20+ Reasons You Should Plan Your Destination Wedding in Cape Town

Find out top reasons why you should plan your destination wedding in Cape Town

Amidst all the wedding planning and arrangements, somewhere inside every bride and groom wants to just elope to some faraway land to say “I DO”. And reason could be any from celebrating their occasion in an intimate style to getting hitched in less theatrical and chaotic way, whatever… Your wedding is a once in lifetime event, and you should leave no stone unturned to make it an Destination Wedding in Cape Town unforgettable one.

If you are also thinking to host a destination wedding. Then, consider Cape Town. I will tell you why…

Believe you me, your wedding in Cape Town is going to be an amazing event!! Cape Town is for couples who are looking forward to get hitched in an amazingly unique setting! However, There are many International locations where couples these days prefer to say “I do” to their partners. But, Cape Town has something unique and special about it.

CAPE TOWN – Mother of South Africa!!

Cape Town, a port city on South Africa’s southwest coast, often referred to as the Mother of South Africa is on a peninsula beneath the Imposing Table Mountain. The city is known for giving birth to civilization. According to a Cape Town newspaper that was operating in the 1930s, Cape Town was the only city in South Africa that could claim to be a metropolis

If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the place, want to enjoy slowly rotating cable car rides climb to the mountain’s flat top, from where you can witness the beautiful views of the city, the busy harbor and boats heading for Robben Island, then Cape Town is the city. Cape Town is home to the notorious prison that once held Nelson Mandela, which is now a living museum.

Whether you want to get hitched amidst breathtaking beauty or in an urban setting, Cape Town has it all, the place is simply mesmerizing!! You and your guests will fall in love with the place, believe you me. If you are still not convinced with what I said…… then here are top 22 reasons, why you should plan your destination wedding in Cape Town.

Read on…..

Reason No. 1 City to have an absolutely stress free wedding

First things first, by planning your destination wedding in Cape Town you will eliminate a great deal of stress since the wedding is far away and only a few guests will be in attendance. Also, who so ever you want in your wedding, they are already there, so you don’t need to check on every guests and their accommodation.

Reason No. 2 Cape Town has something for everyone

The city has something for everyone, whether you are a backpacker or traveling with your family, you came here for some event or simply for excursion, or to attend a wedding or to get hitched, the city offers each one a one-of-its-kind experience to cherish forever. However, the city is swamped with hotels and five star properties but it also offers low-budget hotels and guest houses for people who have budget constraints. And there is a lot one can do in Cape Town and explore it to a great extent. Your wedding guests will have an excellent opportunity to have a great time in the city.

Reason No. 3 Cape Town offers a complete package for a great destination wedding

Cape Town makes for a complete wedding package with its gorgeous hotels and resorts, lively restaurants, distinct and vibrant culture, great shopping, and amazing architecture. Perfect for an idyllic, rich, and unique wedding in a gorgeous setting, whether in a forest or in a mountain.

Reason No. 4 Best for eco-friendly forest wedding

Believe it or not, but there’s something deeply magical about getting hitched in the grand majesty of the forest outdoors. The Elgin valley forests have been long adored by nature loving couples because of their lush greenery and sheer natural gorgeousness. It is a perfect place in Cape Town to get hitched in an outdoor setup, especially the ones who want an entirely outdoor wedding from start to finish. Cape Town eco-friendly destination wedding will not be an amazing experience for you, but also your guests will love to get lost in a magical forest.

Reason No. 5 City is known for its hospitality

Cape Town is not only known for its mesmerizing beauty, but also the place is known for its very friendly people. The infrastructure and service standards are class apart in Cape Town, the level of service you will get here will not be anywhere else. That’s how you get more value for your money per say. Besides its breathtaking greenery and mountains, which make for an unbelievable backdrop for your wedding, the hospitality is unparalleled here. People here will make your wedding an amazing experience.

Reason No. 6 Full of wedding planners and vendors

Planning a wedding anywhere in the world is easier than ever. Destination weddings are gaining popularity all around the world, which ultimately gave rise to many wedding planners, wedding vendors, and wedding sources. And, Cape Town makes it as easy as possible for you. The biggest reason for that is the country’s tourism and now wedding business has gained popularity, which led to the rise in resources, vendors and wedding planners in Cape Town. There are many agencies in Cape Town, these agencies can help you find the perfect wedding location in the city in your budget, book your reception venue, arrange hotel accommodation for your guests. Also, they ensure that all your and your guests’ needs are met at all times.

Reason No. 7 Perfect location for stunning pre-wedding and wedding photos

Perfect location for wedding photography

Wedding pictures are for lifetime, and you would also want to have the best wedding pictures. You can get the best pictures of your wedding or pre-wedding in Cape Town. Destination wedding in Cape Town will give you an opportunity to have the most memorable photo book of your wedding that you will cherish forever.

