17 Incredible Ideas To Ask Groomsmen To Stand With You

How to Ask Groomsmen to Stand with You

Like bridesmaids, groomsmen also play a crucial role in a wedding. Every groom wishes to have his best men around him on the biggest day of his life. However, you might find it difficult to determine the best way to ask a groomsman to participate in your wedding.

Of course, you cannot simply send a message or ask just like that to stand with you at your wedding. Surely there are several better ways to ask groomsmen to stand with you.

And we are going to share the same with you in this article. So, scroll down to read the full article, and get ready to ask your friends who you wish to be your groomsmen at your wedding.

So, let’s get started….

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17 Incredible Ideas To Ask Groomsmen To Stand With You

How would you actually put that into question form? This is one of the most important questions when planning to get married. Make sure to add a personal touch to the question to make it more memorable. Just asking, “Wanna be my groomsman?” is not appropriate at all. You must put in some effort to make the proposal enticing.

Here are some of the top ideas for you that you can utilize to ask your groomsmen to be by your side on your BIG DAY. Take a look…

1. The personalized proposal box for groomsmen

A personalized proposal box is a great way to ask groomsmen to stand with you. All you have to do is to gather the items that you believe your groomsmen would like and pack them into a roomy box. You can carve names of groomsmen on the gifts to make it more personalized. Also, add a special message to make them feel that you care. There are several ways you can ask groomsmen to stand with you; however, a personalised Proposal box stands apart.

The personalized proposal box for groomsmen


Make a list of items that you wish to give to your groomsmen in advance. You don’t need to put in a lot of items in the box; choose the best ones that your groomsmen would appreciate. Believe it or not, a customized gift hamper box is a beautiful way to ask groomsmen to stand with you.

2. Preferred liquor bottle proposal

Almost all men enjoy alcohol. So, sending your groomsmen their preferred beverage bottle with the carved invitation is one of the greatest ways to ask groomsmen to stand with you.

You can ask your friends to be groomsmen by placing an invitation on their preferred alcoholic beverage bottle. All you have to do is to personalise the bottle with a special message for your groomsmen and give them as a gift. There are numerous companies that offer customization services. Just find one and ask them to engrave a message onto a bottle for you. You can also consider buying personalized glasses or mugs that they can use to enjoy their drinks. Your groomsmen would be able to use it as your wedding keepsake even after the wedding is over.

3. Groomsmen golf invite

If your groomsmen love playing golf every weekend, then a golf invite is a perfect way to ask your groomsmen to stand with you. All you have to do is to get the golf ball and get your date along with the proposal engraved on it and give it to your groomsmen. Make it a fun invitation for them to accept, one that is worth keeping in mind.

This sporty gift proposal is a unique idea to put forward to your question. You and your guys can have a great time playing some games and hanging out together later on. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind way, then this is the one. Try it out!

4. Proposal in style with the cigar

A cigar is symbolic of the special sense of brotherhood that exists between close friends. You can use a cigar to put forward your question in a unique way. Just show your potential groomsmen your creative side by gifting them cigars. All you have to do is to buy high-quality cigars and stick them to the personalized invitation that contains a note requesting them to participate in the wedding party. It’s a beautiful and very stylish way to put the question. And the best thing is that your groomsmen would love the idea for sure.

5. Personalised gym duffle bags

If your guys are fitness freaks, then what could be a better option than personalized gym duffle bags? It is one of the most functional and fashionable ways to put in the question. Invest in some high-quality gym duffle bags and get them engraved with a special message. This is one of the best ways to ask groomsmen to stand with you, as the gift will last for years. Your guys will remember you each time they will use the bag at the gym. The nicest part is that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hues. You may choose the one that best suits your needs.

You may also choose to include more tasty treats. If you also intend to present your men with some fashionable gym garments as gifts, this can be an excellent way to tie everything together.

6. Personalized groomsmen cufflinks

Cufflinks are men’s favourite. Your guys would love to spice up their attire with personalized cufflinks. You can present your potential groomsmen with a pair of personalized cufflinks to put forward the question.

