant and intriguing wedding décor that will wow guests with its glitzy allure.

22. Natural Birch Candlestick Centerpiece

Wedding tables are made naturally charming and rustic by birch candlestick centerpieces. Birch limb candlesticks give these centerpieces a rustic, wooded atmosphere. They provide a little of the natural world to weddings held outside or in forests. With moss, pinecones, and wildflowers, they heighten the rustic atmosphere. Your wedding décor will be lovely and unique because of the special texture and color of birch, which also adds authenticity and visual intrigue.

23. Classic Centerpiece of Pearl and Crystal Candlesticks

Pearl and crystal candlestick centerpieces have an ageless beauty and refinement. These centerpieces have opulent, sophisticated appearances thanks to pearl-adorned crystal candlesticks. Elegant or traditional weddings look great with them. Soft pastel flowers paired with them heighten the amorous mood. A timeless and sophisticated touch, the mix of pearls and crystal guarantees that your wedding décor is stunning and unforgettable, wowing visitors with its opulent beauty.

24. Whimsical Teacup Candlestick Centerpiece

Wedding tables are made whimsical and lovely with teacup candlestick centerpieces. Candlesticks arranged in antique teacups give these centerpieces a lighthearted, atypical style. They are whimsically perfect for weddings with a garden or tea party theme. They improve the lovely atmosphere when combined with little flowers and lace doilies. Your wedding décor will be very special and enchanted with the unusual pairing of teacups and candlesticks, which gives character and visual intrigue.

25. Tropical Palm Leaf Candlestick Centerpiece

The tropical, exotic feel of palm leaf candlestick centerpieces permeates wedding tables. Palm leaves around candlesticks in these centerpieces give them a rich, colorful appearance. These provide a little tropical paradise for beach or vacation weddings. Bright, tropical flowers paired with them help to create a dynamic ambiance. The striking green leaves provide a cool, organic touch that guarantees your wedding décor is colorful and welcoming, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of a tropical vacation.

26. Modern Concrete Candlestick Centerpiece

Wedding décor gets a modern, industrial flair from concrete candlestick centerpieces. The contemporary, minimalist design of these centerpieces is achieved by the concrete candlesticks. They provide a sophisticated touch to urban or modern settings. When combined with modest flowers or succulents, they improve the airy, put-together vibe. A distinctive, edgy touch, the robust, rough texture of concrete guarantees that your wedding décor is stylish and long-lasting, appealing to guests with its contemporary simplicity.

27. Rustic Barrel Candlestick Centerpiece

Wedding tables are made more charmingly rustic by barrel candlestick centerpieces. Little barrels adorned with candlesticks give these centerpieces a warm, rustic appearance. A hint of rustic charm, they are ideal for barn or outdoor weddings. When combined with burlap decorations and wildflowers, they heighten the rustic atmosphere. The distinctive shape of barrels gives personality and visual intrigue, making your wedding décor quaint and welcoming and enticing visitors with its real, rustic beauty.

28. Boho Macramé Candlestick Centerpiece

Wedding tables have a boho, creative twist with macramé candlestick centerpieces. Candlesticks covered in macramé give these centerpieces a quirky, textured appearance. Ideal for rustic or outdoor weddings, they provide a hint of bohemian elegance. When paired with wildflowers and other organic components, they heighten the bohemian vibe. Because macramé has such elaborate patterns, it gives your wedding décor a handcrafted sense and visual intrigue that will fascinate visitors with its creative beauty.

29. Garden-Inspired Terrarium Candlestick Centerpiece

The natural, garden-inspired touch of terrarium candlestick centerpieces on wedding tables is very lovely. Inside glass terrariums, candlesticks give these centerpieces a lush, green appearance. A little bit of nature, they are ideal for indoor or backyard weddings. Succulents, moss, and tiny flowers look great together. Terrariums’ distinctive design gives a contemporary touch and visual intrigue, making your wedding décor seem welcoming and new and enticing to visitors with its inherent beauty.

30. Classic Candelabra Candlestick Centerpiece

Wedding tables are made elegantly traditional with candelabra candlestick centerpieces. Grand and refined, these centerpieces include elaborate candelabras with many candlesticks. Both formal and traditional weddings benefit from their luxurious touch. Together with elaborate, luxuriant flower arrangements, they heighten the lavish mood. Candelabras’ classic appeal guarantees exquisite and unforgettable wedding décor that will wow guests with its sophisticated elegance.


How do I choose the right size candlesticks for my wedding centerpiece?

Think on the size of your tables and the general concept of your décor when choosing candlesticks for your wedding centrepiece. Whereas shorter candlesticks work best for more private situations, taller ones may provide drama and elegance to larger tables. Make sure the height doesn’t block views or discussion from your visitors.

What types of candles are best for candlestick centerpieces?

The most beautiful and traditional candles for candlestick centerpieces are usually taper candles. For a contemporary touch, you may also use long-lasting and safe pillar candles or even LED candles. To prevent interfering with the eating experience, choose unscented candles.

How can I ensure the safety of candlestick centerpieces at my wedding?

Use robust, readily tipping over candlesticks to guarantee safety. Set them on solid surfaces and think about using dripless candles or drip tray candle holders. Windproof candle coverings may prevent flames from dying out or creating dangers during outdoor weddings.

Can I incorporate flowers with my candlestick centerpieces?

Flowers can be elegantly included into candlestick centrepieces. Set little flowers in between the candlesticks or wrap floral rings or garlands around their bases. Make sure the flowers don’t overwhelm the candles, and go with the general color scheme.

How do I clean and maintain candlesticks before and after the wedding?

Dust any debris from your candlesticks with a mild cleanser before the wedding. Should wax have leaked after the event, freeze the candlesticks for a few hours to make the wax brittle and easier to remove. For a soft cloth to bring back their sheen, wipe them down.


A classic elegance and adaptable appeal are provided by candlestick centrepieces for every wedding theme. Vintage candelabras and sleek contemporary designs may both easily improve the atmosphere and provide romance and warmth to your event.

Candlesticks give your tablescapes a refined glow whether they are accented with flowers, combined with rustic accents, or left alone as minimalist statements. Because they can go with so many different types and environments, couples looking to create a magical and unforgettable ambiance enjoy them. Using candlestick centerpiece in wedding guarantees a charming and personal dinner experience that will stay with your guests.

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