Reason No. 8 Destination wedding in Cape Town will be a memorable event for one and all

Not just you but your wedding guests will also never forget your wedding in gorgeous Cape Town. Destination wedding in Cape Town will give your wedding guests and loved ones the opportunity to escape their everyday lives and enjoy the celebration. Whether your wedding is a two-day event or a week, your wedding gives them something to look forward to. Your wedding in Cape Town will be a reason to holiday for your wedding guests. They will plan everything from their clothes to their itinerary, while you handle the logistics and bookings. They will have all the fun of a vacation at your wedding that will include food, drink, parties, and friends—without having to worry about anything else in the world.

Reason No. 9 Destination wedding in Cape Town is a great way to rejuvenate

Of course, all those months of wedding planning have definitely been tiring for you and your loved ones. Destination wedding in Cape Town gives you an opportunity to rejuvenate and enjoy your days in some serenity, amidst breathtaking beauty. Your wedding in faraway land is certainly about taking some time off and enjoying all the events of your wedding without any stress. While getting hitched in Cape Town you and your guests will have the luxury of time and you would be able to spend fun time together.

Reason No. 10 Venues with breathtaking settings

There’s something really special about getting hitched in Cape Town! A blushing bride making her way down the aisle at the most beautiful venue; confetti strewn over a loving couple; and the weddings guests dancing to the backdrop of a breathtaking view no matter what the season… in Cape Town, weddings like these are guaranteed all-year long. And here are some of the enchanting wedding venues to exchange eternal vows with your beloved in Cape Town: The Vineyard Hotel & Spa – for an eco-friendly destination wedding, Casa Labia Cultural Center – for that touch of opulence in a Garden Wedding ceremony, Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa – Saying “I DO” on the terrace of this five-star hotel overlooking the gorgeous ocean in Camps Bay, D’Aria – If you’re looking for the countryside wedding celebration, Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate – Wedding celebration amidst vast mountain scenery, luscious vineyards and a golf course.

Wedding venues in Cape Town could leave you feeling a little overwhelmed, believe you me, choose any location it’s going to be an extraordinary experience for you and your wedding guests in Cape Town.

Reason No. 11 Perfect place for relaxation and spending quality time with loved ones

Your wedding is not only the reason to be happy, but also people who are close to you like your parents and your siblings will be nervous to realize the fact that you will leave them after your wedding. Weddings are full of fun, music, dance, and most importantly emotions and feelings. After being tired of hectic wedding planning journey, this city in South Africa gives you and your family some time to breath, relax and enjoy. You will have enough time and space in Cape Town to share your heart out to your loved ones and tell how much they matter to you.

Reason No. 12 Cape Town is easily accessible

Cape Town is amongst some easily accessible cities in the world. As, it offers some of the best connections within the extremities of African continent, whether by air, rail, or road. The easy connectivity in the country not only make life far easier for your guests to attend, but also the availability and affordability of transport makes scheduling meetings and visiting venue prior to the wedding far easier. Cape Town International Airport is the primary airport that serves the city of Cape Town, and is the second-busiest airport in South Africa. Located approximately 20 km from the city center.

Reason No. 13 Cape Town can accommodate any style of wedding

Cape Town is home to breathtaking wedding venues. The place can easily accommodate any type and style of wedding in your budget. Cape Town offers myriads of options from a countryside wedding to a seaside beach style wedding, eco-friendly forest wedding to a garden wedding. The city of Cape Town has it all to make your wedding a unique experience for one and all.

Reason No. 14 Cape Town makes for a fun place to host your pre-wedding celebrations

Destination wedding in Cape Town gives you an opportunity to celebrate your pre-wedding rituals and functions in a grandiose way. Cape Town – mother of South Africa has it all to start your pre-wedding bash in the city. The city offers so much that you can make your bachelor/bachelorette party or stag/hens or pre-wedding rituals as memorable as your wedding itself.

Reason No. 15 Perfect for an intimate destination wedding

A destination wedding in Cape Town is the best way to keep your guest list intact and compact. And Cape Town is perfect for an intimate wedding celebration whether the main wedding or your wedding reception. It is surely going to be an intimate wedding ceremony for you, which will include only few of your close friends and family members. However, couples who are looking for a big fat wedding, Cape Town is able to deliver that too. Here you can find all sorts of properties to accommodate your wedding guests from 50 to 500+.

Reason No. 16 City to host the most organized wedding

Your wedding in Cape Town is going to be an organized affair for one and all, as the place is considered one of the organized cities in the world.