All you have to do is to choose great pair of cufflinks for all your potential groomsmen and get them customized with initials, a short statement, or a message that is specific to the individual wearing them. There are numerous companies offering services to customize things, including cufflinks. You can ask men to be groomsmen with beautiful personalized cufflinks. There are various online and offline stores selling outstanding choices of cufflinks in a variety of designs and materials. Just pick the best one so that your groomsmen may look their absolute best on your big day.

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7. A bouquet of liquor

Liquor is one of the best companions of men. You may consider giving your potential groomsmen a bouquet of liquor with different kinds of alcohol bottles assembled together. Miniature bottles of liquor can be purchased and used to create flower-like bouquets by being fastened to sticks inside of a vase or pot. Put together a bouquet of the liqueurs and spirits that are your groomsmen’s favourites and set them in a vase. Make sure that you leave a note for each of your potential groomsmen, asking them to be in your wedding party.

8. Travel tie case for vacations

Facilitate and enhance your groomsmen’s travel plans with a stylish travel tie case. Travel tie cases are pretty handy and functional, especially for those who travel a lot. Give your potential groomsmen a tie case made of high-quality material, such as leather, as a gift and put forward the question in style. Your potential groomsmen will surely love the idea. Moreover, they will use it even after the wedding is over, and it will remind you of your special event each time they will use your gift.

9. Groomsmen proposal cards

Show your hilarious side to your potential groomsmen with hilarious proposal cards. Just create or gather some humorous one-liners to use in the groomsmen proposal cards. Creating your own hilarious one-liners will help you give your proposal a more personal feel.

Start your proposal card with dates and other details and then put forward the question at the conclusion of the deck of cards in a comical way, informing them that they would have an important duty. Make sure to write a letter that gives a personal feel to your potential groomsmen. They should get the feeling that they are special in your life, and that’s the reason they’ve been asked to perform such an imperative duty at your wedding. Make them feel special!

10. Personalised set of ties

Ties make for very thoughtful gifts for men. Whether you want to put forward the question or gift your friend something special, a set of personalised ties is a wonderful way. Your potential groomsmen will have variations to choose from at your wedding. Your guys would look great in their tuxedos with customized ties at your wedding. So, take their look to the next level with the best-customized ties. All you have to do is to get the ties for your guys personalised with their initials or a special message that resonate with them well.

Personalised set of ties

11. Personalized gift hamper

A personalized hamper is yet another wonderful way to ask groomsmen to stand with you. You can have essentials, such as cufflinks, a bow tie or a patterned tie, and a miniature liquor bottle in the hamper. Choose a one-of-a-kind gift box for each of your groomsmen. Customize it to reflect their individual characteristics and areas of interest.

Also, it is crucial to put forward the question so that they know what exactly they are expected to do at the wedding. You can then make the moment even more memorable by adding some hilarious quote or one-liner in the hamper.

Getting matching gifts for the groomsmen is the most effective approach to put forward the most important question. In addition, this is one of the most cost-effective ways to ask your potential groomsmen to stand with you. Just make a list of items that you want to include in the hamper. Purchase all of the items in bulk rather than one at a time and assemble them in a one-of-a-kind gift box. You can even personalize the gift box to make your gift more enticing.

12. Plan an event

A small event at your favourite bar or a short trip to your potential groomsmen’s favourite location is a wonderful way to put forward the question. It will help you and your potential groomsmen to get some break from their hectic life.

If budget is a constraint, then lunch at your favourite bar is a great way to ask groomsmen to stand with you. And if you want to put the question in a more lavish way, then a short trip is a great option. This will save you a lot of effort. You can choose how professional or casual the setting should be for the interaction. Be sure to make reservations for an activity or location in advance. They’ll surely love the idea and be grateful to you all their lives as you made them feel special.

13. Sunglasses with personalized case

If you’re planning to host an outdoor wedding in winter, then sunglasses with personalized case is a wonderful proposal option. When it comes to giving presents, sunglasses come in handy and make for very thoughtful gift options.

Sunglasses with personalized case

If you want to ask your potential groomsmen in a stylish way, then sunglasses with personalized case is perfect. All you have to do is to choose high-quality sunglasses for your potential groomsmen and buy them in bulk. To make the proposal more memorable, you may consider engraving a wooden case with either the name or the initials.

Your guys will rock the party by stylishly entering the venue. This is one of those groomsmen proposal ideas that you should consider if you are looking for something that is not only fashionable but also unique.

14. Personalized wine glasses

If your guys enjoy drinking wine, then personalized wine glasses are a wonderful way to put forward the question. Cheer up your boys with their own individualized glass of wine. Whether you believe it or not, this will make for an excellent way to ask groomsmen to stand with you.

There are numerous online and offline stores selling wine glasses. Just pick the high-quality wine glass sets for your potential groomsmen. Just get your gift engraved with their names or initials to make it more memorable. Also, include a handwritten proposal with each set to make your guys feel more special.

15. Personalized tie clips

If you’ve been looking for a proposal idea that includes stylish and unique gift alternatives for your best man, this might be it! Some guys find tie clips very important. If your potential groomsmen love using tie clips, then personalized tie clips is great for them. There are a wide variety of tie clips available both online and offline. You can buy the one that best suits your potential groomsmen’s taste and preferences.

Personalized tie clips

Buy your tie clips in bulk to save both money and effort. Get all the clips engraved with your guys’ name initials. You can even consider adding a special message for your guys. You can either buy silver tie clips or platinum tie clips for your guys and get them customized. There are various vendors providing customization services. Just contact the best one and get your tie clips customized.

16. Less is more

If you’re a person with simple taste, then sending your guys a bouquet of flowers along with a handwritten proposal and chocolates is a great way. You can either send them everything via post or give them in person. The goal is to make your potential groomsmen feel special. If you ask them in person by first gifting them all the things, then they’ll love it for sure. Also, they’ll have no reason to refuse your proposal if you’ll add some personal touch to everything that you plan to gift them.

17. Groomsmen invitation cards

Consider sending an invitation card to your potential groomsmen, particularly if any of them reside a significant distance away or if you are a man of few words. Make the groomsmen’s invitation cards more personal by writing a special message. Make sure to have an informal tone. The one that will make your potential groomsmen feel special.

Wrapping it up…

So, these are the top 17 ways to ask groomsmen to stand with you. Aside from that, there are a great number of creative ways you can use to ask a groomsman to be at your wedding. However, the ones that are outlined above are all tried and tested by different people. If you find the suggestions outlined above helpful, make sure to use them to put forward the question.


1. How many groomsmen to invite?

Well, this is one of the most important things to finalize before you actually put forward the question. For a small wedding, two to four groomsmen are typical, whereas, for a large wedding, you can have eight to ten groomsmen.

Make sure to select the individuals who will be at the wedding party in advance. Of course, you cannot ask everyone to be the groomsman at your wedding. The ones you wish to invite must be those with whom you share close bonds, who care about you, and who you want to be a part of your wedding.

2. When is the right time to ask the groomsmen?

Everything, from your wedding venue to your groomsmen, plays a crucial role. You need to make preparation for everything in advance, including asking groomsmen to stand with you. Understand that being a groomsman is a prestigious role, but it requires significant time and commitment. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask your groomsmen. It’s always good to ask your potential groomsmen at least six to eight months in advance. Doing so will give them enough time to plan their finances and ask for time off from work accordingly.

Also, it is crucial to take your time with things. There is always the right time to do things. More often than not, people tend to ask their friends just after they get engaged. This is not the right approach at all. Of course, you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is unpredictable. You may not be on talking terms with the person tomorrow (due to any reason). Or maybe something else can go wrong. So, it’s advised to wait for the right moment and put forward the right question. Also, it’s a good way to ask groomsmen in a creative way to make them feel special so that they can’t refuse your proposal.

3. How shall I ask, in person or on a call?

As said earlier, the role of the groomsman is crucial. Putting forward your question in a stylish way will be very impactful. Of course, you can simply ask your potential groomsmen via call or message, but that’s not a very good approach at all. Give the whole thing some time, put in some effort, and get creative to make your proposal memorable for your groomsmen.

You can even get together with your future groomsmen if you get the chance. This is the most intimate way to ask groomsmen to stand with you at the wedding party. If you are unable to meet in person, you can consider connecting them via WhatsApp group call, Skype, or any other online way. Doing so will help you have a good time with them, and then you can put forward the question. A proposal gift, along with the question, will just add to the whole thing!

Happy Wedding… 😊 😊