Reason No. 17 Opportunity to savor on South Africa’s indigenous food

Cape Town is famous for its food and culture. South Africans love mixing and mashing, to enjoy the local cuisine of South Africa all you need to do is to take a stroll down Long Street to see the variety of foods that South Africans enjoy. Here in Cape Town you will find everything from Italian to Mexican to Chinese, there’s hardly a country that isn’t being represented gastronomically in Cape Town. Some of the local cuisines of South Africa includes;

  • Capetonian staple food – the great Gatsby,
  • A salty dried meat – Biltong.
  • Bobotie – originated from Malay, meatloaf with raisins and baked egg on top, often served with yellow rice, banana slices, and chutney.
  • Boerewors – traditionally braaied thicker sausage.
  • Chakalaka – Indian/Malay origin, made of mixed onion, garlic, ginger, green pepper, carrots and cauliflower, spiced with chillies and curry, traditionally served with bread, pap, samp, curries or stews.
  • Umngqusho – made from white maize and sugar beans, etc.

Now for something that will satisfy that sweet tooth of yours and your wedding guests’;

  • Koeksisters – twisted pastries, deep fried and heavily sweetened
  • Malva Pudding – a sweet spongy apricot pudding of Dutch origin
  • Melktert – tea time favorite, also known as milk tart – is a milk-based tart or dessert.

So, your wedding in Cape Town will give you and your gastronomical guests an opportunity to savor on Capetonian indigenous cuisine.

Reason No. 18 Place to create great memories for the lifetime

Your destination wedding in Cape Town will give you enough reasons to have some quality time with your loved ones. You can plan your travel a few days before your wedding so that you and your guests can spend two to four days together. You can enjoy afternoon cocktails in the city, or plan a rehearsal dinner, or maybe a farewell brunch, and many other group activities like cooking classes, tours, wine tastings, local excursions, etc. This will be the most wonderful time of your life, it will also enable you to create incredible memories of your celebration, which you can cherish all your life.

Reason No. 19 Cape Town wedding – A Memorable Wedding in true sense

More often than not, a home wedding has a set pattern of orders, which includes, welcoming guests, greeting, dining, photo sessions, so on and so forth. But with destination wedding in Cape Town you will truly get an opportunity to experiment and have a great celebration. You will not need to worry about the other things. In fact, you could go as crazy and creative as you like, embrace the local traditions and culture and add even layer to your wedding. Meaning, there’s a lot that you can do at your destination wedding in Cape Town.

Reason No. 20 Wedding in budget

When it comes to having a dream wedding at a fraction of the cost, Cape Town is a fantastic option with the pound, euro and dollar trading strong against their rand.

Even after including travel expenses, the cost of hosting a wedding in Cape Town remains great value and you will certainly get value for your money along with the world class service providers and culinary excellence. A wedding with 50 to 60 guests, with just main events, some entertainment, and minimal decor in Cape Town will cost you around $10000 – $15000 (INR 7,00,000 –INR 8,00,000) and it’s way too less.

Reason No. 21 Weather in Cape Town

In Cape Town, the temperature typically varies from 48°F to 76°F over the course of the year. Summers in Cape Town are warm, dry, and mostly clear; however, the winters are long, cool, wet, and partly cloudy; and it is windy year round. The best time of year to get hitched and to visit Cape Town for warm-weather activities is from late November to March end.

Reason No. 22 A perfect honeymoon destination

Last but not least, for last couple of years Cape Town has become one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations in the world. So, while planning your wedding in Cape Town you have a great opportunity to consider Cape Town for your honeymoon too. Of course, leaving for honeymoon to some other location just after your wedding will be quite hectic. Getting hitched in the city offers you with an opportunity to honeymoon here and enjoy each other’s company after your wedding.

For honeymooning in Cape Town, all you have to do is bid adieu to your wedding guests and simply tart your honeymoon. Also, if you wish you can shift to some new location for your honeymoon, there are myriads of options available. The place has all to let you have the most romantic time of your life with your partner. Especially if you two are true nature lovers, then there’s no other city or country which can beat the beauty of this place. Cape Town is a perfect honeymoon destination for you.

Also, honeymooning in the destination where you got hitched will help save you a lot of money and time which you will otherwise spend on travelling to different locations. Just enjoy each other in the beautiful scenic location. This is going to be an unforgettable time of your life for sure!!

Wrapping up…

We all want our wedding stories to be really special and unique, destination wedding in Cape Town will give you the chance to do just that, even more. I’m sure I am able to convince you to host the most romantic, idyllic, luxurious and luscious wedding of the season in the city of Cape Town!

In addition to it, you can also get customized wedding packages, all you need to do is do a lot of research. Or else, hire and experienced wedding planners, who can help you create an incredible wedding a long distance from home. But before you finalize things, make sure you decide the size of the wedding and scaled down guest list in advance. The charms and perks of destination wedding in Cape Town will make your big day completely worthwhile.

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